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Golf only for snobs? Not so: KacyKatharina in a golf interview

Golf – a sport for snobs? A definite “no” according to golf influencer Katharina Kandel. She wants to convince young people in particular of the sport and dispel the ubiquitous cliché once and for all. Golf experiences, tips for beginners & personal goals In the interview, Katharina tells us how she developed from a driving […]

Golf: sports, origins and celebrity golfers! Why stars like Will Smith and Cameron Diaz love it

Golf – The sport of golf is one of the oldest sports in the world, and yet it is not losing its popularity. There are many reasons for this continuing popularity. The lifestyle factor is definitely one of them. It allows sporting activity in fairytale landscapes. Even stars like Will Smith, Cameron Diaz or Justin […]

San Diego Pooth Interview: Elite Models, Cover Shooting, What’s Next?!

San Diego Pooth is one of the model newcomers in Germany. He is currently graduating from high school in the USA. He used to love boxing and martial arts, but now he trains day after day for his golf career. Now, however, his goals are bigger. Earlier this year, he signed on as a model […]

The 8 best golf courses in Marbella: Rio Real, Aloha, Los Naranjos, … – Tips!

Marbella Golf Course – Marbella is not only a dream destination for holidaymakers looking for sea and sun, but also for golfers! The city offers centrally and in the surrounding area several exclusive golf courses with varied courses for passionate golfers or a shooting ranch for beginners and beginners. We have selected some of the […]

Vacations in Denmark: Copenhagen, Blavant and Bornholm – City Guide and Island Tips

Discover the incomparable beauty of Denmark – your dream vacation is waiting for you! In Denmark you will find a unique blend of breathtaking nature, rich history and warm hospitality. From the endless sandy beaches of the North Sea to the picturesque islands in the Baltic Sea to the vibrant cities like Copenhagen(Top 10 Places […]