Vacations in Denmark: Copenhagen, Blavant and Bornholm – City Guide and Island Tips

Discover the incomparable beauty of Denmark – your dream vacation is waiting for you! In Denmark you will find a unique blend of breathtaking nature, rich history and warm hospitality. From the endless sandy beaches of the North Sea to the picturesque islands in the Baltic Sea to the vibrant cities like Copenhagen(Top 10 Places to Visit in Denmark), Denmark has something for everyone. Enjoy fresh seafood, explore historic castles, or take a bike ride along the coast. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Denmark has it all. Pack your bags and immerse yourself in the Danish way of life – your dream vacation starts here!

Denmark: A Kingdom in the North

Why do we love Denmark?

Beautiful coastal landscapes: Baltic Sea and North Sea

Denmark is characterized by a breathtaking coastal landscape. The more than 7,000 kilometers of coastline stretch along the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and offer a wealth of natural wonders. You’ll find not only vast sandy beaches, but also unique dune formations sculpted by wind and waves. The picturesque coastal landscapes invite beach lovers to sunbathe and swim. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy sailing, surfing and kite surfing. Nature lovers will find abundant wildlife in the coastal areas and have the opportunity to bird watch and hike through nature reserves.

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Right to the big question: What suits you better, the Baltic Sea or the North Sea?

Cities and Culture: Old Town & Street Food

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a cultural gem. The city is peppered with impressive museums, including the National Museum and the National Museum of Denmark, which offer a glimpse into the country’s rich history. Historic landmarks such as the Little Mermaid statue and Rosenborg Castle are world-renowned. The vibrant art and music scene makes Copenhagen a hotspot for creative minds. Scandinavian design is a hallmark of the city, and you can discover unique artwork and design products in the many stores and galleries. Copenhagen’s gastronomic scene is also top-notch, from traditional Danish dishes to international delicacies.

More on the most popular destination, Copenhagen, in a moment!

Outdoor activities: beach, dunes, nature

Denmark offers a variety of outdoor activities for adventure seekers. In addition to the popular cycling, there are great opportunities for hiking, fishing, sailing and windsurfing. The country’s landscape is lined with nature reserves and national parks, which are ideal for exploring the local flora and fauna. You can hike through dense forests, along rivers and lakes, or venture into the waters for fishing or water sports.

Relaxation and “Hygge

Denmark is famous for its concept of “hygge”. This word stands for coziness and relaxation. The atmosphere in the coastal towns and the typical Danish vacation homes radiates exactly this feeling. There is nothing like feeling the wind in your hair while walking along the beach and then stopping at a cozy café or your Danish vacation home and relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea. This relaxed way of life attracts many visitors who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Child friendliness: family vacation

Denmark is an extremely child-friendly country. Many resorts and cities offer a wealth of activities and attractions tailored specifically for families. Theme parks such as Legoland and animal parks provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages. The child-friendly beaches are safe and offer shallow water for splashing and playing.

Short distances: Experience a lot

The small size of Denmark makes it easy to explore different regions of the country during a vacation. Within short distances you can travel from the coasts to the cities and further to the rural areas. This allows you to enjoy a wide range of experiences in a relatively short period of time without having to travel long distances. You can easily move from the beaches of the North Sea to the historical sites of Copenhagen, experiencing the country’s scenic diversity.

This brings us directly to one of the hotspots in Denmark: Copenhagen.

Copenhagen: city trip to the capital

The Danish capital Copenhagen is always worth a trip and no matter what the weather is like, the city convinces with historic buildings, a lot of cultural program and especially shopping opportunities, as well as gastronomic experiences can be found here. Especially recommended when traveling in Copenhagen is to try a Danish Pastry, the buttery puff pastries are together with the French croissants the world’s top class.

Map: Explore Copenhagen in one day

If you are looking for sights for your city trip, Copenhagen will definitely not disappoint. There are a lot of spots here that you shouldn’t miss. To help you choose so you can head straight out and explore the city, we’ve put together our favorite route around the city center, paired with culture and a stop for a bite to eat, the tour is perfect!

Tour: insight into the Copenhagen shopping mall

The Scandinavians are known for their incomparable street style. Classic, straightforward and with a touch of casualness, the Danes can be found on the streets of Copenhagen. If you too can’t resist this look and want to upgrade your own closet a bit, then you’ve come to the right place in the capital. You can also find Louis Vuitton, Prada and Tiffany & Co. here without any problems.

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Baltic Sea or North Sea? Vacation, directly by the sea

For many people, a vacation on the coast is the epitome of relaxation and recreation! Germany offers two beautiful coastal regions to choose from: the North Sea in the north-west and the Baltic Sea in the north-east of the country. But which coast fits best to your ideas of the perfect vacation? Should it be a camping adventure or do you prefer a comfortable vacation home? In this article, we compare the two coasts and present different ways of spending your vacation there.

What suits you better?

  • Baltic Sea or North Sea

Discover both coasts here:

Danish islands: Klitmøller

Klitmøller: Relax and let the fresh breeze blow around your nose. The idyllic fishing village of Klitmøller in Denmark offers the perfect escape from everyday life. In addition to the perfect surfing conditions, the village on the North Sea convinces with beautiful beaches and boardwalks. Cozy cafes and small boutiques line the coast. Look forward to relaxing walks on the beach and exciting hours in the cool sea breeze.

Vacation home in Denmark: What to look for?

Vacation home Denmark – last minute or well prepared, the most important practical tips to find a beautiful vacation home and for beautiful memories, on solo tour, as a couple or with the family! Here you will find peace, sea air, friendly people, wonderful nature and beaches. Directly on the sea of the North Sea, directly on the beach of the Baltic Sea, Denmark, my vacation tips for Denmark in a vacation home!

  • Vacation home in Denmark

Vacation home checklist: How to book correctly

Let’s summarize the most important tips for beautiful vacation homes:

Check That’s what it’s about
☑️ Location Desired location near
☑️ Size Suitable for tour group
☑️ Equipment Necessary amenities
☑️ Price On budget
☑️ Availability Suitable travel dates
☑️ Reviews Check guest experience
☑️ Pet friendly Observe pet regulations
☑️ Cancellation conditions Check cancellation options
☑️ Cleaning and hygiene Ensure cleanliness
☑️ Extras Check additional fees