Usedom holidays: Sightseeings, holiday apartments & Camping – Traveltrips for the Baltic Sea island

Usedom – White beaches, picturesque nature and pure relaxation? Do you want a break from your otherwise stressful everyday life and a change from your daily work? Then the sunny island in the Baltic Sea is the right place for you! Whether relaxing in the sun, fairytale nature or cultural input – the multi-faceted island of Usedom has a lot to offer and is therefore a destination for the whole family. We have summarised everything you need to know about a holiday on Usedom, where to stay and which sights should not be forgotten.

Usedom: Nature and beach holidays at the Baltic Sea

From relaxation and recreation on the beach, to action and adventure in nature or the city, this popular holiday island has a wide range of leisure activities to suit everyone! With good weather and a fantastic view, you can enjoy your holiday to the full and explore the most beautiful corners of Usedom. Here you are guaranteed an eventful and unforgettable time, so that both nature lovers and those interested in culture will be happy here.

The beautiful island of Usedom is situated in the Baltic Sea and is one of the most popular travel destinations, especially for Germans. There is no need to plan a long journey to spend a few days here. The second largest island of the Baltic Sea convinces with a mixture of fantastic beaches, idyllic nature and wellness offers. Therefore a holiday on Usedom promises an unforgettable time for young and old.

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Usedom offers you:

  • Scenic Highlights
  • Cultural Input
  • Family-friendly leisure activities

Sightseeings: Piers, Kaiser Bäder & Co.

But apart from white beaches, turquoise blue sea and bright landscapes, there is much more to take with you on your journey on the famous sunny island. From charming villages and historic buildings to beautiful architecture and shopping, Usedom combines everything your heart desires.

With a mixture of family time, action holidays, cultural input and wellness offers, Usedom is therefore one of the top destinations for a few promising days. Here we have selected some popular sights for you, which you should definitely visit during your holiday.

Piers: Walks with sea air & sea noise

Probably the best known feature that comes to mind when we think of Usedom are the popular piers. During a walk you have the possibility to walk along one of the many bridges and for example admire some of the other charming Baltic Sea islands or book boat tours from there. If it is only a short evening walk, you can choose the shortest pier in Koserow. At just 261 metres, you can take all the time in the world to stroll across the water in peace and quiet. Many tourists also choose the pier in Zinnowitz, as there is the possibility to do a diving tour. The meanwhile longest bridge of the Baltic Sea is the pier in Heringsdorf and offers not only a stunning view and view of the harbour but also shopping and eating possibilities.

No matter which pier you choose, or if you want to visit all of them, here you can relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the indescribable nature with salty sea air and the screeching of the seagulls. Here we have listed the most popular piers in Usedom for you.

  • Bridge in Koserow – with 261m the shortest pier in Usedom
  • “Old lady” in Ahlbeck
  • Bridge in Zinnowitz – possibility to dive
  • Bridge in Heringsdorf – longest pier in Usedom; shopping and dining facilities

Three Kaiser Baths: Architecture, villas & sandy beaches

If you take a holiday on Usedom, the three beautiful imperial baths are a must. These are among the most visited sights of the island and are therefore a highlight that you should not miss. With their unique architecture, the three spas of Bansin, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck were built as an extravagant summer resort and are connected by a promenade of about 9 km in length. Here you can admire ornate towers, white facades and architectural art. The three imperial baths make visitors dream and invite them to take a long walk. The sandy beaches can also be reached from here, so in addition to walks, there is also relaxation and recreation on the beach, as well as numerous opportunities for culture and sports. The popular piers are a landmark of the three baths and can be reached directly from here.

Butterfly farm Route heath: Colourful Fauna

As a holiday on Usedom is ideal for the whole family, the youngest children should not be left out. A very special highlight of the young holiday island is the butterfly farm Trassenheide, which is especially interesting for small children. However, if you get involved in a colourful and tropical world, then not only your children will get their money’s worth in the world of butterflies. The farm Trassenheide offers its visitors 1,500 to 2,000 colourful butterflies, which can be observed all year round in a pleasantly mild climate. Nowhere else will you find so many different species as here. The largest butterfly house in Europe breeds a variety of exotic butterflies, such as the swallowtail, the sky butterfly and the Atlas butterfly, which is one of the largest butterflies in the world.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the different stages of development from caterpillar to butterfly. So if you are interested in a breathtaking animal world, you are in the right place with the thousands of colourful butterflies.

  • Colorful butterflies
  • 1,500 – 2,000 exotic species
  • Information on origin, stages of development and Co.

Usedom: Map

Accommodations: Hotels & holiday apartments

During your holiday on Usedom you can choose between different accommodation options. Depending on your preferences, I can offer you a hotel or a holiday apartment. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Either way you will have an unforgettable time on the island.

Hotels: Simple & uncomplicated

If you want it to be as easy and uncomplicated as possible, you can decide to book a hotel. There you can spend your holiday without any problems and in the best case you are already taken care of on the spot by all-round catering. You can plan your day as you like and can sit down comfortably and relaxed at the set table at the given meal times. Your room is already ready to move in and even at the end of your holiday you can check out and start your journey home without having to clean up a lot. So if you like a relaxed holiday without stress and worries, book one of the central hotels of the holiday island.

Here we have already selected our top 3 recommendations for central and inexpensive hotels for you.

  • Upstal Boom Hotel Strandidyll, Trassenheide
  • Steigenberger Grandhotel & Spa, Heringsdorf
  • Usedom Palace Hotel, Zinnowitz

Apartments: Cheap, local & central

If you want to pay more attention to your budget during your holidays and are not so much a fan of big hotels and crowds, you can also rent a holiday apartment. You still have your own four walls and can spend your evening in privacy without being disturbed by loud neighbours. You can arrange your day individually and don’t have to plan according to the given meal times like in a hotel. It also gives you the opportunity to try some of the island’s culinary specialties and you can enjoy a snack or two on the promenade, which you might not have had the chance to do otherwise.

You will have to take care of your own bed, prepare or buy your own food and keep the apartment clean, but you will have a homely feeling for it and you will not have to worry about other things. In addition, most of the times you are also centrally located and thus do not have a long way to the beach or the busy promenade.

Here we have selected a few popular and cosy holiday apartments for you, which guarantee you a holiday with a sense of home.

  • Villa Staudt, Heringsdorf
  • Villa on the beach, Ahlbeck
  • Holiday centre, Trassenmoor, Trassenheide
  • Holiday home Pank, Heringsdorf
  • Kamphof Usedom holiday resort, Loddin

Usedom: Temperature & trend

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Camping: Cheap & central camping sites

If you want to enjoy nature to the fullest during your holiday on this beautiful island, switch off from everyday life and experience the picturesque flair of the island, you should decide to camp on Usedom. You take everything that the holiday paradise has to offer with you and save a few euros, because camping in nature is much cheaper than staying in a hotel or a holiday apartment. Usedom is very natural and also convinces on the numerous camping sites with breathtaking landscapes. The pitches are spread all over the island along the coast or inland and are all centrally located near the beach and promenade.

Special camping highlights:

  • Natural atmosphere
  • Cost-effective holiday variant
  • Peace and relaxation far away from everyday life
  • Enjoy time with your loved ones

Camping far away from everyday life: Feeling of freedom in nature

Camping is a great way to enjoy the peace and quiet, far away from everyday life and technology, to listen to the roaring of the campfire and to let the starry sky affect you. Whether with friends or family – I can make the most of the time together to exchange old stories, sit together comfortably or just relax. In the best case you will also make new acquaintances, as most campsites offer a lot of space for visitors and therefore you will meet many open-minded new people.

So if you want to fully enjoy the natural aspect of your holiday and have a more varied and eventful time, you should embark on this adventure and camp on Usedom to remember this extraordinary holiday for a long time to come. Here we have picked out a few tips for central campsites that are popular with holidaymakers, which you should definitely consider on your trip to Usedom.

Camping ground Stubbenfelde

4.4 stars / 805 Ratings

  • Address: Forest road 12, 17459 Ückeritz
  • Telephone: 038375 20606

Camping site Pommernland

4.4 stars / 825 ratings

  • Address: Dr.-Wachsmann-Strasse 40, 17454 Zinnowitz
  • Telephone: 038377 40348

Camping site “Ostseeblick” Trassenheide

4.4 stars / 498 ratings

  • Address: Tentplatzstraße 20, 17449 Trassenheide
  • Telephone: 038371 20949

Nature camping site “At the beach”

4.1 stars / 510 ratings

  • Address: At the camping site 1, 17459 Ückeritz
  • Telephone: 038375 20923

Nature Camping Usedom

4.1 stars / 366 ratings

  • Address: Camping ground street 20, 17440 Lütow
  • Phone: 038377 40581

Usedom: Questions & answers

How many inhabitants does the town of Usedom have?

Usedom has about 1,880 inhabitants (as of 2008)

Is Usedom a town?

Usedom is a town and is located in the backwater of the island of the same name between Peenestrom and Usedomer See, a bay in the Stettiner Haff.

Where is the island of Usedom?

Usedom is an island and lies in the Baltic Sea. The largest part belongs to Germany and to the federal state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern. The small eastern part of the islands belongs to Poland.

How far is it from Berlin to the Baltic Sea?

Between Berlin and the Baltic Sea island of Usedom there are 154.70km as the crow flies. The approximate driving time is 2 hours.