Rügen holidays: Holiday flats, camping & places of interest – Travel tips for the Baltic Sea island

Rügen – You want to take a break from work and escape the stress of everyday life? Then the sunny island of Rügen is the right place for you. In a short time you can reach the Baltic Sea island by ferry and you can even take your car over there to take as much as possible of the popular holiday island with you. Whether it is a holiday on the beach or unique nature – Germany’s largest island has a lot to offer and guarantees an adventurous and unforgettable holiday for young and old. FIV Magazine has summarized here what the best accommodation options are and how you should plan your holiday to have the best possible time here!

Accommodations: Hotels, Apartment & Camping

During your holiday on Rügen, you can decide for yourself whether you want to sleep in a hotel, a holiday apartment or on a campsite.  Depending on your budget, you can stay in one of the popular hotels in the middle of the city or you can decide to go camping in the open nature. Either way, you will have a great time on the unspoilt island.

Hotels: Uncomplicated & central

The probably easiest and most uncomplicated way to stay overnight on Rügen is to book a hotel. By car you can drive directly to the island to your hotel, check in and spend your days there without any further problems. In the best case you have food included and don’t have to worry about food anymore. Most hotels also offer free parking if you arrive by car. Here I have put together some cheap and central hotel recommendations:

  1. Hotel by the sea
  2. In-Jaich, water holiday world
  3. Hotel Bernstein

Holiday apartment: Local, central & cheap

If you decide to stay in a holiday apartment, you will be a little more at home than in a hotel. You are still in your own four walls when you are on holiday and still have more privacy. Plus, you don’t have to stick to mealtimes and you can personalise your day. You’ll probably also save a few euros, which you can then spend on one of the many sights of the picturesque island. Many holiday apartments are also centrally located near the beach, so you don’t have to walk long distances to get to the beach or the lively promenade. Here I give you my tips for cheap and tasteful holiday apartments on Rügen:

  1. House Heidelberg
  2. Apartment shipyard & sea boatbuilding Rügen
  3. Price Resort Rügen

Camping: Cheap & natural

Another possibility to stay on Rügen is on a camping site. Either you arrive with your motorhome and can easily park on one of the popular campsites, or you can camp outdoors. With this possibility you can enjoy the nature completely and take a break from the otherwise so stressful everyday life. Sitting together at the campfire in the evening, watching the starry sky and in the best case still making new acquaintances – camping on Rügen will definitely offer you an unforgettable time in nature. If you have always wanted to exchange your bed for an air mattress in order to enjoy all facets of your holiday on an island, you should definitely opt for the more affordable camping. For this I have selected a few popular camping spots for you:

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  1. Drewoldke Campsite
  2. Nature campground Alt Reddevitz
  3. Nature Camping Rügen-Pritzwald

Map of Rügen

Sightseeings: Highlights & Attractions

During your visit to Rügen there is much more you should take with you on your holiday besides the famous fairytale beaches and the unmistakable nature. Whether with friends or family, the top holiday destination of the Germans promises you a few varied and promising days. From miles of fine beaches, turquoise blue water where the eye can see it, and radiant nature to cultural and historical treasures and charming fishing villages – adventurers as well as nature lovers and those interested in culture will be happy on this fascinating young island.

Jasmund National Park: Chalk coast, beech forests & nature

One of the most impressive sights of Rügen is the smallest national park in Germany. With a size of 3100 hectares the peninsula Jasmund convinces with its unique chalk coast, the dense beech forests and the untouched nature and attracts every year over one million visitors on its paths. So for you it is definitely worth a visit!

Königsstuhl – Paradisiacal panorama over the Baltic Sea

In the Jasmund National Park is also the famous Königsstuhl. The landmark of the island is 118 meters high and a historical as well as architectural highlight of the island. From there you have a breathtaking view over the Baltic Sea. The legendary Königsstuhl must be on your travel list when you are on Rügen, because amazing nature, huge chalk cliffs and a paradisiacal panorama await you.

Binz: Villas, promenade & piers

Another point you should work off when you are on Rügen is Binz. The largest seaside resort on the island is famous for its gorgeous white villas, beautiful promenades and elegant piers. But also miles of sandy beaches make for an unforgettable beach holiday. The tourist quarter of the popular island allows you to spend an eventful and lively day and combines beach holidays and relaxation with culture and history.

The most beautiful beaches of the island

Besides cultural input and idyllic nature, the beautiful Baltic Sea island also has attractive beaches to offer. With salty sea air and the sound of the waves you can enjoy your day at the sea. Most popular is the southern beach Sellin, which can be reached via a steep slope. About 650 metres of white sandy beach are waiting for you and offer you a variety of leisure activities for the whole family. A little more quiet is the 11 kilometres of fine sandy beach at the Schaabe. This part of the beach is unguarded and unspoilt and is therefore less suitable for families with children, but rather for a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle. It is also worth coming here for evening walks and enjoying the amazing and picturesque sunset. An equally remote insider tip is the Palmer Ort. The rather hidden beach is a small paradise for nature lovers, as not many tourists come here. In many small bays you can enjoy the day here, switch off from everyday life and enjoy swimming in the clean and relatively warm water. A day at the charming Bodden beach guarantees you definitely relaxation with a feel-good effect! I have summarized the most popular and most worth seeing beaches, which you should visit during your holiday on Rügen:

  1. South Beach Sellin
  2. Schaabe
  3. Palmer Place

Rügen: Temperature & Trend

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Rügen: Questions & answers

Is Rügen car-free?

Rügen is not completely car-free. However, cars are not allowed on Hiddensee, the island west of Rügen.

Is Rügen a peninsula or an island?

Rügen is an island. However, the northeast of the island is dominated by the peninsula of Jasmund.

What is the capital of Rügen?

The capital of Rügen is called Bergen and is situated on a hilly area.

Which Baltic Sea island is car-free?

Completely car-free from the East Frisian Islands are Baltrum, Langeoog, Juist, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge.