Buy roof tent: Price, People, Car, Brands & Setup – XXL Advisor

Roof tents – You want to buy your first roof tent? Here you’ll find our comprehensive, free rooftop tent guide to all models, car brands, manufacturers, prices and tips for holidays for single travellers (singles), two people and families of three, four and five people. Roof tents are available for every type of holiday and […]

Campwerk roof tents: Camping “Made in Germany”, camping accessories, shop & showroom

Campwerk – Smell the mountain air, sit around the campfire and tell each other stories or go fishing with friends at large lakes – that’s camping. And if you’re preparing for a trip into nature, you naturally need the right equipment. Now you have to decide whether you prefer to stay in a tent, roof […]

Roof tent manufacturer: list, models & prices – Buy roof tent

Autocamp, Campwerk, Darche, Front Runner, iKamper & Co. – Since camping with your own car and a tent on top is becoming increasingly popular with young and old, there is also a wide range of roof tent manufacturers. Roof tents generally impress with their amazing value for money, easy set-up and flexible travel, with models […]

Roof tent 3, 4 or 5 persons (family): prices, manufacturer & setup for your car

Camping in a roof tent – Are you planning a camping holiday with the whole family? A roof tent on your car guarantees super easy handling, flexible travel and thus an uncomplicated holiday. The tent is already on the roof of your car and can be unfolded in a few minutes to form a comfortable […]

Roof tent 2 persons (singles & couples): Prices, manufacturer & setup for your car

Roof tent for 2 persons – If you are planning a holiday alone or as a couple, a camping trip with roof tent is definitely worth it! This guarantees you a flexible trip, easy handling and above all an excellent price-performance ratio. If you have always wanted to experience the feeling of freedom in nature […]

Roof tent or boot? Comfort, space & advantages – Which is more suitable?

Roof tent or boot – Which variant offers more space and comfort? You love nature, long for the most beautiful places in the world and want to take a break from stressful everyday life? Then camping is just the thing for you! Starry skies at night, waking up to the chirping of birds and sitting […]

Roof tent or converted van? Purchase, conversion, costs and advantages

Roof tent or converted van – Travel with your own car, offroad with a pickup or directly in a converted van with roof tent. You have decided to leave your stressful everyday life behind you for a while and plunge into a new adventure? You want to be completely flexible and free to see the […]

Dropouts: Family, Hippie & Seniors – Get Out!

Dropouts – These people had a normal life with sometimes good professional positions and opportunities and yet they decided to take a different path. Why do you decide to sell your house, quit your job, take your savings and go out into the world? In this article and in the videos you will discover different […]

Living & Sleeping XXL: Camping in tents, caravans & camper

Camping equipment – You want to go camping, have already planned your route and are now packing. The most important things like tent and air mattress are of course already packed, but besides that there are other important things that are often forgotten. When camping in the nature you are mostly limited to the bare […]