Elena Carrière in an interview! Body positivity, everyday life & tips for self-love

Elena Carrière in an interview-The well-known model Elena Carrière first became known through her participation in Germanys next Topmodel and even took second place in this show. Now this experience is already a few years back, but Elena is still active as a model. Today we talk to her about her life as an influencer and public person. How she sees herself as a role model for young women and maintains a healthy attitude towards her body. She also tells us what she does to wind down after a stressful day and gives us exciting insights into her latest project.

Body Positivity & Self Love Tips

FIV: Hey Elena I’m glad you found the time to do an interview with me. Looking at your Instagram feed, you seem to be very much into body positivity and are therefore a role model for many young people. Can you give us some tips on how to feel more comfortable in your body?

Elena: I think that everyone has to find out for themselves. Unfortunately there is no panacea. But it has always been helpful for me – should I not feel well with myself – to look at myself from a bird’s eye view. A body is also simply that. A body of flesh and blood that fortunately works great and does everything it’s supposed to! So to just take this huge weight off the whole topic of “perfect body”, that helps.

FIV: What has helped you feel more comfortable in your body the most – was it yoga, perhaps?

Elena: On the one hand the above described and on the other hand yoga has certainly helped me! Especially in times when it is particularly difficult for me to accept myself as I am. In the end, yoga is nothing more than a “moving meditation”, where you simply let go of everything you don’t need, just like those thoughts of self-criticism.

FIV: Yoga is a very relaxing sport and certainly good for the soul. Is there another sport you would like to try that is more the opposite of yoga?

Elena: I wanted to do a boxing course for a long time!

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Model everyday life: new projects & identity crisis

FIV: Besides the photo shoots and travelling, how does a day look like for you?

Elena: Well, since these two things are no longer an issue since Corona, I have very different and relaxed daily routines at the moment. I can set my own working hours and concentrate on what I would like to do beyond the whole online topic. So lots of time and energy for my own projects at the moment!

FIV: How do you find time for yourself at all?

Elena: Yes, a lot at the moment! I’m very grateful for that too. I’ve been overworking myself quite a bit the last few years and a lot of it just wasn’t necessary. Due to the “standstill” this year I only noticed how much I distracted myself from myself, my insecurities and my “identity wars” – by constantly travelling and jumping from peak to peak! In return, I finally got time to shed more light on these very things!

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Podcast with her dad Mathieu Carrière: “Tongue in Ear”

FIV: Not only are you a very open person on Instagram and talk about all kinds of topics, you also do that in your podcast ” Tongue in Ear”.

How did you get the idea to do a podcast? And then with your dad Mathieu Carrière?

Elena: At the end of last year I first had the idea to have his biography written (he wouldn’t do it himself out of humility and I have neither the time nor the “know-how” unfortunately). Then I thought, you could start a kind of audio diary of him, where you talk to him about everything: his views, stories from the past, anecdotes etc. . He’s had such a colorful life (and still does!) that it’s incredibly important to me to capture it in his own words! And of course our age difference plays into our cards: he’s a whopping 46 years older than me, which means we cover generations that has really big gaps in between! That is exciting!

FIV: How do you come up with the topics for your podcast? Do you brainstorm together? Or does it all come rather spontaneously?

Elena: In the beginning we agreed on one topic per episode, but then we quickly realized that we jump so freely and confused in the topics that just touch us more, that it does not make so much sense! But of course we always discuss beforehand what is on our minds and what we would like to talk about! 🙂

FIV: Thank you very much for taking the time for an interview for our FIV Magazine. I wish you and your family much more success and stay healthy! 🙂