Holiday in the Caribbean: Beach, sea and nature – the most beautiful islands of this paradisiacal holiday destination

Holiday in the Caribbean – You long for a break from everyday life and want to travel to one of the most beautiful corners of the world? The paradisiacal archipelago, which lies on and in the Caribbean Sea, has a lot to offer and is THE destination for a dreamlike and unforgettable holiday! Whether fine sand between the toes and crystal clear water where the eye can see, or tropical nature with unique forests, volcanoes and birds – the holiday islands radiate beautiful nature and idyllic flair. The FIV Magazine has summarized here what you need to know about a Caribbean holiday.

Sightseeing: Attractions & Highlights

A holiday in the Caribbean guarantees good weather all year round. The average temperatures on all islands are around 28 degrees. In high summer, around July, August and September, it can get a little warmer. With water temperatures of at least 21 degrees, beach and bathing holidays are preprogrammed. But apart from dreamlike beaches, palm trees and multifaceted nature, the fairytale Caribbean islands have much more to offer. From hiking in the tropical rainforest to swimming with pigs in the sea – on one of the beautiful islands everybody gets his money’s worth!

Cuba: traditional culture, exuberant music and tropical nature

Cuba, the largest island state in the Caribbean, is the dream destination of many travellers. Here you can experience culture, fun and a relaxed atmosphere, because Cuba is known for music and dancing in the streets. During your holiday here you can not only enjoy the sun and the sea, but also take a completely different side of the Caribbean with you. First you can visit Havana, the capital of Cuba. The historic old town impresses with its Cuban ambience, nice bars and unique buildings. A walk through Havana is definitely worth a recommendation for those interested in culture! Another point you should check off in Cuba is the Spanish colonial city of Trinidad. Festive music, hidden alleys and picturesque houses – there is no chance of boredom on the lively south coast! If you would like to spend a real traditional Cuban evening during your visit here, the famous “Casa de la Musica” is a must. The Cubans create a relaxed atmosphere with dancing and live music, so that even the last tourist is drawn to the dance floor. A last tip in Cuba is the National Park Sierra Maestra. This natural paradise is located in the east of Cuba and shines with crystal clear streams and its mighty tropical rainforest. In addition, the highest mountain in Cuba, called “Pico Turquino”, can be found here, reaching a massive height of 1974 metres. Even though it can be exhausting in humid temperatures, a hike through the natural park is always worthwhile. Here I have recorded once again what you should not miss during your vacation in Cuba besides relaxing days at the beach:

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  1. Havana
  2. Trinidad, Casa de la Musica
  3. Sierra Maestra National Park

Bahamas: colourful coral reefs & swimming with pigs

Specially suitable for a family vacation, are the Bahamas! At the northern edge of the Caribbean you will find the approximately 700 small islands, which are visited by millions of tourists every year. This exotic destination entices with spectacular dives to colorful coral reefs, luxurious resorts and rare animals that can be observed in their natural environment. A breathtaking holiday that will be remembered by adults and children for a long time to come. The most popular destination in the Bahamas, is the state capital Nassau. Whether strolling in the city centre as well as on the famous straw market or cultural input in one of the historical museums – the Bahamas scores not only with its fantastic landscapes! A very special highlight, which should definitely be on your bucket list, is the Pig Beach. The uninhabited, small island, which can be reached by plane or boat, makes not only children’s hearts beat faster. After an adventurous day here, you can say that you have seen swimming pigs. Because these little animals live here, lie in the sun, eat and swim in the sea – and thousands of tourists are thrilled! On a day trip here, you can watch the pigs, swim with them and feed them with some vegetables. A unique and unforgettable trip of a very special kind! For all animal lovers who love the sea at the same time, it will be a dream come true!

Curaçao – Between culture & beach

An insider tip for a dream holiday in the Caribbean is the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, with its small beach bays and picturesque coral reefs. But apart from an idyllic and fairytale nature, the third of the ABC islands has much more to offer! The Dutch influence is most noticeable in the state capital Willemstad. As in Amsterdam, the colourful houses lined up side by side are a trademark of the culturally influenced island. Those who are on Curaçao should definitely plan a city trip and not only take Willemstad with them but also the moon landscapes of the northeast coast with their impressive blowholes as well as a hiking trip in the Christoffel National Park! But the special thing about Curaçao is still the incomparable underwater world! Whether snorkeling on your own or diving on a boat tour – the Caribbean Sea around Curaçao promises numerous sea turtles, multicolored corals and thousands of fish species. A tip for all those who do not want to miss this unique underwater world is the small beach “Playa Grandi” in the west of the island. So if you are looking for a relaxed, luxurious holiday and at the same time are interested in adventure and new culture, you will be happy in the small paradise of Curaçao! Because the mostly underestimated 444km² island provides a mixture of beach and culture, so that there is something for everyone!

The Caribbean has a lot to offer with its many island groups and is a dream destination that everyone should have seen at least once in their life! Not only Cuba, the Bahamas and Curaçao convince in whole line, but also the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Aruba and Jamaica should not be underestimated. Each island has its own charm and invites you to spend your holiday at the beach all year round with deep, crystal blue water and fine, white sand.

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Accommodations: Hotel or luxury resort?

If you are planning a holiday in the Caribbean, you unfortunately have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. It is not for nothing that the almost unrealistically beautiful islands around turquoise sea and endless beaches are called the holiday paradise par excellence. Depending on your budget, you can choose between a hotel and a resort or a holiday apartment.

Caribbean: hotels & resorts

Of course, the best thing is not to have to worry about anything during your holiday. The best thing is to book a package tour and be directly equipped with flight, transfer and accommodation. With all inclusive board you enjoy your stay in this paradisiacal holiday resort and usually have the perfect location directly on the beach. From a classic hotel to a luxury resort, you still have a lot of room for manoeuvre here.

Apartments: Overwater bungalows in Caribbean flair

If you don’t want to spend quite so much on your holiday and at the same time take the Caribbean flair with you, you should choose a beautiful holiday apartment on one of the islands. Arrange your holiday according to your preferences and plan your day as you like. At the same time you have a bit more privacy than in a hotel or resort and you don’t have to be considerate of other guests. You can start your day without rush and stress and plan how you want it to go. Whether you want to hike in the rainforest, stroll through the city or spend a relaxing day at the beautiful beach is up to you. If you want to top it off and get the most out of your dream holiday, you can opt for an above-water bungalow. A dream of turquoise-blue, clear sea and stunning Caribbean beaches will amaze you. More luxury is not possible! If you have always dreamed of sleeping in the middle of the sea, listening to the sound of the sea and observing the fantastic underwater world through a glass floor in your bedroom, you can now make this highlight come true not only in the Maldives but also in the Caribbean!

Caribbean: Temperature & Trend

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Caribbean: Questions & Answers

Which countries are in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean region includes the island groups located in the Caribbean Sea. The most famous countries are the Bahamas, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago.

Which is the most beautiful island in the Caribbean?

The most beautiful islands of the Caribbean include Aruba, Cuba, Curacao and the Dominican Republic.  However, all islands are dream destinations.

When is the best time to travel to the Caribbean?

The climate on the Caribbean islands is very warm all year round. The greatest danger for hurricanes is during the rainy season from mid-May to mid-November. The best time to travel is from Christmas until the end of April, as it is not quite so hot at this time.

What belongs to the Lesser Antilles?

The Lesser Antilles extend from the Virgin Islands in the north to the Venezuelan coast in the south. They are divided into “Above the Winds” and “Below the Winds”. Trinidad and Tobago also belong to the Lesser Antilles.

What belongs to the Netherlands Antilles?

The Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean include the ABC Islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao and the SSS islands: St. Eustatius, St. Maarten and Saba.