San Diego Pooth Interview: Elite Models, Cover Shooting, What’s Next?!

San Diego Pooth is one of the model newcomers in Germany. He is currently graduating from high school in the USA. He used to love boxing and martial arts, but now he trains day after day for his golf career. Now, however, his goals are bigger. Earlier this year, he signed on as a model with Elite Models, where models like Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell, among others, are under contract. High school, intense golf training, modeling, Diego is just 18 years old, but earning his own money is important to him. We met Diego after his first magazine cover shoot and asked questions for you! The interview with San Diego Pooth.

San Diego Pooth Interview

FIV: Thank you for taking the time for our interview after the shoot! Away from fashion, you are now training at the Saddlebrook Academy in Florida, what do you like so much about living in the Sunshine State of the USA?

San Diego: You simply can’t compare Florida with Germany. I like Germany, but for me there is no going back in the long term. My horizon has completely changed here in the U.S. in the last year, my focus is of course on golf. I’m now in Tampa for a year at the Saddlebrook Academy, which exclusively trains golfers and tennis players.

My biggest dream is to become a professional golfer one day.

But there is still a very long way to go until then.

A day in your life

FIV: You are now signed as a model with Elite Models in Miami and CM Models in Germany, you just got signed as well, you had your first cover shoot today, full to-do list! Now you’re back at Saddlebrook Academy in Tampa, what’s a typical day like in your life at the Academy, how do you start your day, how many hours do you spend on the golf course?

San Diego: I get up at 6 a.m. every morning and go for a run. Then I go straight to class and after school there is only golf practice for me. I can’t leave Saddlebrook Academy by myself, which means we athletes are on campus year-round, except when we have vacations or go to tournaments.

  • Model: Diego Pooth
  • Management: AB-Glanz
  • Agency: CM Models
  • Photographer: Oliver Rudolph
  • Outfits: Lagerfeld et al.

Model: What fascinates you about modeling?

FIV: What fascinates you personally about modeling?

San Diego: I’m interested in fashion and I think I have a good taste. Modeling is special, you just have to function and present the goods you’re given in such a way that the customer is satisfied and get exactly the expression he wanted. It’s not about whether you like the clothes yourself or whether you would style yourself that way in private. You just have to deliver. I’ve often been on shoots thinking, “Oh my God who’s going to wear that … and then it was me” (laughs). It’s definitely a cool job. If everything goes well, you travel around the world, earn quite good money and become quite self-confident.

Learn Golf: Your recommendation?

FIV: If I or a reader would like to learn golf, what would be your tip for an easy start? Order golf clubs and practice in your living room, just call the golf course, right?

San Diego: My tip would be to first take a taster course in golf with about 10 hours, because this allows you to determine exactly whether you enjoy the sport and remain interested in it. So you know after the course in any case, whether you want to invest money in the sport, because a golf equipment is very expensive and you should buy it only if you have fun.


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Hotspots Florida! Your tips?

FIV: Of course, we also have a big USA special in this issue of the magazine. For our next trip to Florida, what’s your favorite place, what location should we definitely check out? What makes this place so special for you?

San Diego: If you ever travel to Florida, you should definitely check out Miami. This city is really impressive and has great hotspots like the Wynwood Walls. This is an artists’ district with cool street art, great cafes, stores and you meet exciting people from all over the world. In Miami Beach I also like that there is a beach with an outdoor fitness facility. Here you meet many young and especially very trained people.

I also really liked the Cuban quarter “Little Havana” in Miami. There is a lot to see here, including of course many Latin American restaurants, but also many fruit stands and cigar stores. You can really immerse yourself in Cuban culture, which I found very interesting.

Next destination: The College Scholarship

FIV: What are your current goals, what would you like to achieve soon?

San Diego: Playing as many tournaments as possible here in Tampa. That’s fun, of course, but it’s also very exhausting because you have to be constantly focused and highly concentrated. I’m using this year not only to find out whether I really have what it takes to be a professional golfer, but also as an orientation year to secure my college place, because I want to start my studies in 2023. My biggest dream would be to win a scholarship, but that’s a very ambitious goal.

Model contract with Elite Miami

FIV: Two model agencies have signed you, Elite Models in Miami and CM Models in Germany. Could you have imagined that a year ago?

San Diego: Honestly, no (laughs), but of course I was very happy that Elite Models Miami signed me, even though I couldn’t imagine it at the beginning, but I thought I have nothing to lose and then the joy was great. At the moment I’m still waiting for my work visa for the USA, which is not so easy to get, but I’m on it and my agency Elite Models Miami supports me. In Germany I have already had a few shoots, which was a lot of fun and I have learned a lot. In terms of modeling, I’m still an absolute newcomer (laughs).

Self-employment: Earning your own money

FIV: One could think that you are slowly standing on your own two feet. How important is it for you to earn your own money?

San Diego: It is very important to me to earn my own money. I don’t want to be dependent on my parents for the next few years. Since I was thirteen, I have always worked in between jobs, my mother has always brought me to various TV productions such as Comeback or away (RTL, 3 years) or also in the Sky advertising. She opened some doors for me, but as she always says, I had to go through them myself. I learned a lot and was very grateful for these opportunities. In the meantime I am under contract with AB-Glanz Management in Hamburg and of course I manage my model jobs myself and am happy about every order. I just want to earn my own money, but golfing and schooling have priority, so I have to manage the balancing act no matter what.

3 Tips in Miami

  1. Wynwood Walls: Artists’ Quarter
  2. Miami Beach: work out on the beach
  3. “Little Havana” in Miami

Wynwood Walls: Artists’ Quarter

Artists’ quarter with cool street art, great cafes, stores and exciting people from all over the world.

Miami Beach: work out on the beach

Beach with outdoor fitness facility and many sports fans!

“Little Havana” in Miami

“Little Havana” offers you many Latin American restaurants, but also many fruit stands and cigar stores.