GNTM Season 11 (2016): Winner, Contestants – Kim Hnizdo, Elena Carrière & Fata Hasanovic

GNTM Season 11 – In the 11th season of GNTM, the candidates ran in an “Express Yourself” walk in front of the judges Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and the newly added Michael Michalsky in a self-selected outfit that should highlight their personality. The final took place in the Colisseu Balear bullring in Mallorca. Kim Hnizdo was crowned the winner, with Elena Carrière coming in second ahead of Fata Hasanovic, Jasmin Lekudere and Taynara Joy Silva Wolf. In this article you can learn more about the winner, the contestants and the jury of the 11th season. Back to the FIV Special GNTM: Germany’s Next Topmodel.

Winner Season 11: Kim Hnizdo

Kim Hnizdo underwent quite a transformation on “GNTM” – and not just on the outside. For in addition to many centimeters of hair, the good girl next door also fell off her, and out came a real professional model. Kim makes headlines less with her appearances as a model than with her private life. She can be seen on numerous catwalks at Fashion Week, but the media are much more interested in her ex-boyfriend Honey.

Candidates of the season: list

Here you can find a list of the contestants from season 11 and which place they made:

  • Kim Hnizdo – Place 1
  • Elena Carrière – 2nd place
  • Fata Hasanovic – 3rd place
  • Jasmin Lekudere – 4th place
  • Taynara Joy Silva Wolf – Place 5
  • Lara Helmer – place 6
  • Elena Kilb – 7th place
  • Luana Genevieve Florea – 8th place
  • Laura Bleicher – place 9
  • Laura Franziska Blank – 10th place
  • Julia Wulf – 11th place
  • Camilla Cavalli – rank 12
  • Lara-Kristin Bayer – place 13
  • Yusra Babekr-Ali – 14th place
  • Christin Götzke – place 14
  • Laura Bräutigam – place 16
  • Jennifer Daschner – place 16
  • Cindy Unger – place 18
  • Shirin Kelly – rank 19
  • Sophie Schweer – place 19
  • Saskia Böhlcke – place 21
  • Laura Penelope Baumgärtner – place 21
  • Friederike “Fred” Riss – place 21
  • Luisa Bolghiran – place 24

Jury members: Thomas Hayo & Micheal Michalsky

In the jury of the 11th season Heidi Klum got support from designer Micheal Michalsky as a new juror and the art director Thomas Hayo.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

  • Heidi Klum
  • Thomas Hayo
  • Michael Michalsky

Heidi Klum: Supermodel

Heidi Klum – Whether on ProSieben at Germany’s Next Topmodel, in the jury at DSDS or even in the American show America’s Got Talent; Heidi can be seen everywhere. Heidi was known on the catwalk and has walked for Victoria Secret, Versace and many other fashion shows around the world. Read more about the host of GNTM here:

GNTM: Germany’s Next Top Model

Every year, Heidi Klum searches for Germany’s top model with guest judges selected by her. Twelve young women compete for the title and a modeling contract. In the process, they have to pass several tests and land contracts.

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