Holiday on Rügen: Ferry, weather and activities for the perfect trip

Rügen – You want to take a break from work and escape the stress of everyday life? Then you are exactly right on the sunny island of Rügen. In a short time you can reach the Baltic Sea island with the ferry and can even take your car across to be able to take as much as possible of the popular holiday island. Whether it’s a beach holiday or unique nature – Germany’s largest island has a lot to offer, guaranteeing an adventurous and unforgettable holiday for young and old. FIV Magazine has summarised here what the best accommodation options are and how you should plan your holiday to have the best time possible here!

Rügen: Quiet Baltic Sea island

The island is located in the north of Germany in the Baltic Sea and is easy to reach by ferry. Apart from great sandy beaches and the impressive cliffs, you will also find smaller insider tips that should not be missed. Which are those and how it looks with accommodation and even apartments and the real estate market on Rügen we tell you in the following.

  • Area: 926 km²
  • Population: approx. 63,000 inhabitants
  • Federal state: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Ostrügen: miles of fine sandy beaches and popular holiday resorts

A real highlight of your stay in Rügen is a visit to the nature reserve of Ostrügen. The landscape and natural diversity takes up almost half the island and also includes the Jasmund National Park, located on the peninsula of the same name. Impressive cliffs, chalk cliffs and white sandy beaches characterize the picture.

  • Miles of fine beaches
  • Unmistakable nature
  • Charming fishing villages

Most beautiful beach resorts: holidays with children and dog

Of course, one of the main reasons that drives so many to Rügen every season are the wide, soft sandy beaches that stretch along the entire coast. To keep an overview or even to choose a favorite is almost impossible. Therefore, we have compiled a small list of the most beautiful, quietest, longest and most diverse beaches on Rügen for you.

Schaprode: Coveted real estate on the sandy beach

One of the oldest settlements on Rügen is Schaprode, the small town. The place has one of the few sandy beaches in West Rügen. Accordingly, there are also a lot of holiday homes to be found here, because all those who come to Rügen rely on proximity to the beach. You should also consider this if you are thinking of buying a holiday home on Rügen. The land and property prices in and around beach resorts are accordingly sought after. Learn more about buying a holiday home here.

Göhren: Popular spa and holiday resort

One of the most sought-after areas on the island is the small town of Göhren in East Rügen. The long stretches of beach and the calming air and atmosphere make the place particularly popular. The town also has a lot to offer in terms of leisure activities. From adventure golf, popular photo spots to a bike rental that allows you to actively explore the town and especially the surrounding area, you will find everything that makes your holiday a special experience.

Sellin: Colourful starting place with pier and dog beach

Also an absolute perennial favorite among the Rügen resorts is the town of Sellin. Because the city has a lot to offer from a pier that reminds of the famous piers from England or the U.S., mini golf or a hand beach where your four-legged friend can really let off steam, the possibilities are almost limitless. Cultural heritage can be admired at the Amber Museum and the close proximity to the Hochufer hiking trail guarantees at least one day of action.

Insider tips: unexplored sights

Always exploring the tourist attractions can get boring in the long run, especially if you are not the first time on Sylt. In this case, it is a good idea to make a stop outside the standard places and areas. After all, the island is not huge and many things can easily be reached in a bike trip. Where you should definitely stop by we tell you here.

Chalk cliffs, Cape Arkona and Co. from above – Video

To get you in the mood for your stay, we have already put together an overview of what awaits you on the Baltic Sea island. Especially the famous chalk cliffs are admired by many onlookers every day.

Lietzow book station

Bookworms, vintage fans and nostalgics take note! On Rügen there is a very special place for you to go to. In Lietzow on Ostrügen there is one of the cutest little bookstores you can imagine. Here you can find everything from Schiller to J.K. Rowling in new and old garb. But also records are in the assortment. If you can’t get enough of the colourful covers and golden lettering from days gone by, this is the place for you.

Vintage car museum very close to the beach

We imagine an eventful day on Rügen like this. You start the day with a short round of laser tag, then at lunchtime to treat yourself to a small snack in one of the many Binzer restaurants and then spend a little time on the beach. In the afternoon you can stroll through the informative Oldtimer Museum and finish off the evening in a beach bar. Does this sound like a programme that interests you? Then you definitely have to go to Ostseebad Binz and spend at least one day there.

Pansevitz castle ruins: surroundings to relax in

From the lively town of Ralswiek you can reach the castle ruins of Pansevitz in just 15 minutes by car. The remains of the former castle are a place of peace and quiet. In addition, they stand for a piece of history, because actually this castle had survived the times of the existence of Rügen as a principality. However, during the Second World War, the citizens of Rügen had to get creative and for this reason they used the empty castle as building material. Thus, the townscape was created, which is offered there today.

The best beaches for kids, dogs and co.

Who goes to Rügen wants beach, nature and maybe a little action. The most beautiful places to relax and also everything where you can live out your sporty streak and enjoy the sea at the same time, we tell you here. In addition, you will find out where you can best travel with your four-legged friend.

Binzer Strand: Long fine sand beach

Very close to the Oldtimer Museum you will find a particularly beautiful white sandy beach on the east coast of Rügen. Not surprisingly, the beach was called Binzer Strand and stretches for kilometres down the east coast of the island. There is a free place guaranteed for almost everyone. Those who like sports and exercise will also be thrilled by the beach volleyball courts.

  • Largest seaside resort on the island
  • White villas, beautiful promenades and elegant piers

Dog beach Sellin: Fun for the four-legged friend

A mixture of pebble and sandy beach offers the dog beach of Sellin. Don’t worry, this beach is of course not exclusively for dogs, but on many public beaches on Rügen dogs are not particularly welcome. At most even forbidden. This means that careless dog owners face a hefty fine if they don’t abide by the regulations. The dog beach Sellin gives your four-legged friend the opportunity to really let off steam.

South beach Göhren: Jet skiing and sports on the beach

We have already sung the praises of Göhren in the previous section, because the place is popular with young and old. The reason for this is the variety of leisure activities, which also includes the south beach. There, especially the sporty among us feel good, because there are different possibilities for kite surfing, beach volleyball and even jet skiing!

Activities: Culture and sports on Rügen

There are so many things to do on the Baltic Sea island that it definitely won’t be boring. For every age and every taste there are things that can be experienced. Whether sporty on the road or full of curiosity, with these tips you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Sports beaches: exercise on holiday

The south beach of Göhren is not the only sports beach that the island has to offer. At each of the lively sandy places you will find different activities. Have you always wanted to learn how to surf, for example? Then you can do that on Rügen at the right time of year. You can also go jet skiing and rent boats on the beaches. Sports beaches in particular also offer you the option of finding teams to play football, beach volleyball and more.

Ralswiek: On the trail of the pirates

The Störtebeker Festival in Ralswiek takes place over a few weeks during the hot summer months. During this time, the most diverse acts can be seen on the open-air stage. Always at the forefront is the staging of the story of Klaus Störtebeker. At the end of the 12th century he was famous and feared as a pirate on the Baltic Sea. This has helped him to great fame until today which at the same time has the consequence that until today his life from the activity as a pirate to the execution in 1406 is so well documented that his story is often dramaturgically recreated.

Play golf: Ranzow Castle Golf Club

Rügen offers the perfect golfing environment. It can get windy here, but if you like a fresh sea breeze and want to enjoy it for as long as possible, Rügen is the place to be. The temperatures are mostly moderate, which helps to stay on the golf course for a long time without sweating. In addition, the risk of sunburn during an extensive round of golf is much lower when the sky is a little overcast. However, especially in the summer months, you often look for the clouds in the sky in vain. Ultimately, you can’t always assume perfect golfing weather here.

However, you don’t have to look far for the perfect golfing environment, because the Golfclub Schloss Ranzow offers the best courses and exclusive service at a moderate price. Those who visit Rügen more often can rely on a membership here.

Accommodation: from campsite to holiday home

Ever thought about a second home on Rügen? We tell you briefly and concisely the most important facts about the Rügen housing market. In addition, there are hotel prices and campsites that will make your heart beat faster. Still no suitable camping equipment? No problem, because here we tell you what you need for a successful trip.

Holiday homes on Rügen for rent and purchase

When looking for holiday homes, you will definitely find one on Rügen, because that is what the island is designed for. In addition, you can live here cheaper than for example on Sylt and still enjoy the beaches.

Average apartment prices on Rügen: 1,700 €/m²

However, you should also be aware that buying a holiday home is not an easy task. Not only can the search and purchase be a time and financial burden, but also the maintenance and rental of the holiday home, so that it is profitable, means additional work. You can read about what’s involved and how to find your dream holiday home in our article on holiday homes.

The most popular cities in Rügen for a promising holiday home are:

  • Baltic resort Baabe
  • Glowe
  • Baltic resort Binz
  • Monastery

Luxury hotels overlooking the ocean

All over the island, but especially in East Rügen, you can find beautiful luxury and spa hotels with a view of the sea. Of course, you pay for the view as well as the optimal location, but it should also be mentioned that hotels and other holiday accommodation such as villas can be found in Rügen for every price range.

Hotel prices Rügen: approx. 50 – 1.000 €

The best campsites on the beach of Rügen

Another possibility to stay on Rügen is on a campsite. Either you travel with the camper and can easily park on one of the popular campsites, or you camp under the open sky. With this option, you can fully enjoy nature and thus take a break from the otherwise stressful everyday life.

Sitting around the campfire in the evening, watching the starry sky and, in the best case, making new acquaintances – camping on Rügen will definitely offer you an unforgettable time in nature. If you always wanted to exchange your bed for an air mattress in order to enjoy all facets of your holiday on an island, you should definitely opt for camping, which is also cheaper. For this I have picked out a few popular camping spots for you:

  1. Camping ground Drewoldke
  2. Nature campsite Alt Reddevitz
  3. Nature camping Rügen-Pritzwald

Learn more about camping and accessories here.

Climate: Weather and the best time to travel

As an island in the north of Germany, you can of course not expect the highest temperatures on Rügen, but exactly this circumstance makes the charm of Rügen for many. Because even in the summer months during the one on Mediterranean island, for example, absolute top values when it comes to high temperatures, but on the island in the Baltic Sea you have even in summer mild temperatures that are rarely far above 20 ° C.

Current weather on Rügen

Are you already in the car on the way to Rügen, are you just taking the ferry or are you just planning your trip and want to check the weather beforehand? Then you are at the right place! You can find current temperatures here:

Best time to visit the island

A blanket travel time that pleases everyone is of course not so easy to find, because some go to Rügen to sail or surf, while others want to enjoy the sun without the high temperatures of the south. Still others come here for rehab and have again completely different requirements and availabilities.

  • Average temperatures January – May: 5 degrees Celsius
  • Average temperatures June – October: 15 degrees Celsius

Itinerary to Rügen by ferry, car, train and more

A holiday on Rügen is a very special experience for the whole family, but in order to spend a few days on the beach you first have to make the journey to the beautiful island. To arrive in Rügen you have different options available, which we summarize for you below.

Crossing by ferry

The easiest way to get to the Baltic island is by ferry from Stahlbrode. From there, a car and passenger ferry crosses every 25-30 minutes to Glewitz in the southern part of Rügen. If you are looking for a snack after the crossing, you will be disappointed, because you will be welcomed in Glewitz by a beautiful beach, but it is recommended to drive a little further into the island for holiday apartments and gastronomy. There you will find much more accommodations and restaurants. Already the small town of Losenitz, a little northeast of Glewitz is well equipped. The drive takes only two minutes.

By train and long-distance bus to the island

From Strahlsund you can also easily get to Rügen. The regional train goes once across the island to the popular town of Ostseebad Binz. There you will find a variety of fine sandy beaches and many luxury hotels, as well as holiday apartments directly on the beach. There are also offers with the long-distance bus, which unfortunately take much longer than the journey by car and train.

Car trip to Rügen: Car-free island?

Rügen itself is not a car-free island, for this reason you can easily transfer to the wonderful resort. However, the island has isolated areas that can not be driven by car. This includes especially some tourist attractions, whose preservation one wants to guarantee in this way. This is why it is possible to drive to these attractions, but from a certain point on, one has to park the car and climb the rest of the way by bike and on foot. To make it easier for you, there are some park and ride facilities.

Quiz: Everything you want to know about Rügen

Let’s review the article again briefly. What were actually the most important points and what things you should definitely consider on your Rügen holiday? Here we have summarized the most important for you again.

Is Rügen car-free?

Short answer – No. Cars themselves are not a problem. Long answer – certain parts of the island are car-free to preserve the natural formations of the rocks even longer. Apart from that, however, you can explore most regions by car and the bike is also a super addition to everyday life on the island.

What are the top sights on Rügen?

From chalk cliffs at the Königsstuhl to the Störtebeker Festival, it’s all here. these are our top 5:

  • Königsstuhl
  • Lietzow book station
  • Binzer Oldtimer Museum
  • Pansewitz castle ruins
  • Cape Arkona

What is the weather like on Rügen?

The weather is very mild. Not too hot, but also not too cold, that the temperatures fall below zero degrees is even in winter super rare the case and even in summer you still have a relaxed breeze on Rügen, which creates the perfect conditions for surfing and kiting.