Holidays in Denmark: Copenhagen, Blavant and Bornholm – City guide and island tips

Holidays in Denmark – The Kingdom of Denmark is part of the European Union, but like many Scandinavian countries, it has retained its own currency, the Danish krone. In tourist hotspots you can still pay with the currency. Anyway, most shops accept credit cards as payment. What else you should know before your vacation in the beautiful country and what you should not miss in any case we tell you in this article.

Denmark: Kingdom in the North

In the north, Germany borders on sweet Denmark, which is unfortunately too often overlooked by many holidaymakers. The country stretches over many islands and has coasts on both the Baltic and the North Sea. As a result, the country’s landscape is characterised by dunes and harbour towns. The big cities of Copenhagen and Malmö do not disappoint either and offer inspiration to all fans of the Skandi style.

Copenhagen: City trip to the capital

The Danish capital Copenhagen is always worth a visit and no matter what the weather is like, the city convinces with historical buildings, a lot of cultural program and especially shopping opportunities, as well as gastronomic experiences can be found here. Especially recommended when you are in Copenhagen is to try a Danish Pastry, the buttery puff pastries are together with the French croissants the world’s top class.

Map: Explore Copenhagen in one day

If you are looking for sights for your city trip, Copenhagen will definitely not disappoint. There are a lot of spots here that you shouldn’t miss. To make it easier for you to choose so you can head straight out and explore the city, we’ve put together our favourite route around the city centre, coupled with culture and a stop for a bite to eat, the tour is perfect!

Tour: View of the Copenhagen Shopping Mall

The Scandinavians are known for their incomparable street style. Classic, straightforward and with a touch of nonchalance, the Danes can be found on the streets of Copenhagen. If you can’t resist this look and want to upgrade your own wardrobe a bit, then the capital is the place to be. Louis Vuitton, Prada and Tiffany & Co. are also easy to find here.

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Blavant/Blåvand: Holiday resort by the North Sea bay

Blåvand is located directly on the Ho Bay in the west of the small country. Strictly speaking, the village includes the westernmost point of Denmark, which lies directly on the beach. The kilometer long is also what makes the village so popular with holidaymakers, because here you can enjoy all the benefits of the North Sea.

Map from bay to bay

The North Sea resort, situated between two bays at the western end of Denmark, is mainly known for its beautiful nature and sandy beaches, where you can find almost every sport from windsurfing to beach volleyball. The coastal town also offers a huge golf course for all friends of the leisurely sport. The best accommodation is in the small hotels and holiday apartments, especially great nature lovers go camping here.

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Tour around the beach of Blavant

Green dunes and beige sandy beaches, that’s what Denmark is known for. This is exactly what you will see in Blavant. The grassy heights can easily be climbed on foot. Between them you will find lookout points and disused bunkers from which you could overlook the sea in times gone by. Take a look for yourself!

Bornholm: lively island in the Baltic Sea

Equipped with golf clubs and its own airport, the Danish island stretches over almost 590 km². After we have looked at the westernmost part of Denmark in Blavant, we are on Bornholm on the easternmost island of Denmark. Which part is most worthwhile and whether there are differences due to the location is difficult to say in general, we show you the most beautiful corners of the island.

Map: The easternmost island of Denmark

The best way to explore the island is by bike. From west to east, a ride across Bornholm takes just under 1.5 hours. The small island is incredibly decentralized whereby you can enjoy a lot of privacy and tranquility, because you will not find a tourist center here in vain. Nevertheless, the catering is of course guaranteed by small supermarkets and cafes.

Tour of Rönne

From Trelleburg and Ystad you can take the ferry to Bornholm in a few minutes. The small town on the edge of the island is definitely worth a visit and offers you some opportunities to feel the Danish lifestyle up close, because here it is not uncommon to look at endless, uninhabited far. The landscape around the city is equally worth a look and deserves some recognition. See for yourself: