Feli aka Video stuff in interview: Fashionbrand, Podcast, Student Calendar & Positive Mindset

In this exclusive interview, social media star Feli, aka video stuff, reveals all the details about her exciting new fashion brand “felicious”! With enthusiasm she tells us about her podcast “life is felicious” and gives us insights into the topics that are waiting for us there. At the same time, she reveals which exciting projects are in the pipeline. Feli impressively demonstrates how authenticity has gained importance in a world of staged perfection and how she positively influences her community through her inspiring content. Dive into Feli’s future plans, get a taste of her upcoming collection, and learn how she skillfully uses her personal experiences to encourage and inspire her followers.

Feli’s own fashion brand “felicious

FIV: Feli, you have your own fashion brand “felicious” – how cool! Tell me, when did you found it and what exactly is behind it?

Feli: I actually just started “felicious” this year. However, I have been thinking about starting my own brand for a long time. This idea came to me when I was 12 or 13 years old, during my first experiences in social media. Even then I had the desire to create my own pieces and the idea has now accompanied me throughout the years and became more and more present.

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After my high school graduation, I finally decided to turn this dream into reality step by step. Since January this year, my first collection is now available. Nevertheless, many more exciting projects are waiting in the wings. At the moment my collection is limited to jogging suits, which perfectly fit my style and which I personally love. Nevertheless, I have big plans for the future that go far beyond jogging suits.

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What is behind the successful podcast “life is felicious”?

FIV: You even have your own podcast – “life is felicious”! What was the inspiration behind it and what topics do you discuss there?

Feli: I started using my social media platforms for more serious topics quite early on. Originally, I created a video format on TikTok called “Tips from your big sister Feli.” In these clips, I held a small microphone and talked about aspects such as mental health, body image, insecurities, and the like. Although the clips were very short, they were tremendously well received, indicating the interest and importance. I’m particularly attracted to the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of conventional beauty and styling tips on social media and address truly “meaningful” topics. It’s important to me to give people the feeling that they are not alone with their challenges.

I want to show that even I, who in some ways is portrayed as supposedly “perfect” in the social media bubble, struggle with and address issues. In my podcast, I talk about diverse topics such as increasing self-esteem, building self-confidence, the difficulties of living in the moment in the age of constant smartphone use, and how to stop comparing yourself to others on social media. These topics are especially relevant to teens and young women. My inspiration ultimately came from my own experience writing my TikTok series at the time.

Here you can listen to an exciting episode in which Feli gives her listeners tips to stop comparing themselves to others and to be happy with themselves:

Inspiring content infused with unique authenticity

FIV: Your content is super diverse and inspiring. How do you manage to stay creative, come up with fresh ideas and not miss any trends and developments on social media?

Feli: Oh, thank you very much. It’s actually the case that I don’t really follow trends very closely. Since I’ve been particularly active on platforms like TikTok, I’ve sort of created my own individual DNA. Trends are often associated with specific sounds. Since I speak in most of my TikToks, I’ve settled on some recurring video formats. Of course, I do take trends like “Get Ready With Me” or even specific songs for my content.

Nevertheless, I always try to interpret these trends in my personal way and not to be guided exclusively by external developments. An example of this is advice or vlogs from my life. Ultimately, I would say that my inspiration comes from my own life. Many people appreciate it when I let them participate in my everyday life and give private insights.

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FIV: With 3.9 million followers on TikTok and 1.4 million on Instagram, you obviously reach and inspire an enormous amount of people. What message(s) do you want to convey to your community and how do you want to positively impact their quality of life?

Feli: I try to show my community that they should not compare themselves with other people on social media or in general. That’s why it’s important to me to remain as authentic as possible and to present things as they really are. For example, most recently I posted a video in my apartment: in the video everything looks supposedly perfect, super aesthetically pleasing with lots of pink details, a yoga routine, etc.

The video, however, didn’t really reflect my daily life; it wasn’t an actual representation of my daily routine and that’s exactly what I tell my followers. I think it’s so important to share information like that. Because often they think that I actually get up at a certain time, do yoga and it always looks so perfect at my house and then put pressure on themselves.

I also share pictures where I’m not particularly elaborately styled. I always think that there is little point in pretending to be me on social media. It seems pointless to me to portray myself as someone I’m not at all. That’s exactly the message I want to send: “Hey, this is really me. I often don’t look perfect either and I have my own challenges.”

Beauty ideals & perfectionism on social media

FIV: That sounds super authentic! As we all know, social media can lead to an unrealistic image of perfection. How do you deal with this yourself and how do you encourage your followers to stay true to themselves?

Feli: That’s basically what I tried to point out in the previous question and a topic that I also addressed in my first live show. Personally, I have less and less difficulty comparing myself to other people or emulating an unrealistic beauty ideal. That’s a message I always convey to my followers: someone else’s beauty doesn’t take away from your own.

This realization helps me to deal with it myself. I know that this feeling is familiar to many. As the saying goes: a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. It’s comforting to know that everyone feels this way at times. In fact, even those who are considered beautiful tend to compare themselves to others. It’s a never-ending cycle. Especially on social media, only a fraction, a few minutes of their entire day is shown, only small snippets of their positive experiences and successes. There is so much more going on behind the scenes that we will never know about. We only see the perfect surface. I try to make my followers aware of this and bring them closer to this perspective.

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Feli’s personal student calendar: “Take it easy”!

FIV: You published your own student calendar this year which was even among the Amazon bestsellers! Congratulations! What were your thoughts and the concept behind it?

Feli: I graduated from high school last year. Especially during my high school years, I felt a lot of pressure to perform. That’s why I found the idea of creating a student calendar particularly fitting. The idea behind it was to create this calendar for those who are going through similar experiences and should try to alleviate the pressure a bit.

The calendar bears the motto “Take it easy” and is intended to illustrate the idea of not stressing yourself out unduly. School grades and achievements do not show the whole picture and a person’s intelligence can by no means be measured by their grades alone. The calendar contains motivational sayings and offers variety, such as Halloween costume ideas or similar content. It is simply intended to bring joy and fun into everyday school life.

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Future outlook: Exciting projects & lots of anticipation

FIV: Can you tell us if you have any other exciting projects planned in the near future that you are looking forward to? Be it with your brand, the podcast or maybe even something completely new?

Feli: I’m super happy that this year is the most eventful year for me so far. There are so many exciting projects that are already in the planning stages, including some that you probably won’t hear about for a few years. Right now, though, we’re in the planning stages of a podcast tour. I don’t want to make any firm commitments here yet, but after my show’s successful kick-off event, we’re thinking about doing a tour. The idea is to travel to different cities and present the podcast live in front of an audience.

As for “felicious”, I am planning a fall-winter collection for this year. This collection will be my first to go beyond the previous jogging suits. It will include stylish pieces such as pants, crop tops ‘. I can’t reveal too much yet, but the collection will definitely go in the direction of streetwear style, which I would like to pursue. So there’s a lot happening and I’m looking forward to the future with anticipation.

FIV: Thank you very much for your time. Good luck for your next projects!

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