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Campwerk – Smell the mountain air, sit around the campfire and tell each other stories or go fishing with friends at large lakes – that’s camping. And if you’re preparing for a trip into nature, you naturally need the right equipment. Now you have to decide whether you prefer to stay in a tent, roof tent, campervan or motorhome. That’s why we’re introducing Campwerk to you today – the company for high-quality camping equipment from Germany. We already reported about the brand in our roof tent guide.

Made in Germany: Campwerk

In Germany, Campwerk is the market leader among the umbrella tent manufacturers. Not without reason, the quality speaks for itself. On my very private search for the best roof tent (for me), I have compared a total of 4 roof tent manufacturers with each other. My recommendation is quite clear, “Made in Germany” and thus Campwerk.

Most campers put their trust in Campwerk, so many in fact that the brand has now risen to become the market leader and Germany’s most popular roof tent manufacturer.

Campwerk itself is full of energy and spirit for roof tents and camping! Many roof tent fans already know Campwerk from YouTube, here they have been publishing videos for a very long time, informative as on the subject of setting up roof tents, product innovations, but also give insights behind the scenes, for example when they travel to tourism and camping fairs or also work on new products, e.g. camping accessories. There are even large roof tent meetings.

Pictures say more than 1000 words, take a look at the roof tents from Campwerk, Germany’s most popular manufacturer of roof tents and folding tent caravans:


Story: Concept of Campwerk

The concept of the company was always to travel the world with the greatest possible mobility and the least amount of time & money. The likeable young men from Bochum had a goal in mind and have thus built a successful company. They started with self-made small roof tents and now Campwerk sells everything from camping accessories to tent trailers. With every product that is sold, there is always a little spirit of adventure, a little spirit and a little anticipation over the counter.

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Relaxing by a large lake on a warm summer night and watching the stars – that’s a dream scenario. At Campwerk you will find everything you need for an unforgettable trip into nature. Every camper will find what they are looking for in this shop, because the range is large and the quality is guaranteed.

Advantages of roof tents

A road trip with the car, stop where you like and travel on whenever you want – this is what everyday life with a roof tent looks like. At Campwerk, the roof tents are divided into 4 categories: Adventure, Skycamp, X-Cover and Skycamp Mini. The Adventure roof tent is good for singles and couples and the Skycamp roof tent is suitable for families of up to 4 people. The Skycamp Mini is perfect for 2 people and the X-Cover is good for 4 people plus luggage.

These innovative roof tents can be set up in minutes and provide good protection from the cold and wet. Roof tents have many advantages, including that they insulate better, they can be mounted on any car and they protect better from Mother Nature than a normal roll-up tent.

Advantages of roof tents

  • Quick assembly
  • Protection from wet & cold
  • Good insulation
  • Can be mounted on almost any car

Assembly of the Adventure roof tent – Video

In this video you can see how the 2019 ADVENTURE roof tent is set up on the Mercedes Pickup X-Class. The setup is so easy when you have found a nice place to sleep after a long day. It almost doesn’t get any faster than that!

Tent trailer: Camping trailer with tent platforms,

The tent trailers are camping trailers with tent platforms that take up little space and fold out into a whole room with a comfortable bed. The tent trailers at Campwerk are available in Economy, Family, Off-Road and On-Road versions. Economy is the smallest tent and good for first-timers. The Family tent, with 11 square metres of main tent and up to 14 square metres of add-on tent, is the largest tent trailer and therefore also suitable for larger families.

The Off-Road tent trailers are well suited for road and off-road, extra stable and can drive up to 100 km/h. The on-road trailers are suitable for roads as standard and can also safely drive up to 100 km / h. You can also customize the tent trailers, because they are built especially for you!

  • Economy: Small, Good for beginners
  • Family: Up to 25 square meters, For families
  • Off-road: on-road & off-road, up to 100 km/h
  • On-Road: Road, up to 100 km/h


What is important when you want to travel around the country with your van? All the equipment you need for your van, from a fitted kitchen to a mobile kitchen system, can be found at Campwerk.


Shops: Camping accessories exhibitions in DE and NL

You can convince yourself of the products online, have a brochure sent to you or visit one of the four shops in Germany and the Netherlands. Here you will find a large exhibition and can also see the different products assembled. The shops are spread all over the country and have a wide range of products and competent sales staff waiting for new customers. Our favourite shop, the one in Bochum, is located in an old warehouse with various cranes and a lot of camping spirit.

Bochum – Campwerk West

This shop practically screams adventure. Here you’ll find a huge selection on two floors in a former warehouse.

  • Address: Berliner Str. 107 44867 Bochum
  • Contact: 02327 / 40 70 10
  • Email:

Dörzbach – Campwerk South

In Dörzbach, between Stuttgart and Nuremberg, you will find the second Campwerk Shop. This is easy to reach for all camping fans from southern Germany. Here, too, a great exhibition awaits you.

  • Address: Mittelweg 8 747677 Dörzbach
  • Contact: Mike Labischus, 0151 / 201 496 76

Bardowick – Campwerk North

Close to Hamburg, in Bardowick, you will find the third Campwerk shop in Germany. The location is practical for all campers from northern Germany.

  • Address: 21357 Bardowick, full address when making an appointment by telephone
  • Contact: Mike Labischus, 0151 / 201 496 76

Groningen – Campwerk NL

You come from the Netherlands and still want to see the products live? No problem, because in Groningen you will find the fourth Campwerk shop. Here you will find

  • Address: Vriezerweg 14c 9482 TB Tynaarlo, Netherlands
  • Contact: Ivar van der Leij, +31 85 401 / 6500 10

Ambassadors – Camping in Norway, Mongolia and Africa

There are various Ambassadors who work together with the Campwerk brand and take us on their travels with their videos. These ambassadors travel around the world with roof tents and film a few moments that give an insight into the everyday life of a camper. In total there are nine people working with Campwerk, namely Anna Jesse, Mario Frigge, Max Muench, Fritz Meineke, Fabio Schäfer, JVGND STIJL, Judetta, Robin Wittwer and Felix Röser.

Anna Jesse & Mario Frigge – with the roof tent through Norway

In this video you get a great insight into Mario’s road trip through Norway. With a bed on the roof in the middle of the sea – that’s the title of his video about his trip with a roof tent. Here you can see how the daily routine of a camper works, from making coffee to setting up the tent. These clips also show how easy it is to set up a roof tent. It only takes a minute to set up!

Max Muench – Camping in Mongolia

Have you ever wondered what camping in the desert looks like? Max Muench, Ambassador for Campwerk, traveled through Mongolia with a rooftop tent and captured many special moments in this YouTube video. Max made his way from Ulaanbaatar to Terelj National Park and visited the equestrian statue of Genghis Khan along the way. The epic landscapes are to fall in love with!

Fritz Meineke – 2,500 km road trip through Africa

In this video you can see how a road trip through Africa can look like, if you drive 2,500 km with the Land Rover and sleep in the roof tent. Fritz Meineke is the prototype adventurer, a man who builds tree houses in the middle of the jungle and sleeps in caves. When you watch his videos, you get a sense of adventure and want to plan a new trip right away.


Number of overnight stays at German campsites

In this chart you can see the overnight stays on German campsites until 2019 in millions. Last year, 35.8 million people or families spent the night at German campsites.

In the last 10 years, overnight stays at German campsites have increased by 14.2%.

  • 2009: 25.1 m
  • 2014: 27.9 m
  • 2015: 29.2 m
  • 2016: 30.5 m
  • 2017: 31.1 m
  • 2018: 34.6 m
  • 2019: 35.8 m

Infografik: Camping-Boom in Deutschland | Statista

You can find more infographics at Statista

Camping Republic of Germany – Infographic

Here you will find some basic information about camping in Germany. Did you know that one in five Germans could imagine going wild camping? Packed with a roof tent and essential accessories, this dream could come true!

Number of campsites 1997-2017:

  • 1997: 2,192 campsites
  • 2007: 2,527 campsites
  • 2017: 2,954 campsites

In 20 years, 762 new campsites have been opened in Germany!

Average fee at campsites in Europe:

  • Germany: 28,54 Euro
  • Sweden: 30,75 Euro
  • Austria: 34,31 Euro
  • Switzerland: 47,97 Euro

Infografik: Campingrepublik Deutschland | Statista

You can find more infographics at Statista