Corsica holidays: Camping, sightseeings & beaches – Round trip by ferry

Corsica holidays – You are longing for a holiday on the beach and at the same time you want to get to know new cultures and breathtaking nature? Whether sand and sea, or historical buildings and medieval culture, the multi-faceted island of Corsica has a lot to offer and is definitely a recommendable destination for an eventful and unforgettable holiday!  With the ferry you can reach the tasteful island easily and uncomplicated from several harbours. The FIV Magazine has put together here what there is to know about an interesting and unforgettable holiday on Corsica:

Camping on Corsica – cheap & central campsites

Corsica is very natural and convinces with breathtaking landscapes. If you like to be outdoors, the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean is the right place for you. This is why it is most suitable to camp in the nature and thus to fully enjoy the Italian flair of the French Mediterranean island. But also holiday flats or hotels are an alternative for your holidays on Corsica. Whether in the open air or in your own four walls – on Corsica everyone gets his money’s worth. There are more than 200 campsites spread out in the interior of the country and mostly also along the sea and the coast. Most of the campsites are shady and have electricity and sanitary facilities. Depending on the campsite there is also a swimming pool and access to the sea. Here we have selected the best and cheapest campsites on Corsica for you. It has to be said that wild camping is generally forbidden in France and you should stick to the prescribed places.

Camping Arinella Bianca

  • address: Bruscheto, 20240 Ghisonaccia, France
  • Great, quiet location directly on the long sandy beach
  • Telephone: +33 4 95 56 04 78
  • Facilities: pool, sauna, restaurant, shop, Wifi
  • Price: approx. 24 – 47 €

Camping Marina d’Aleria – Aleria, East coast

  • address: Plage de, Padulone, 20270 Aléria, France
  • directly on the long sandy beach of Aleria
  • Telephone: +33 4 95 57 01 42
  • Facilities: new pool, restaurant, shop, beach volleyball, table tennis, fitness equipment
  • Price: approx. 20 – 42 €

Camping de la Rivière – Zonza, Alta Rocca

  • address: Route de Quenza, 20124 Zonza, France
  • 2 km from Zonza and 4 km from Quenza; relaxed and quiet environment in the wooded area
  • Telephone: +33 4 95 78 68 31
  • Facilities: terrace, restaurant, boules court, barbecue area, bowling alley, Wifi
  • Price: approx. 16 €

Camping La Pietra – Pietracorbara, Cap Corse

  • Address: 20233 Pietracorbara, France
  • ideal location in the valley of Pietracorbara
  • Telephone: +33 4 95 35 27 49
  • Facilities: pool, restaurant, TV room, barbecue area, Wifi
  • Price: approx. 23 – 30 €

Camping Funtana a l’Ora – Porto, Ota

  • Address: Il Campo, 20150 Ota, France
  • View of the mountains of the Spelunca Gorge; 2 km to the beach of Port
  • Telephone: +33 4 95 26 11 65
  • Facilities: pool, bar, table tennis, restaurant, shop, Wifi
  • Price: approx. 20 – 40 €

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Sightseeings: Highlights & Attractions

The mountainous island in the Mediterranean Sea convinces with a mixture of beautiful beaches, imposing mountains and charming villages in Italian style. Whether relaxing days by the sea, hiking in the idyllic landscape of the French island, or cultural input in one of the historic buildings – Corsica offers enough possibilities and activities for an adventurous and eventful holiday.

Fangotal: bathing & hiking with picturesque views

The Fango Valley is a popular tourist destination, especially in summer, as the river offers many opportunities for swimming and cooling off on hot days. A highlight are small waterfalls and natural slides, which makes the Fango Valley especially suitable for families with children. Small fish, special plant species and water turtles can also be admired in deeper places with a little luck. Either splashing around with the family or hiking along the river that runs completely through the interior – the picturesque Fango Valley is definitely worth a visit during your holiday and should definitely be visited at some point.

Cap Corse: landscapes, mountains & charming villages

The Cap Corse is located in the northern part of Corsica and is particularly suitable for a day trip during your holidays. Drive along the Corsican west coast from Port Centuri to Patrominio and marvel at the unique landscapes of the mountainous coastal road. Here the mountains run into the sea, which will be a real highlight on your trip. In between you can stop and admire the view, take a short walk or visit one of the small lovely villages. In any case, Cap Corse is very diverse and promises an eventful and informative day.

Bonifacio: Nature, cultural treasures & Highlights

The historic old town of Bonifacio is located on a narrow headland in the middle of the white limestone cliffs. If the weather is good, you should definitely spend a day during your holiday in the spectacular town and its mighty cliffs. The best thing to do is to plan a boat trip along the coast and have an amazing view of the southernmost city of Corsica. In the medieval city you will find unique nature, cultural treasures and many sights. Here you can spend your day relaxing, admire the old charm of the city, explore the small hidden alleys and head for highlights such as the Escalier du Roi d’Aragon, also known as the Stairs of the King of Aragon. A popular vantage point in the old town also gives you an impressive view of Sardinia.

Genuesertürme: historical landmark & place of interest

Along the entire coast of Corsica are the famous Genoese towers, which were once watchtowers and were built between 1510 and 1620. At that time they were used for surveillance and were not far away from other neighbouring towers to communicate in case of danger. Today, most of the towers are still located at the Cap Corse and can be visited there, even if most of them are not allowed to be entered anymore. Today the Corsican landmarks are an interesting sight that you will definitely encounter during your holidays in Corsica.

Palombaggia: mighty rocks, beach & sea

During your holiday on this beautiful island, besides culture and unique sights, relaxation and recreation by the sea should not be missing. The famous beach of Palombaggia is the perfect place to go swimming, enjoy the sun and marvel at the picture book nature of Corsica. Whether white sand, turquoise blue water or red rocks – the famous beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and offers an unforgettable panorama.  Here you have the opportunity to observe the picturesque underwater world while snorkeling or diving, to walk along the beach and enjoy the view of the sea and at the same time the rocky landscape and to have dinner in one of the numerous small beach restaurants. As relaxation and a break from the stressful everyday life should not be missed out on, the fairytale beach Palombaggia must certainly be an item on your list when planning your holiday.

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Corsica: questions & answers

In which country is Corsica?

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located near the Italian coast. Although it belongs to France, it still preserves its Italian culture.

When is the best time to travel to Corsica?

The best time to visit Corsica is during the summer months around May to September.

What do they speak in Corsica?

The official language in Corsica is French. However, there is also its own language, Corsican, which has been spreading again for some years now.

What is the capital of Corsica?

The capital of Corsica is Ajaccio.
The inhabitants of the French Mediterranean island are called Corsicans.