Carinapranz in interview: About family, content creation & everyday life

Carinapranz interview – Carina is one of the most popular content creators from Austria. She provides her community on her social media channels with fashion, travel and mom content, because besides her full-time job she is mom to three kids, two cats and a dog. Sounds like a stressful everyday life, right? And it is, but Carina needs these challenges in her life. She loves it and does everything from the bottom of her heart.

Fashion Inspiration & Mom on Social Media

But how does she get everything under control? In this interview we talk to Carina about her everyday life and tips for a more disciplined life. We also talk about one of the main topics of her social media channels, namely fashion. Because Carina is a great fashion inspiration for her community. Therefore, she tells us in which stores she likes to store the most and which piece of clothing from her closet is her absolute favorite. She also gives us a little insight into her family, she tells us what she loves about her job and how she thinks this job will change in the coming years. Find out all this and more in this interview.

The everyday life of a content creator & mom

FIV: Hello dear Carina, we are very happy that the interview works out today. Then we want to start directly. Almost every day starts at 5 o’clock in the morning so that you can get everything done. So we were wondering what your daily routine is like?

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CARINA: That’s right, my day often starts very early because I always have a lot on my mind and in order to get everything done and under one roof, I try to get up as early as possible. As soon as the children are out of the house in the morning, our dog Carlos has to be unwound for at least 1 hour so that I can then go about my work in peace and quiet.

In between the work, that is, the creation of content, I try to manage the household in the mornings, which unfortunately only works very rarely. At best, I get a lot done in the 5 hours in the morning, so that I can concentrate fully on the boys in the afternoon. Before I pick up Jonas and Noah from the kindergarten, I take Carlos for another little spin. The boys eat lunch at the kindergarten, but there are still days when they come home with a growling stomach. For this reason, I’m glad that I always cook very large portions in the evening, so that I can always heat up a small portion the next day. So I save myself cooking at lunchtime.

Depending on the weather, we spend the afternoon either outdoors on the playground, at my parents’ house in the garden, at the skate park, in an indoor playground or at home. Since my husband works for a large food company, I often send him the shopping lists and save myself the shopping… My oldest will be 16 in February and is already relatively independent, so here I mainly have to manage the pickup and delivery at the station and often calculate more for dinner, if friends of his are visiting and stay.

If my husband makes it home before 6:30 p.m., then we eat together. In this case, I have already bathed the children in advance and made them ready for bed, so that we can divide the brushing of teeth and reading of stories between us after dinner. Once the children are asleep at 7:00 p.m., I take care of the household chores and, in the best case scenario, my husband Rene takes Carlos out for a short walk. In the evening we like to sit together with a glass of red wine, tell each other about our day and work on our new project. But we also like to sit on the sofa and watch a Netflix series. In bed, before I go to sleep, I write my to-do list for the next day and then my eyes close relatively quickly.

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“Somehow I need all these tasks…”

FIV: Wow! But how nice that you can divide some activities between you! Besides your job as a content creator, you’re also a mom to three kids. How do you balance it all?

CARINA: I am actually asked this question very often. Many people can’t imagine it, but somehow I need all these tasks and the hustle and bustle all day long. Rene, for example, was against having a dog for a very long time, because that would mean a lot of work again and I’m already very busy. But in reality I really enjoy this new challenge and Carlos is my sporty balance to my work. I love to plan and organize my days and that makes it a bit easier for me than for others to get everything under one hat.

Carina’s tips for a disciplined life

FIV: Do you have any tips for our readers to become more disciplined?

CARINA: My To Do Lists, which I write down every night before I go to bed, help me. Without my lists, I would honestly be quite lost or let’s say haphazard on the road. Since I have a lot of thoughts going through my head during the day, be it professional or private, I tend to forget a lot without a list. With my list, I also know, for example, what has priority and what can possibly be postponed until tomorrow. I really get a lot more done that way.

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Fashion: reduced and thoughtful shopping

FIV: Travel, fashion and family are the main topics of your social media channels. Now we would like to talk to you about fashion and you are a great fashion inspiration for your community. So we asked ourselves: where do you prefer to buy your clothes?

CARINA: The focus is now on reduced and considered shopping, which is not always very easy, especially in my business as a fashion creator. I have to admit that I love shopping. However, I also regularly clean out and part with clothes that I wear too rarely. In the last year I have become aware of many great brands, such as Ayen, dariadeh and Viktoria Luise. There you can find really beautiful and sustainable basics that are timeless and you have a very long time with the clothes.

“I prefer to stay out of the way of fashion trends”.

FIV: Fashion often comes with trends. What is your opinion on fashion trends? Is there a current fashion trend that you can’t understand at all?

CARINA: The last few years I have found more and more my style. My clothes are very simple and timeless and can be combined with everything. I usually skip the trends, because I always notice that I don’t have a long pleasure with these particular pieces. So I prefer to avoid fashion trends and stay true to my basics.

Carina’s favorite: Prada Loafers

FIV: What is your favorite piece of clothing from your closet and why? Maybe you associate a certain time with it?

CARINA: There are honestly sooo many and I can’t even commit to just one. I love my simple blazers, basic tees, jeans, coats and trench coats and all my handbags. But if I had to choose one in a hurry, it would be my Prada Loafers, which have been on my wish list for almost a year. It’s not a piece of clothing, it’s a pair of shoes, but they are incredibly comfortable and were worth every penny. Whether combined with jeans or a dress, they really make a statement.

Family with 3 children, 2 cats & 1 dog

FIV: You and your family also have two cats and a dog. How do the animals get along with each other? Is there another pet coming soon?

CARINA: It is getting better day by day. Our two British Shorthair males were not very enthusiastic about our new dogs at the beginning, but meanwhile all three of them can stay on the same floor without any trouble. If Carlos is too wild or stormy, he is hissed at and then he gives them a wide berth. I would love to have more pets, but unfortunately my husband doesn’t play along anymore. Although, I could persuade him with the last three, maybe it will work another time.

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Content Creation: No two days are the same

FIV: Now, last but not least, we’d like to talk about your job as a content creator. What do you love about your job?

CARINA: That I can let off steam creatively and that no day or cooperation is like the other. You learn something new every day, because every job, every trip is different and every client has different ideas about the implementation. It’s so much fun and I love that I outgrow myself every day. You get to meet so many great people and new friendships are always formed because of it. I’m really incredibly grateful every day to be able to do this great job.

Changes in the job in the coming years

FIV: How do you think your job will change in the next few years?

CARINA: I always have my personal goals in mind and think that Instagram and my job will be around for a while. The way we create and deliver content to our community will definitely change a few more times (e.g. LIVE, Reels, IGTV, etc.) The important thing is to stay on the ball and use the tools Instagram offers you and pay attention to what content your community wants.

FIV: Thank you very much for your time and the nice interview! We wish you all the best on your way!

Photo: Carina Pranz/Fab4Media

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