Klitmøller: Summer, Sun & Surfboard – Hotspot

Klitmøller: Relax and let the fresh breeze blow around your nose. The idyllic fishing village of Klitmøller in Denmark offers the perfect escape from everyday life. In addition to the perfect surfing conditions, the village on the North Sea convinces with beautiful beaches and boardwalks. Cozy cafes and small boutiques line the coast. Look forward to relaxing walks on the beach and exciting hours in the cool sea breeze.

Klitmøller: waves, dunes & surf lessons

Something for all sports fans! The former small fishing village has been transformed into a true surfer’s paradise in recent years. Among surfers, the place is also known as “Cold Hawaii”. The 5km long shell reef provides perfect water conditions, both for beginners and professionals. In September, the Surf World Cup is also held here. If you want to try other trendy sports, you will find several places for windsurfing and kitesurfing. In this article you will learn why the place is also known as the Hawaii of Denmark and what there is to discover.

Where is Klitmøller located?

Klitmøller is a small village in the Nordjylland region and has just over 800 inhabitants. The fishing village is the center of the coast from Agger to Hanstholm. It takes about 7 hours by car to get there, otherwise the connection is very good by train and bus.

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Enjoy already digitally the beautiful Klitmøller beach:

Hawaii in Denmark

Endless sandy beaches, beautiful dune landscapes and idyllic villages – that’s Klitmøller! Here you can get a virtual impression of the beautiful place on the Danish coast.

What to do in Klitmøller?

The village is the perfect vacation spot for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts! Whether you prefer windsurfing or extensive walks, there is a challenge for everyone here.

“Cold Hawaii” at the North Sea

The coast is not called “Cold Hawaii” without reason. The 31 registered surf spots in Klitmøller and the surrounding area offer the perfect combinations of waves and wind. From September to Easter, the crème de la crème of surfing meets here. The 2-4 meter high waves challenge even surf experts. During the rest of the year the Klitmøller waves are also perfect for beginners. No matter if you are an inexperienced or advanced surfer, you should bring a wetsuit in any case, the Baltic Sea rarely exceeds 18 degrees.

Walks in dune landscapes

Nature lovers will also get their money’s worth! What is there to discover in a surfing village on land? It’s not only in the water that you can work off your energy and enjoy nature. You can also enjoy the dune heath on well-developed cycling and hiking trails in the Hanstholm Game Reserve.

Untouched nature in Thy National Park

On a total of 244 sqm you can experience the untouched nature of Denmark up close. The impressive dune landscapes provide a safe home for rare breeding birds. There are also quaint, traditional fishing villages and the modern industrial harbor to discover. Various hiking and biking trails lead past lighthouses and untouched landscape ,through the nature reserve.

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