Spain holidays: Beach, sea & weather – the best hotels & travel tips

Spain – a European dream with southern flair. Spain is a popular travel destination for many Europeans and people from all over the world. Because Spain enchants with its beautiful beaches, its open-minded people and its cultural heritage. If you want to have a holiday and enjoy the mild weather, the Spanish sun and “La Vida Loca”, Spain is the perfect place to go. There is a lot to see and a lot to do, because Spain is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable holiday.

Accommodation Spain – From apartments to hotels

Those who want to spend their holidays in the popular city of Spain have to ask themselves the question which kind of accommodation to choose. Because you want to enjoy your holiday as much as possible. FIV Magazine has selected the different accommodation options in southern Spain for you, so that you can decide what suits you best for the holiday of your life.

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Value holiday apartments Spain – For families & Pets

Holiday homes have many advantages and are very common in Spain. Holiday homes are very popular at the moment, because there is a holiday home for everyone: small holiday homes for people with a smaller budget, or a large holiday home with a pool and spacious grounds. In Spain you can rent any kind of holiday home. You can rent houses, apartments, villas and bungalows. The advantage is that you can rent a holiday home for a long period of time, for example for several weeks or even months, at an affordable price. You can rent a holiday home through various websites, and read reviews of them to make sure you find the perfect accommodation.

Top 5 reasons to rent a holiday home in Spain:

  1. In Spain holiday homes are very common and you can rent any type of holiday home. There are large villas with a pool and spacious grounds, but also small low bugdet apartments. Everyone will find the right accommodation according to their preferences and budget.
  2. By renting a holiday home you save a lot of money, because in a holiday home there is a kitchen included, so you can prepare meals at an affordable price, and you save restaurant visits, which especially for large families usually end with a hefty bill.
  3. As there is a kitchen in the apartments, you are flexible. Meals can be prepared at any time and you don’t have to stick to certain buffet times as in hotels. Due to this flexibility, one can arrange one’s daily life freely.
  4. Apartments have a living room, which is a big advantage: the common room can be used for family activities, such as games or a cosy wine evening.
  5. Perfect for animal lovers: in most holiday apartments you can take your pets with you, so you don’t have to find someone to look after them.

Hotels in Spain – luxury hotels & cheap family hotels

Spain has a lot of different hotels to offer: Whether low budget hotels, luxury hotels, wellness hotels or family hotels. The FIV Magazine has summarized the advantages of staying in a hotel for you:

  • The right hotel for everyone: There are different hotels, everyone can find the right hotel for a carefree stay
  • Wellness hotels offer massages and pure relaxation
  • Family hotels offer adventure and an unforgettable stay for young and old
  • Luxury hotels offer excellent service, beautiful rooms and suites and first-class food. So you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest and don’t have to worry about anything.
  • No matter which hotel: Hotels are comfortable, because if you book a meal, such as full board, you don’t have to worry about a meal and enjoy the finished meal. Moreover: there are no dishes to do.
  • The hotel staff takes care of a freshly made bed, fresh towels or missing toiletries: There is no need to worry about cleaning the room.

Map: Spain

Activities in Spain – beaches, water sports & more

In Spain you can spend a lot of free time. You can try sports like horse riding, diving or golf. Or do you prefer shopping and a stroll through the city? Big cities like Barcelona or Madrid invite you to go shopping. For families there are also a lot of adventurous amusement and water parks, where young and old can have fun. Nature parks invite lively nature lovers to go hiking or cycling. Or would you prefer pure relaxation on the beach? Spain has many beautiful beaches with clear blue water. And of course also a lot of “La vida loca” with many parties and long and adventurous nights.  Everybody can do his favourite activity and enjoy the holiday to the full.

  • Sports: diving, golf, water sports, horse riding etc.
  • Shopping and strolling in a big city
  • adventurous leisure and water parks for families
  • Nature parks for hiking or cycling
  • Beaches and sea invite you to sunbathe and swim
  • Parties and adventurous nights

Weather Spain: temperature and trend

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Camping: nature & adventure

A very nature-loving and adventurous way to spend your stay in beautiful sunny Spain is camping. In Spain there are many regions that invite you to go camping and many passionate campers are convinced by the mild climate and much more. Camping allows you to be flexible, because you can arrange your day as you like, including eating when you like, or just enjoy your freedom. Camping is individual, simple and close to nature. A country like sunny Spain is perfect for camping.

The best camping regions in Spain

Spain is a very large country, and you have certainly asked yourself in which regions one can best live the camping lifestyle. That’s why we, FIV Magazine, have selected the best camping regions and places to ensure that your next camping experience in Spain in a Mediterranean climate will not get in the way and you can enjoy your stay to the full.

Top 10 campsites in Spain

  1. Camping in Galicia on the Cies Islands: The beautiful Islas Cies (the Spanish name for the Cies Islands) is a natural park in the Rias Baixas, with a limited daily number of visitors and beautiful beaches and coves.
  2. Camping Tarifa in Andalusia offers direct access to the beach. There are also many beautiful Andalucian cities near the campsite.
  3. Camping in Galicia at camping Ruta Finisterre where you can enjoy excellent walking. Camping Ruta Finisterre has an impressive lighthouse and beautiful and quiet beach.
  4. Camping in the Basque Country at the Igueldo San Sebastian campsite: The campsite is the ideal starting point to explore San Sebastian. The campsite is perfect for families, young people, couples or senior citizens.
  5. Camping in beautiful Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia: Pets are welcome at camping Barcelona and it’s perfect for exploring the city of Barcelona.
  6. At Marjal Guardamar Camping & Resort in Alicante you can camp very exquisitely, as the resort has sports facilities, fitness centre, swimming pool and much more!
  7. Camping in Castilla y Leon: Camping Regio Salamanca is located inland in the historic city of Salamanca, which enchants many people with its historic buildings.
  8. Camping on the beautiful island of Ibiza: Camping La Playa is located right on the beach and is perfect for people who just want to relax and enjoy the sun.
  9. Camping Cabo de Gata in Andalusia is located in the Cabo de Gata Nijar Natural Park, and is close to the village of San Miguel de Cabo de Gata. Especially the dream beaches convince many visitors.
  10. The campsite of Camping Cabopino is near Malaga, and convinces the numerous campers with the natural beach section, which is partly protected.