Chiemsee: Camping, Places of interest & Boating – Tips for your holidays

Chiemsee – The holiday season is just around the corner and you are still looking for the right holiday destination? You don’t want it to be too far away and you want a mixture of picturesque nature, charming sights and exuberant beach holidays? Then the beautiful Chiemsee in Bavaria is just the right place for you! Whether with friends or family – a holiday around Lake Chiemsee or on one of the islands of the popular lake guarantees you an adventurous and eventful holiday.

Chiemsee: Holidays near Munich!

Not far away from Munich you can escape the daily routine and relax and unwind. With a variety of attractions and leisure activities as well as idyllic nature and exciting culture, everyone can plan and arrange their holiday individually and get their money’s worth. If you are planning a holiday around Lake Chiemsee, you can definitely take a variety of the multi-faceted holiday region with you. Because the Chiemsee Alpenland is one of the most beautiful regions in Germany and scores points not only with the beautiful lake itself, but also with the mountains of the Alps that frame the lake. We have listed here what you need to know about a holiday in this popular travel destination, which accommodation you should choose and which historical and natural highlights you should definitely visit.

A holiday at Chiemsee guarantees you:

  • Scenic Highlights
  • Island and Isle of Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Unspoilt hiking trails
  • Cultural input and ancient Castles

Sightseeings: Herrenchiemsee Palace & Fraueninsel

Lake Chiemsee not only impresses holidaymakers with breathtaking nature, picturesque landscapes and crystal-clear water as far as the eye can see, but also offers cultural input with its ancient castles and historic buildings. With a small budget you can make the most of your holiday here and visit and marvel at the most beautiful and interesting corners of this popular holiday destination. From boat trips around the lake to day trips, for example to the famous Men’s or Women’s Island – no matter whether it rains or shines, you have a variety of possibilities to make your holiday as eventful and unique as possible.

Herreninsel: Hikes, nature & Schloss Herrenchiemsee

Probably the most popular destination of the German Chiemsee is the largest of the islands located in the lake: the Herreninsel. With natural hiking trails and magnificent castles, it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. You can explore the green island on foot and take a walk through the colourful parks or explore the mountainous landscape on one of the popular hiking trails. The Herreninsel was bought by the King of Bavaria in 1873 to save it from deforestation and he subsequently built his little Versailles here as a monument to the absolutist royalty.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Herrenchiemsee Castle is the main attraction of the Herreninsel and at best definitely worth a visit during your holiday at Chiemsee! The highlights of the castle are the main rooms with porcelain furnishings and the King Ludwig II Museum, which is housed in twelve modernly designed rooms on the ground floor of the south wing. During a guided tour through the attractive building you will pass through the magnificent staircase and visit the rooms on the upper floor and the large mirror gallery, which becomes a concert hall during the Herrenchiemsee Festival.

Even though the palace was still unfinished when King Ludwig II died, it still delights its visitors with its historical history and architectural works of art. Therefore you should include both the Herreninsel and the Herrenchiemsee Palace in your holiday planning. You can reach the island exclusively by sea, but there are regular steamships from various shores of Lake Chiemsee, which will take you to the top tourist attraction.

Here I have recorded the highlights of the Herreninsel for you, which await you on a trip to the island:

  • Natural water
  • Islelic and green nature
  • Historic Herrenchiemsee Castle

Women’s Island: Walks, shopping & convent

On the same way you can also reach the famous Fraueninsel. For lovers of museums and art it is a good idea to visit both islands on a day trip. After you have explored the picturesque landscapes on the Herreninsel and received some historical input, you continue on to the Fraueninsel to see charming houses, nice shops and colourful flower gardens. The Fraueninsel shines with a completely different charm than the Herreninsel and is still an electoral destination for the patron saint of Chiemsee, also known as the blessed Irmengard.

When the weather is good, you can take a walk along the lakeshore and stop for a while to admire the unique landscapes in the salty sea air. A visit to one of the popular little shops is also worthwhile in any case, for example to get a souvenir for friends or family or to eat a traditional fish sandwich in the fishermen’s shop. But even if the weather is bad, a visit to Fraueninsel is always worthwhile. We recommend a visit to the Frauenwörth convent, which is the second largest island in Lake Chiemsee.

Here you will find a summary of the most important things that are waiting for you when you visit the island:

  • Charming little shops and delicious Food
  • Picturesque and idyllic nature
  • Frauenwörth convent

Chiemsee: Map

Camping: Cheap & central camping sites

You want to try something new and take every experience with you on your holiday? Then you should definitely go camping on your trip to Chiemsee! Since the region around the lake is very natural and attracts many visitors to the most beautiful corners of nature every year, it is often a good idea to go to one of the popular campsites there. Depending on which place you choose exactly, you can also sleep in a hotel or a holiday flat, but if you want to enjoy the right holiday feeling in pure nature, then you should definitely camp on one of the popular campsites.

Here you have the best possibility to get the most out of your holiday and to admire the Chiemsee in an idyllic atmosphere even late in the evening. Camping is therefore the best way to switch off from stressful everyday life, enjoy the peace and quiet and gain exciting experiences. An additional bonus is that you save the one or other Euro, because you only have to pay the entrance fee for the camping site and don’t have to pay money for an expensive hotel room. You can arrange your day individually and leave as well as come back whenever it suits you and are therefore flexible with your catering. So if you love nature and want to have an eventful and adventurous time, don’t miss this opportunity of a special holiday.

The advantages of camping at Chiemsee:

  • Idyllic atmosphere in the nature
  • Peace, relaxation and freedom
  • Cost-effective variant
  • Flexible daytime Arrangements
  • Adventurous Flair

You want an adventurous vacation? Go camping!

Instead of an ordinary hotel room with bathroom and meals, a nature experience awaits you, where you can live out your adventurous side and take with you the feeling of complete freedom. Whether it’s a campfire under the stars, exciting conversations deep into the night, or the feeling of being on your own again, far away from technology and the Internet – camping in the great outdoors has a lot to offer and brings you new experiences that you won’t soon forget. You can enjoy your holiday to the full and are always in the best location to start your day early in the morning.

If the smell of fresh nature, birdsong in the early morning and open new people right in the tent next door appeals to you, then get involved in this adventure and enjoy an unforgettable time. Here we have picked out some tips and suggestions for popular campsites in the region around the popular Chiemsee for you.

Chiemsee Camping Rödlgries

4.1 stars / 1,067 ratings

  • Address: Rödlgries 1, 83236 Übersee
  • Telephone: 08642 – 470
  • Equipment: Pitches for caravans and mobile homes, playground, WLAN

Camping goose place

4.5 stars / 248 Ratings

  • Address: Am Schwanenpl. 1, 83329 Waging am See
  • Phone: 08681 281

Panorama Camping Harras

3.6 stars / 702 ratings

  • Address: Harrasser Street 135, 83209 Prien am Chiemsee
  • Telephone: 08051 90461
  • Facilities: restaurant, kiosk, sanitary facilities

Chiemsee Strandcamping

4.1 stars / 302 Ratings

  • Address: Am Chiemsee, Unterhochstätt 1, 83355 Grabenstätt
  • Small camping site with direct beach location
  • Phone: 08664 500

Camping site and holiday home Hofbauer

4.2 stars / 353 ratings

  • Address: Bernauer Str. 110, 83209 Prien am Chiemsee
  • Telephone: 08051 4136
  • Equipment: Pitches for camper vans/caravans, sanitary facilities, electricity and water connections, heated pool, children’s Playground, bicycle rental, barbecue area

Chiemsee: Temperature & trend

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Chiemsee: Questions & answers

In which city is the Chiemsee?

Bernau lies in the Upper Bavarian foothills of the Alps between the southern shore of Lake Chiemsee and the foothills of the Chiemgau Alps.

How deep is Lake Chiemsee?

The Chiemsee is 73 metres deep.

How far is it from Munich to Lake Chiemsee?

The shortest distance between Munich and the Chiemsee and Munich is 67.69 km as the crow flies. The journey takes about one hour.

What can you do at Chiemsee?

The region around the Chiemsee is very natural, which is why walks and hikes are very popular. The lake itself invites you to bathe and swim. Many tourists rent a bicycle and take a round trip. But also boat or sailing tours are offered on the Chiemsee. The highlight of a holiday on Lake Chiemsee are the Herreninsel and Fraueninsel and their attractions.

How many liters of water are in Chiemsee?

There are about 2.05 km³ of water in Lake Chiemsee.