New York Vacation: Nightlife, Central Park & Celebrities in the Big Apple

New York vacation: The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple or also the largest city in the USA is a dream destination for many people and triggers a real mental cinema: Yellow cabs, impressive skyscrapers and the green Central Park in the middle of the big city. Next to metropolises like Los Angeles and Miami, New York is one of the top travel destinations in the USA. You are tired of looking at New York only from the screen and want to experience the special atmosphere up close? Then this is the right place for you! From the Empire State Building to the Brooklyn Bridge to the Statue of Liberty, we have selected the most exciting sights, the most exclusive clubs and the most popular shopping miles for you.

New York: skyline, neon signs and luxury shopping

Fashion Week, vibrant nightlife and luxury boutiques – New York always triggers different associations. But that’s what makes the city – versatility. This is also reflected in the different, colorful districts. What makes the individual districts so special and which one is best suited for my accommodation? You’ll also get tips on how to look for an apartment and which celebrities you might run into in this metropolis of millions.

Where is the Big Apple?

In the US state of the same name lies the metropolis of New York. With over 8 million inhabitants, New York is the largest city in the USA. The famous Hudson River flows through the city, directly into the Atlantic Ocean. You have to plan about 10 hours for a flight from Germany. The city has two airports, La Guardia and JFK, many international airlines offer direct flights to these two locations.

New York City neighborhoods: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Co.

The 5 districts of New York could hardly be more different. Each district reflects a very special mentality. Manhattan – New York’s flagship. Everyone probably thinks of this neighborhood when they think of New York. The densely populated heart of the city is not only home to countless skyscrapers, almost all the famous sights are located here. Its immediate neighbor: the Bronx. Formerly a social hotspot, numerous parks and sports facilities, as well as botanical gardens, have been established in recent years.

Known for tranquility and the typical New York row houses is the borough of Brooklyn. The famous Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan with Brooklyn. The largest of the boroughs: Queens is characterized by universities and sports facilities. Most people forget about Staten Island. Here, in addition to outlet stores, there are numerous museums and a popular zoo. The borough can be easily reached from the mainland by ferry.

New York City boroughs at a glance:

  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island

Enjoy the view of the New York skyline (Manhattan) from the water:

Weather & Climate

New York has a humid continental climate. In winter, it can get really cold and icy. In summer, on the other hand, it can get really hot at times, with the thermometer reaching up to 40 degrees. You are already on the plane? Then here are the current weather conditions for you:

Weekend trip to New York

You only have a little time, but still want to enjoy the full New York spirit? FIV Magazine takes you on a trip to New York and gives you insights into a day in the Big Apple. Get inspired by what you can experience in New York in 24 alone:

You have to see this!

These sights are known worldwide and not without reason. Breathtaking viewing platforms, lively squares and relaxing green spaces. There’s nothing you can’t do.Now you’re in New York!

Here again at a glance all the important hotspots in New York:

  1. Empire State Building
  2. Times Square
  3. Brooklyn Bridge
  4. Central Park
  5. Statue of Liberty
  6. 5th Avenue
  7. Night club 10ak

Empire State Building: enjoy the view

One of the tallest skyscrapers in New York rises 443 meters from the ground. Almost everyone knows it – the world-famous Empire State Building. The skyscraper not only significantly shapes the skyline of New York, but also offers an impressive view. In good weather conditions, you can look up to 130km into the distance.

Times Square: billboards at the crossroads of the world

Flashing billboards and glowing, neon-colored LED screens. At the most visited square in Manhattan, sensory overload is pre-programmed. In the immediate vicinity of the Empire State Building is Times Square, which is also called the Crossroads of the World. In the dark, the light spectacle is particularly impressive. In addition, numerous souvenir stores and shopping opportunities gather here.

Brooklyn Bridge: Perfect view of Manhattan

The impressive Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River, connecting the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Designed as both a suspension and a skew bridge, it is one of the oldest of its kind in the USA. It offers you a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline.

Central Park: The green lung of the city

A natural landscape in the middle of the metropolis. Central Park is not only a green space and place of recreation in the midst of stressful city life, but has also been transformed into a true tourist attraction in recent years. In addition to countless opportunities for sporting activities such as cycling and jogging, cultural events are regularly held in the park. Whether concerts or open-air theater, there is something for everyone here! For the physical well-being also sufficiently provided, in countless restaurants you can really fill your belly in the midst of the green landscape.

A huge green area in the middle of the more impressive skyscrapers. Central Park is a true oasis and offers both tourists and residents of the city of New York a place to relax in the midst of nature:

Statue of Liberty: landmark and world heritage site

The figurehead of New York as a country of immigration was actually a gift from France for the 100th anniversary of the USA. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an absolute tourist hotspot, the Roman goddess of liberty stands on Rhode Island and is admired by thousands of tourists every day. A ferry crossing to Liberty Island is possible, and there are also limited tickets to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view from the sixteenth floor of the figure.

Can’t get enough? Here are 10 more tips on what to do in New York.

Nightlife in the city that never sleeps

The city that never sleeps lives up to its name. Nightlife is part of the lifestyle of New Yorkers and is as exciting and vibrant as its inhabitants. Whether dance clubs, rooftop bars or cocktail lounges in the style of the 30s – New York is a true mecca of nightlife. Important: the clubs usually fill up around midnight, and the partying goes on until the wee hours of the morning. You want to see some celebrities? Then you should pay a visit to the club 1Oak. A special interior, exclusive drinks and a real VIP feeling await you.

Shopping in New York: Dior, Prada & Co

In addition to the countless attractions, the Big Apple is a true shopper’s paradise. On the most famous shopping mile – 5th Avenue – you will find luxury brands such as Dior, Armani or Burberry in addition to conventional stores. New York leaves nothing to be desired for luxury fans. An overview of the most important shopping destinations can be found here:

New York hotels

If you want to spend more than 24 hours in New York, you also need a suitable accommodation. Vacation apartment, hotel or hostel, the possibilities are endless. If you prefer the comfort of a hotel, you will find an overview of the 43 best hotels in the legendary city of New York on our list.

Stars and starlets in the Big Apple

New York is also a true celebrity hotspot. Here you can find out which stars and starlets stay in the metropolis of millions and own luxurious real estate. You also get a look behind the scenes.

Vanessa Fuchs: Everyday life in New York

The model has been living in the Big Apple for several years. In an exclusive interview with FIV Magazine, she tells you more about her adopted home of New York.

Photo Anouk Hart
Styling: Anouk Hart
Published: The Diary Issue

Michael Kors: Penthouse in Greenwich Village

Fashion designer, interior designer and entrepreneur gives insights into his apartment in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. Aesthetic interior design with a view of the New York skyline – that’s pure luxury!

Taylor Swift: In love with New York

Grammy winner Taylor Swift owns no less than 3 gorgeous properties in the city of millions. Give yourself a glimpse into her private realm:

Bella Hadid: Supermodel in the Big Apple

Supermodel Bella Hadid lives and works in the Big Apple. New York is the perfect fashion hotspot for a life as a supermodel. New York Fashion Week is where trends are born, looks are discussed and famous supermodels like Bella and Gigi Hadid are regulars on the New York runways of the big designers. Here you get an insight into the 4 walls of supermodel Bella Hadid.

Looking for an apartment yourself?

You’ve fallen in love with New York and a few days of vacation in the Big Apple aren’t enough for you? Then jump into the hot real estate market. With a little luck and the help of FIV Magazine, finding an apartment will be easier than you thought!

Tips and tricks for apartment hunting in the Big Apple

SoHo, Greenwich Village or Tribeca? Which neighborhood suits me best? Rather a quiet neighborhood in the green or in the middle of the pulsating life of the city. Here you can find out everything about New York’s most popular neighborhoods:

Apartment hunting in the big city

FIV Magazine has rounded up the best luxury brokers in New York for you, so your apartment hunt doesn’t end in pure desperation! Find out more here: