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Small breasts, big self-confidence: Love for your bust size – Clara Dao’s Story

Cup AA, A and B – In a world where the media often promotes a certain ideal of beauty and pushes us to conform to that ideal, it’s easy to be insecure about our bodies, especially when it comes to features like breast size. But we want to remind you that true beauty is not […]

Feli aka Video stuff in interview: Fashionbrand, Podcast, Student Calendar & Positive Mindset

In this exclusive interview, social media star Feli, aka video stuff, reveals all the details about her exciting new fashion brand “felicious”! With enthusiasm she tells us about her podcast “life is felicious” and gives us insights into the topics that are waiting for us there. At the same time, she reveals which exciting projects […]

Interview with Vivian Cole: About GNTM, Mental Health & her Model Career

Vivian Cole Interview – Model Vivian Cole became famous through the 16th season of GNTM and talked to us in an interview about her career after her GNTM participation, her time at Germany’s Next Topmodel and how she deals with her mental health. As an insider, she also gives tips for young models who are […]

Elena Carrière in an interview! Body positivity, everyday life & tips for self-love

Elena Carrière in an interview-The well-known model Elena Carrière first became known through her participation in Germanys next Topmodel and even took second place in this show. Now this experience is already a few years back, but Elena is still active as a model. Today we talk to her about her life as an influencer […]

Meditation: Tips and exercises for relaxation, self-love and mindfulness – with videos!

Drops at university, exams at school or stressful meetings at work. We all have pressure. What can you do to take some time off in your everyday life? Is it possible between all the hectic and chaos? Meditation is a method or practice with which people want to relax and calm their mind with the […]