Beach Baltic Sea recommendations: The most beautiful beaches for sunbathing

Beach Baltic Sea – The Baltic Sea is perfect for a relaxing family vacation, even with a dog. The Baltic Sea has a lot to offer: beautiful beach promenades, chic views and a lot of fun. At the Baltic Sea you can experience a lot and have many adventures. Due to its versatility, the Baltic Sea is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Germany. In this article we present you five top beaches and explain what makes these beaches so special.

Vacation on the beach! Baltic Sea from above

The Baltic Sea is an inland sea of the Atlantic Ocean. It borders Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden. The German Baltic Sea coast stretches from Schleswig-Holstein to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and includes, among others, the islands of Fehmarn, Rügen and Usedom.

  • Large German islands are Rügen, Hiddensee and Fehmarn
  • World’s largest of all marginal seas
  • Area of 415000 km²

Baltic Sea map: location in Germany

On this map you can see the location of the Baltic Sea.

Checklist: Beach at the Baltic Sea

These 5 places you must have seen! The Baltic Sea offers a lot of beaches. We show you the best beaches for a beautiful and relaxing vacation at the Baltic Sea.

Warnemünde beach: promenade with sea view

Warnemünde beach in Rostock is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea. The beach has a beautiful view of the sea and a great promenade. The beach is very wide and has fine light sand. There are a lot of beach chairs here, so there is enough space for everyone even on hot summer days. The dunes hide the promenade and make the hotels appear in the background. It goes shallow into the sea. Ideal for children and perfect for family vacation.

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Seebrücke Kellenhusen: Switch off from everyday stress

If you want to switch off from everyday life, you should spend your vacation in Kellenhusen. The beach in Kellenhusen is very popular because of the pier and the various platforms that lead directly to the water. Kellenhusen is really worth a visit or vacation. Because there you can find a camping site, which is not far from the promenade. There are also enough offers for wellness, gastronomy and apartments in Kellenhusen.

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The pier is also a real eye-catcher at night. The pier is definitely worth a trip in the evening. The bridge is illuminated with LED lights in different colors. The color change is beautiful.

Here you can see the pier Kellenhusen at night:

Pier Niendorf: Exciting family vacation

The pier in Niendorf is super suitable for a family vacation, because it is quite close to nature. For the children there is a small children’s play structure. At the bridgehead you have an outstanding view over the sea. But also especially to the Brodtner shore and over the beach promenade. In addition, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets here.

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Beach Grömitz: Perfect as a diving vacation

The beach in Grömitz is very wide and long. There is a beautiful pier where you can go diving. On the promenade are many stores to stroll. I would recommend this place to everyone. Families feel very comfortable here. There is a children’s playground and youth area, as well as a beach volleyball field. For dog owners there is also a dog beach.

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Sehlendorfer Strand: water sports and volleyball

Shallow entry into the water, hardly any stones and clean water. Also excellent for children. Sehlendorfer Strand offers sports lovers a lot of water sports. The sports that are offered include sailing, surfing and water skiing. For inexperienced water sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of beginner courses. In addition to water sports, activities such as volleyball, cycling routes and hiking tours can also be practiced.

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Vacation at the Baltic Sea: Discover more!

Those who spend their vacations at the Baltic Sea naturally want to see as much as possible of the incomparable landscape. The Baltic Sea coast is not without reason one of the most popular destinations in Germany. Visitors enjoy the diversity and beauty of the region along with its bays, sights and Baltic resorts during their vacation in vacation apartments and vacation homes. The Baltic Sea coast offers enough space for numerous vacation apartments and vacation homes. Whether directly on the beach, on an island or in one of the beautiful places near the sea – in a vacation on the Baltic Sea all visitors, whether large or small, experience a great time. Among the most popular destinations are the Baltic Sea islands, Usedom, Rügen and Fehmarn.