Black Forest: Nature, wellness & camping – Vacation & hiking in the mountains

Black Forest – You love nature, want to get away from it all and are still looking for your next holiday destination? If you don’t want to take a long journey, then you can decide on a holiday in the beautiful Black Forest. The unspoilt mountain region is located in the southwest of Germany and is known for its dense forests and charming villages. Whether picturesque landscapes or historical architecture – a holiday in the Black Forest guarantees relaxation and at the same time cultural input, so there is something for everyone!

Nature, Wellness & Sightseeing: Carefree in the Black Forest

This multifaceted holiday destination not only offers you an amazing nature and interesting sights, but also a variety of leisure activities, hiking possibilities and wellness offers and is therefore a top destination for the whole family. Here you have a wide range of possibilities to arrange your holiday individually. From huge mountains and green forests to famous spas, you can explore the most beautiful corners of the mountains and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. The Black Forest definitely guarantees an eventful and unforgettable holiday for nature lovers, culture enthusiasts and adventurers. We have listed here what there is to know about this popular holiday destination, what you should definitely visit if you are planning a holiday here and what the best accommodation options are.

The highlights of the Black Forest:

  • Picturesque and idyllic landscapes
  • Nature reserve & national park
  • Wellness and spa offers
  • Family-friendly activities

Sightseeing: Attractions & Highlights

Besides breathtaking landscapes, mighty forests and mighty mountains, the Black Forest has much more to offer. The popular holiday destination in Germany also impresses with charming villages, wellness offers that provide recreation and relaxation as well as health resorts with the popular spas.

Nature highlights: Waterfalls, canyons & nature reserves

Of course the first thing you associate the Black Forest with is its amazing landscapes. The mountains convince with mountains, forests and nature in idyllic flair and is a real highlight for nature lovers. Roaring waterfalls, steep gorges and wide lakes as far as the eye can see – you get the best insight of the holiday destination during a hike through the region. You will encounter a multitude of impressive attractions, all of which are freely accessible.

One of the most powerful and highest natural waterfalls awaits you between Todtnauberg and Aftersteg. Waterfalls are not only a highlight of every hike for children, which is why they must be included in your route.

You should also make a detour to the Feldberg nature reserve. It is considered the oldest and largest nature reserve in Baden-Württemberg and offers you an amazing natural panorama. Here you can also marvel at the famous Feldsee and maybe take a short break during your hike to enjoy the picturesque nature here. You will also encounter some gorges during your trip, which you should not miss under any circumstances. A very special highlight is the Ravenna Gorge, as the wild Ravenna stream makes its way through the narrow and steep valley via waterfalls and cascades.

If you just want to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in between, the Mathisweiher is recommended. The rather hidden forest lake is located near Hinterzarten and is ideal for another stop on your hike. Besides the mentioned hiking destinations, you will encounter other amazing highlights.

Here we have listed some more important stops for you:

  • Waterfall of death
  • Feldberg nature reserve
  • Ravennaschluch
  • Mathisweiher

Wellness: Relaxation, sauna & bathing paradise

Not only nature should be explored during your holiday, also a wellness program should not be missed out, because you also want to relax and get away from it all. The Black Forest is perfect for this, because with its spas and health resorts, the holiday destination guarantees pure relaxation and recreation for the whole family. After an eventful day in nature, a relaxing visit to the sauna or spa awaits you. Here you can also choose between massages and other wellness treatments.

A variety of saunas, pools and treatment rooms also await you in the popular wellness worlds of the Black Forest. All of them are geared towards relaxation and recreation and their offers ensure that every visitor can switch off from everyday life and enjoy his holiday to the fullest. Whether Day Spa, Sauna World or Bathing Paradise – everyone will find the right wellness offer here. Even though some hotels already offer an integrated spa area, we have some recommendations for day spas and wellness oases where you can pamper yourself for a day or end your evening with a pleasant drink.

  • Vital Therme Radon Revital Bad
  • Spa & Sauna World Palais Vital
  • Day Spa Hotel Wiesler
  • Day Spa Four Seasons at Schluchsee

Day trips: Family-friendly leisure activities

The Black Forest is ideal for a holiday for the whole family, because in addition to the fairytale nature, it is also a place for action and adventure, so that even the smallest members of the family can enjoy themselves. Most destinations are so close and central that they can be reached within a day trip. A very special highlight is the Fun Park in the Upper Black Forest. The adventure park offers a variety of exciting activities throughout the year, such as toboggan runs, bouncy cushions and indoor games, which ensure an unforgettable day for young and old alike.

For families with slightly older children the well-known Europa Park is more suitable. The more than 100 attractions with action-packed shows and themed areas are just waiting to be explored. In summer and winter, Europa Park guarantees a day trip that you won’t soon forget.

The Black Forest is also known for its extraordinary animal world. At Tatzmania Zoo you will find a spectacular world of adventure and attractions. Here you will meet the most fascinating animals and get an insight into Europe’s largest predator park, different bird species, rodents and marsupials as well as primates and hoofed animals. An amazing experience that you should definitely take with you when you visit the Black Forest!

Here are the family-friendly activities of the Black Forest:

  • Fun Park Hochschwarzwald
  • Europapark
  • Tatzmania Zoo

In this video you will find more suggestions and tips to make your holiday in the Black Forest as unique and unforgettable as possible.

Black Forest: Map

Accommodations: Hotels, apartments & Camping

During your holiday in the Black Forest you can of course choose how you want to stay. You have the possibility to choose between a camping site, a holiday flat or a hotel. Depending on your budget and holiday planning, one or the other option is more sensible. Here we have selected the advantages and disadvantages of all possibilities to help you with your decision.

Holiday flat: Homely, flexible & cheap

Most of the visitors who spend their holidays in the Black Forest choose a holiday apartment. Although you live in a strange apartment for a few days, you can furnish it a bit more homely than a hotel room. At the end of the day you still have your own four walls and therefore a little more privacy. Most holiday apartments are located in the middle of nature and are therefore ideal for nature lovers who want to enjoy their holiday to the fullest and who want to go for walks or hikes at any time. With this option you can customize your day and leave and come back whenever you want without disturbing anyone.

Advantages of a holiday flat

  • Privacy
  • Central
  • Flexible time management
  • Cost-effective

Disadvantages of a holiday flat

  • No food
  • Self-responsibility for order and cleanliness

Hotel: Catering & Wellness offers

Hotels as accommodation are on the other hand a somewhat simpler way to arrange your holiday. If you book additional meals, the meal times are fixed and you have to plan your day accordingly. You don’t have to care about where and what you want to eat, but you are bound to the times of the hotel and have to be back at the hotel when it suits you. Furthermore you have to be considerate of other guests and therefore you have to be a little quieter than you would have to be in a holiday flat, especially with small children. But in return you will always have a tidy room, a made bed and the food buffet. Furthermore, most hotels offer an own wellness and spa area, so that you don’t have to travel a long way to get there and in the best case you will get some discounts.

Advantages of a hotel

  • Simple and uncomplicated
  • Catering and tidy, clean room
  • Own spa and wellness area

Disadvantages of a hotel

  • Tied to mealtimes
  • Have consideration for other guests
  • More expensive than other accommodation Options

Camping: Nature, campfire & starry sky

The Black Forest is a very natural holiday destination and therefore attracts many tourists every year. So if you like to be outdoors and appreciate the beauty of breathtaking nature, then the peaceful low mountain range is the right place for you! Here it is of course also possible to camp outdoors and get the best out of your nature holiday.

Camping is the best way to get as much of the idyllic flair of the mountains as possible, experience exciting adventures and make new friends. Whether in a tent, in the open air or in a caravan – there is something for everyone and you will experience the feeling of closeness to nature and freedom. From sitting together around the campfire and watching the stars in the sky to exciting conversations and old stories – camping never gets boring!

In addition, camping is a cheaper alternative compared to hotels or holiday apartments and is therefore recommended for all those who don’t want to dig so deep into their pockets during their holidays. Although you have to cater for yourself and are not offered the most luxurious room, camping has a certain charm and at the end of the day makes for an unforgettable and eventful holiday. Camping is becoming more and more popular with young and old and is therefore a variant of the holiday that you should definitely try out.

Advantages of camping

  • Cost-effective
  • New acquaintances and adventures

Disadvantages of camping

  • Self-Catering
  • No luxurious accommodation
  • Possibly further distance to the City

Black Forest: Questions & answers

Which cities are in the Black Forest?

In the northern Black Forest are Alpirsbach, Baden Baden, Baiersbronn, Bühl and Enzklösterle. In the central Black Forest are Bad Dürrheim, Bad Peterstal-Griesbach, Ettenheim, Gengenbach and Hornberg. In the Upper Black Forest are Löffingen, St. Peter and Titisee/Neustadt and in the Southern Black Forest are Bernau, Bonndorf, Donaueschingen, Schliengen, Breisgau, Feldberg, Freiburg, Oberried and Vogtsburg.

What is the Black Forest known for?

The Black Forest is known for its idyllic landscapes, charming villages and its spas. The town of Pforzheim, also known as the “Gateway to the Black Forest”, is equally famous. It is known for its jewellery and clock industry and is one of the most important cities in Baden-Württemberg.

What can you do in the Black Forest?

The Black Forest is a great place to walk, hike and enjoy nature. There are also many natural highlights, such as waterfalls, gorges and nature reserves that can be visited. For families it is a good idea to visit a theme park or zoo and many wellness and spa facilities can be used in the Black Forest.

Where does the name Black Forest come from?

The name comes from the early days of the Romans. They called the huge uninhabited forest “silva nigra”, meaning forest black. Little by little the present name Black Forest developed.

What is the name of the biggest city in the Black Forest?

The largest city in the Black Forest is called Freiburg and is located on the edge of the Black Forest in Breisgau.