Barbados: Caribbean dream and celebrity hotspot (Rihanna, Cara Delevinge & Justin Bieber)

Barbados – Paradisiacal dream beaches, coral reefs and Caribbean joie de vivre, in the island paradise of Barbados not only the stars and starlets find the ultimate relaxation. Whether Cara Delevinge, Justin Bieber or the absolute queen of the island – Rihanna, all meet in the Caribbean. Besides places like Bora Bora, Lake Como, Malibu or even Mykonos , Barbados is also one of the absolute celebrity hotspots!

But not only the high celebrity density makes the island special, but also culinary unforgettable experiences offer you. African, Caribbean and West Indian cuisine come together here. For active vacationers there are numerous places to go for water sports of all kinds: jet skiing, boogie boarding or surfing.

Barbados: corals, nightlife and celebrities

Coral reefs are not only found in the colorful underwater world in Barbados – the corals can even be discovered in crushed form on the beaches. Shell and coral deposits rose from the sea 600,000 years ago to form Barbados. Today, the island is a true vacation hotspot. Both day and night simply beautiful.

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When the sun goes down, the party centers open their doors. You can dance all night to Caribbean beats! If you prefer to take it easy, you’ll find idyllic restaurants and beach bars. Tip: The Cliff Beach Club on the west coast. With a 180 ° C view of the Atlantic Ocean, cocktails and exclusive dishes taste especially good. Here you can also find out who stays in Barbados and how the stars spend their vacations.

Here lies Barbados!

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean lies the dream island of Barbados. On an area of 430 km² you will find beautiful coral reefs and impressive white sandy beaches. It takes about 11 hours by plane from Germany.

Pure sunshine!

Summer, sun and sunshine all year round! Tropical and humid climate provides only small temperature differences. With a water temperature of about 25-28°C, you can really feel like you are in the bathtub. The best time for a trip is from November to May. You are already on the plane? Here for you the current weather conditions:

Tropical paradise times differently

Here you can see the beautiful island of Barbados from a different perspective. Let yourself be enchanted by the impressive atmosphere.

Palm trees, summer, sun, beach and the Atlantic Ocean. That’s how beautiful the beaches are in Barbados.

Celebrities in Barbados

Culinary, Caribbean specialties and beautiful sandy beaches attract the stars and starlets to paradise every year. We have selected the most famous visitors for you. Let yourself be inspired by the vacation of the stars.

Rihanna: The Queen of Barbados

Probably the most famous Barbados lover is pop icon Rihanna. Barbados is the birthplace of the popular singer. The superstar spent her childhood and youth in Saint Michael. Riri has never lost the connection with her homeland. Regularly she can be seen at the beautiful place of longing. Here heavily pregnant with new lover boy Asap Rocky:

Justin Bieber: Relaxing hours at the Atlantic Ocean

In pink swimming trunks and a big grin on your lips. With the beautiful Atlantic Ocean behind us, we wouldn’t feel any different! Justin Bieber enjoys the island life to the fullest:

For very special relaxation, yoga on the boat with sister Jazmyn:

Mark Wahlberg: In love in Barbados

Actor Mark Wahlberg seems to have fallen in love not only with the dream place Barbados. Here he enjoys the refreshing Atlantic Ocean together with wife Rhea Durham:

Cara Delevinge: Action on the speedboat

Need some refreshment? Supermodel Cara Delevinge spends relaxing hours in the sun with friends and family on the speedboat. Afterwards she goes to the beach in a natural look:

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