Camping online shops: 9 shops and outlets for tents, accessories, furniture & Co.

Camping Onlineshops – Summer, autumn, winter or even the first rays of sunshine in spring: Millions of Germans go camping! Hiking with a tent, comfortably with a car and roof tent or even in your own caravan or camper. Where can you find the best quality and prices online? Here are 9 recommendations for campers! Back to overview: Roof tents.

Camping in Germany

Before we get to our recommendations, here are a few facts and figures about camping!

According to figures from the Federal Statistical Office, camping tourism is an essential part of the German tourism industry. The camping industry counted a total of 36 million overnight stays last year!

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36 million overnight stays (campsites)

In fact, you’ll find over 3,000 open campsites in this country, with around 223,600 pitches on offer. Bavaria has the most campsites, in beautiful places like the Hopfensee, followed by Lower Saxony and its North Sea and Baden-Württemberg, for example in the Black Forest. In terms of pitches, however, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, with about 26,000 offered pitches (besides Bavaria and Lower Saxony).

According to a survey, just under 40 per cent of German camping holidaymakers spent their main holiday in this country in 2019.

  • Over 3,000 campsites in Germany
  • Over 220,000 parking spaces on offer
  • Most campsites: Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg
  • 40% of campers prefer to stay in Germany
  • Total 36 million overnight stays

Reading tips for campers

Roof tent, camping accessories, sleeping, living and the best campsites. Start your next camping holiday with our tips. Here are a few recommendations:

Online Shop Recommendations: List

Are you looking for your next adventure and already planning your camping holiday? You can expect pure relaxation and recreation, but also an eventful time in the idyllic nature. To make this trip one of the most unforgettable times of your life, it is advisable to be optimally equipped.

The right equipment and important accessories are the A&O when camping.

Here you will find the best online shops for camping equipment, so that as a passionate camper you are not only well informed about the best tent variants, but also about camping furniture, household utensils, sanitary, electrical, technology and outdoor tips.

From tent / roof tent / caravan or motorhome…

… to dishes, head pot and sleeping bag. Here you will find the best online shops for campers.

Campwerk: Roof tents and equipment

The online shop to go to when it comes to the latest camping equipment, necessary products, accessories and helpful tips is definitely Campwerk. From basic equipment to the latest rooftop and trailer tents, the camping supplier has a range of products for passionate campers and the whole family. How do I get the most comfort? What is best for beginners? And how do I get as much space as possible when camping? CAMPWERK answers these questions and has the right products for you to make your trip as adventurous, relaxing and above all unique as possible.

Campwerk guarantees you the best possible mobility and above all quality. Without much effort, a large tent with floor, windows, kitchen and all the trimmings, a car roof tent or a folding caravan is set up and offers a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep for the night. All this with top equipment and plenty of accessories at unrivalled low prices! CAMPWERK has everything you need for a perfect trip, so what are you waiting for?

  • Large selection of camping accessories
  • Easy handling of the products
  • Construction fun
  • Comfortable tents for all weather conditions
  • Low cost prices

Here you come to the shop: Roof tent from Campwerk.

Here you will find roof tent models like:

“Economy” trailer tent

For example, the “Economy” trailer tent is ideal for beginners and family holidays. On a floor space of nine square meters, a comfortable, floppy king size bed awaits you! If that’s not enough, the whole thing can be extended to up to 19 square metres with an add-on tent. The trailer tent is a small space miracle and offers an enormous amount of space, making it particularly suitable for a trip with the whole family.

IKamper roof tent

The iKamper roof tent is also one of the must-haves among enthusiastic campers and those who want to become one! Whether with the family in a small car, or with friends in an off-road vehicle – with this roof tent you are optimally equipped for the most beautiful and remote places in the world. In addition to fun, the uncomplicated handling is clearly in the foreground. It unfolds in seconds into an amazingly comfortable living space full of different uses and offers space for up to four people.

Road trip with the whole family. Roof tent from Campwerk.

AIOKS kitchen system

Also not to be forgotten on a camping holiday is this practical kitchen 2Go! It contains everything the outdoor – heart desires. Table, stove, dishes, kitchen utensils, food and drinks find their place in the practical aluminum box. Due to its compact design, the AIOKS kitchen system weighs just 10 kg and is very easy to store with a maximum width / height of 50 cm. Once unfolded, however, the mobile kitchen system offers enough space for the whole family.

Campingshop-24: Allround bargains

The closest online retailer is Campingshop-24, where you can find everything about camping, outdoor accessories, household, sanitary and more. It couldn’t be easier and more convenient! From an extensive range of furniture, sleeping bags, mattresses and camping tent articles around the caravan or motorhome, Campingshop-24 offers everything a camper’s heart desires.browse through the Campingshop-24 and use the rich offer to find the right equipment for your holiday!

  • Extensive assortment
  • Attractive prices
  • Innovations on the subject of camping equipment
  • Unbeatable offers in the SALE

Reading Tip! Vacation with animals

Camping Outdoorshop: Tents & Furniture

In this online shop you will find everything you need for an eventful and relaxing camping holiday! From cheap camping tents to large luxury family tents, camping accessories and furniture as well as equipment for adventurous leisure activities. With over 10 years of experience, this shop guarantees a comprehensive range of camping equipment. Whether you are going camping for the first time or are already a passionate camper, every camping fan will find what they are looking for here!

  • Assortment with over 6,000 articles
  • Top brands
  • Quality and reliability
  • Equipment for any weather

CampingWagner: Accessories and equipment

Camping Wagner is an indispensable all-rounder when it comes to camping accessories! The right camping equipment is the most important thing of the whole holiday. Here you will find a comprehensive range of camping accessories that will make your camping holiday an unforgettable experience. Specialising in furniture, electrical equipment, spare parts, vehicle technology, catering, sanitation and more, the online supplier ensures that there is something for everyone!

  • Over 31,000 articles
  • Cheap and qualitative products
  • Wide range of accessories and furniture
  • Free shipping from 50.00 Euro

Campz Outdoor Shop: 40,000 gadgets

Campz is the largest online outdoor shop in Europe. With around 40,000 items from outdoor clothing to camping equipment, you’ll find everything you need for a successful camping holiday! Browse through the shop all week long from the comfort of your own home and find the right equipment for your next camping trip. The focus is on high-quality top brands at unbeatable prices. Shopping is definitely fun!

  • Free shipping from 49.00 Euro
  • Large selection with 40,000 articles
  • Around 500 High quality Brands
  • Cheap products at SALE

Movera: Camping and technology

The online shop Movera has specialized in mobile leisure. Here you will find everything in the area of camping and outdoor accessories and technology. The site includes a wide range of spare parts for motorhomes, caravans and campers and offers numerous suggestions and tips to make your holiday as relaxing and adventurous as possible. When camping, you are usually not only in the tent or caravan, but also outside in the area in front of it. This shop has a wide range of awnings, canopies and outdoor tents so that you can stay here comfortably and be protected from the sun and wind.

  • Product diversity
  • Technology oriented company
  • Fast shipping (free shipping from 50.00 Euro)
  • Top advice
  • Secure purchase and payment
  • Dealer network

Camping and leisure Berger

In this online shop you will find everything about camping, outdoor and leisure as well as a wide range of accessories and equipment. With individual advice, you can choose the right equipment for you and your next camping holiday. The products have all been extensively tested and rated by other customers, so you always know what you’re getting yourself into.

Camping Kuhn is the partner company of Fritz Berger GmbH. The online shop is the largest specialist in the field of camping and leisure supplies and expands the Berger Shop with numerous offers. From tents, outdoor accessories, household utensils, bicycles and electronics, you can get a huge selection of everything you need for camping!

  • Over 15,000 articles
  • 60 years of camping competence
  • Comfortable equipment
  • Individual advice
  • Only 2,95 Euro shipping costs

Campstuff: Equipment, Tents & Awnings

Camping is becoming more and more popular with young and old and therefore requires the right equipment! This online shop has also taken this to heart and offers everything that passionate campers need for a successful, relaxing holiday. From extensive equipment, tents and awnings for motorhomes, to suitable camping accessories for every weather condition – in this online shop there is something for every taste and every budget.

  • Shipping from 3,95 Euro
  • Technical accessories and spare parts
  • Equipment for every life and weather situation
  • Extensive consultation

Campingplus: Trekking tents up to TV and Solar

This online shop is also a specialist retailer for camping, caravan and leisure accessories. Here you will find everything you need for your next camping holiday. From tent pegs, trekking tents and camping gear to TVs and solar panels, Campingplus offers a wide range of products from various manufacturers – all at ultra low prices.

  • Fast shipping
  • Competent advice
  • Favourable prices
  • Constantly changing special offers
  • Assembly service
  • Free returns service
  • Huge assortment with more than 18,000 articles