Influencer Dolita on her stage name and her winter must-haves!

The beautiful Cologne-based Daniela, who goes by the stage name “Dolita” on Instagram, is about to launch her first blog. She is known for her Instagram account, where she regularly posts outfit inspirations and lifestyle pictures. I talked to her about fashion, brands and other important things in her everyday life.

News: There will be a Dolita Blog soon!

FIV: Daniela, on Instagram your name is Dolita…isn’t that a shoe brand? How did you come up with that name and what does it mean to you?

Dolita: It’s a nickname, my older sister used to call me that. Some people also associate the name with Lolita, but that wasn’t my inspiration. That there is a shoe brand that calls itself so I have only recently learned.

FIV: You inspire some people on Instagram by showing them new outfits or stylings almost every day. People don’t really get to know much about you, since you don’t have your own blog, but try to convey your personality through pictures. Imagine who you really are and if your friends had to describe you in three words, what would they say?

Dolita: The words would be : impatient , spontaneous, communicative. By the way my blog will go online at the beginning of the year.

“The most important thing to me is my family, the people that surround me and…”

FIV: Luxury, fashion and travel are very important parts of your life, which you like to share with people. If you had to choose one of these things for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Dolita: If I had to choose, it would be travel. I love to travel to new places and explore the world. However, these components are more my hobbies that I like to share with others. None of these things are essential to me. The most important thing to me is my family, the people that surround me and spirituality even if you wouldn’t necessarily think so.

What can’t be missing from the Dolita look: jeans!

FIV: Looking at your Instagram posts, it’s easy to notice that your styling is very elegant and feminine. You skillfully combine comfortable wool sweaters with high heels and also like to show off your figure in summer dresses and bikinis. Which piece of clothing should not be missing in your wardrobe and what is your personal must-have for the winter? What do you think the perfect “Dolita Winter Look” looks like?

Dolita: So jeans in all possible variations should not be missing with me, I just think you can always combine them well. Whether casual and cool or chic and feminine. So with the look there are some but to name just one: a nice skinny jeans, thick oversized cable sweater and boots or pumps to a cozy fake fur coat.

FIV: You are also a professional when it comes to beauty. You’re always changing up your styling and you like to put on makeup in both glamorous and natural looks. With all that creativity, what are your top 5 beauty essentials that you would never make it through the winter without? Many people have problems with their skin in winter, do you have any insider tips for my readers?

Dolita: Dr Hauschka lip balm for dry, chapped lips

Lip scrub as an exfoliator (from Mac for example)

Facial oil from Kiehls (Midnight Recovery) super nourishing

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Mask for moisture (I tend to have dry skin).

Body Butter from Kiehls

FIV: You certainly have to do with a lot of people from the field of fashion. Among all these people you often notice outfit combinations that you don’t like at all. Explain which pieces/colors you should never combine with each other and what is the biggest fashion sin of 2017 for you?

Dolita: A fashion sin of 2017, in my opinion, is the comeback of the fanny pack and shoulder pads…. Also sweaters with animal prints is an absolute fashion sin, except for toddlers maybe. So you should not combine, for example, leggings with short tops or hot pants with black tights.

“I only work with brands that appeal to me personally.”

FIV: As an influencer you often get the opportunity to work with companies/brands such as “Desenio” and “Showpo”. Which companies / brands are you still working with and do you also cooperate with brands that don’t match your personal style?

Dolita: I only work with brands that appeal to me personally. Since my style is not fixed and I see myself in many styles, these are sometimes very different brands. Also, the label itself is not important to me. If I like a piece of clothing then it can also be a no name part and vice versa it can also be a luxury accessory.

FIV: You’re very much in the public eye as an influencer on Instagram and I’m sure you get invited to special events and are always planning new trips. Tell me, do you have anything special like that coming up in the near future?

Dolita: Right now I’m planning something special in my private life: moving into our dream apartment, a beautiful penthouse in the heart of Cologne with a huge terrace. As soon as that’s done, I’ll plan a few trips for the coming year and work on new projects.