Roof tent advantages & disadvantages: Camping adventure under the stars

Rooftop Tent Suppliers – In the exciting world of camping, there are a variety of ways that you can get up close and personal with nature. Among these, rooftop tents have become an extremely popular choice in recent years. With many different rooftop tent manufacturers and different models, including special varieties like rooftop tents for four people, a world of choices opens up. But why want to buy a roof tent in the first place? If you’re spoiled for choice, this article offers a look at the pros and cons of roof tents.

Advantages: Freedom on the car roof

Roof tent camping is becoming increasingly popular and not without reason. A camping vacation with a roof tent offers you many advantages. One of the biggest is that you are flexible and independent. You can camp almost anywhere as long as you can find a suitable pitch. You can discover new places without depending on fixed accommodations. So camping with a roof tent adds a sense of adventure and freedom to your travels.

Make sure you don’t sleep outside the campsite uneralubt. Read more: Wild camping.

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Fold & go: Travel independently

When you want to travel further, you can simply fold up your roof tent again and drive off. Roof tents are usually quick to set up and take down. Most models have mechanisms that are designed to allow you to open the tent as quickly and conveniently as possible. You save time and can focus on exploring the surroundings faster. On the roof of the car they are also extremely space-saving and you hardly notice the roof tent on the onward journey – you can even continue to use the trunk as normal.

Small to large: different models

Unlike traditional tents, rooftop tents don’t require additional floor space. This means you usually don’t need a particularly large pitch either, which can be cheaper. Even with an awning, there are rooftop tents that require less space than a caravan or camper. For roof tent are also available for purchase in different sizes. There are different models and sizes of roof tents that can be adapted to different needs. Whether alone, in pairs or as a family – there are suitable options.

You can see the different sizes here:

Sleeping on the roof of the car: free from bad floors

The fact that your roof tent is on the car roof protects you from the cold or uneven ground. The ground plate, which is attached to the top of your car, is always straight. This way you can lie comfortably and not get stabbed in the back by a root in the middle of the night. Often it also gives you a better view and closeness to nature. Despite the feeling of being in the middle of nature, you are protected from curious animals.

In the middle of nature: but still weatherproof!

If you have a roof tent with hard shell, you usually also have extremely high stability in rain and wind. This means you are better protected from rain, moisture and other weather conditions. Nevertheless, most of the roof tent models have windows and sometimes even skylights. So you can experience the sunrise, the starry sky and the surroundings directly.

Overview: 9 advantages of roof tent camping

And finally, roof tent camping can be a social experience. Many campgrounds and meetings offer the opportunity to meet other campers and share ideas. For example, about these nine advantages of camping with a roof tent:

  • Flexible travel
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Space-saving
  • Protection from animals & weather
  • Versatility
  • Proximity to nature
  • Spirit of adventure
  • Community
  • Higher comfort & better view

Disadvantages & why it is still worth it

There are always two sides to the coin. A roof tent can also bring its problems. For example, the purchase price is first higher than most conventional tents or a one-night hotel stay. After that, however, the price is worth it, as there are rarely many more costs after the purchase price. With a hotel stay you would have to pay again for the next vacation, with a roof tent you have only a small fee for the campsite, because you have your sleeping place directly with it.

Pay attention to the fuel: extra weight

Of course, the extra weight on the car roof can also increase your fuel consumption. However, it is fair to say that this still does not come close to the consumption of a caravan or motorhome. The roof tent is lighter in comparison and therefore requires less load on your car. There is also a maximum speed for some roof tents. You should adhere to this in order to prevent accidents and to save fuel.

Unsafe during storms & thunderstorms: Attention lightning!

Rain and wind can withstand most roof tents, but in case of a stronger storm or a thunderstorm you should better stay in the car or drive to the nearest hotel. A roof tent does not have a closed metal structure, like a car. Additionally, its place on the roof of the car puts it in an elevated position. This can make lightning strikes dangerous very quickly.

No space for heavy furniture, such as cabinets

A rooftop tent is already one of the space-saving ways to vacation in nature. But due to the more compact size, the space in the roof tent is not comparable with the living space in a fully equipped caravan or motor home. But in return, of course, it is much lighter and cheaper.

Fold in the roof tent: then drive on!

And while you can easily drive from destination to destination, your car is still not 100% freely available. If you’ve already unfolded the tent in the evening, you’ll still have to fold it up to make one trip to the supermarket. However, most models are designed for quick setup and tear down, so this should be quick and you can still buy your well-deserved snack for dinner.

Summary: 5 disadvantages

Here you can find an overview of all 5 disadvantages.

  • Higher purchase price
  • Slightly increased fuel consumption
  • Not suitable for storm & thunderstorm
  • Limited living space
  • Must be folded in before moving on


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