Los Angeles vacation: sea, city life and celebrities as far as the eye can see

Los Angeles: The City of Angels is primarily known for stars and starlets and the international film industry. But there is much more to discover in Los Angeles. Beautiful beaches, exciting hikes and crazy street artists are waiting for you! Next to metropolises like New York and Miami, Los Angeles is one of the most popular destinations in the USA.

Los Angeles: surfers, luxury & Hollywood

In addition to the perfect conditions for a typical beach vacation, the metropolis offers you the possibility of versatile leisure activities. For example, you can look behind the scenes of the film productions in Hollywood – the Universal theme park makes it possible. A hike in the Hollywood Hills will not only bring you close to the writing, but also give you a breathtaking view over the county. Find out more in this article!

Where is Los Angeles?

The City of Angels is located in southern California. The more than 10 million inhabitants make Los Angeles County the most populous in the entire USA. From the metropolis of New York you need about 5 hours by plane.

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Districts: Districts in the metropolis of millions

The metropolitan area is divided into 10 districts. Among the most famous are Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and the Valley. Due to the enormous size of the metropolis, it is highly recommended to rent a car for your stay. The public transport is only well developed in downtown LA, to get to more remote areas, however, usually takes forever.

Weather and climate

Since Los Angeles is located in the subtropical climate zone, the average temperature is 18 degrees. So you can pack your summer clothes in your suitcase at any time of the year. However, the best time to travel is from May to October. You are already on the plane? Then here are the current weather conditions:

What to do in Los Angeles?

A hike to the famous Hollywood sign, a drive on Rodeo Drive or relaxing hours on the surf beach in Malibu. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, covering over 1,290 square kilometers. In relation: the largest city in Germany, Berlin, is much smaller, about 800 km². Accordingly, the leisure opportunities in the city of angels are diverse. Let yourself be inspired!

Best Beaches in Los Angeles

Whether you want to ride the California waves, relax on the beach, or enjoy a cool refreshment in the Pacific Ocean, the beaches in Los Angeles and the surrounding area cater to all tastes. In addition to miles of sandy beaches, Los Angeles beaches offer colorful hustle and bustle and countless recreational and sports activities. We have compiled the best beaches for you:

Malibu: Surfer’s Paradise & Celebrity Hotspot

Magnificent residences, villas on the beach and surfers in the Pacific Ocean. Malibu is the ultimate celebrity hotspot and surfer’s paradise. The place on the coast of California can be reached from downtown LA in about 40 minutes. Swimming is not allowed, but you can watch the surfers at sunset. Here you get more information about who is in Malibu and which places you should visit:

Santa Monica: Colorful hustle and bustle at the pier

Santa Monica is located in the west of Los Angeles County. Here you will find an amusement park, the official end of the famous Route 66, the famous outdoor gym Muscle Beach and numerous souvenir stores and restaurants directly on the beach. Officially, Santa Monica, which is 25 kilometers west of Los Angeles, does not belong to the metropolis of millions. However, the coastal town with 5 kilometers of finest sandy beach is directly adjacent to the metropolis.

Venice Beach: street artists on the promenade

The lively Venice Beach neighborhood borders directly on Santa Monica. Skaters, surfers and street artists hang out on the famous beach promenade. There is always something new to discover in the colorful crowd. In the alternative stores along the promenade you can find souvenirs and clothes in boho chic. Vendors pitch their tents, so there’s always a certain market atmosphere. Street artists provide the background music.

Before you go, take a stroll along the boardwalk at lively Venice Beach:

Impressive view

Los Angeles is known for hiking trails. The hilly landscape offers numerous vantage points from which you can perfectly overlook the greater Los Angeles area. We present you our highlight.

Hollywood Hills: Los Angeles from the bird’s eye view

A hike of a special kind. The ascent to the famous Hollywood letters is over challenging terrain. But the effort is worth it! From the bus stop Beachwood Dr it goes on narrow paths up to the famous sign. A highlight on the hike: Lake Hollywood. Once you reach the top, you’ll have an impressive view of Los Angeles and the surrounding area.


Of course, Los Angeles also has the typical sights that everyone should check out on their trip.

Walk of Fame: Stars and starlets on the sidewalk

On what is probably the most famous sidewalk in the world, you’ll find Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mickey Mouse, among others. The names of the stars were cast in stone and thus immortalized forever. Famous actors, directors and artists adorn the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard. Go on a star hunt and get your picture taken, at least symbolically, with your favorite celebrity!

Universal Studios: Attention movie lovers!

A theme park of a special kind and a real highlight for all movie fans! The studio tour of Universal Studios takes you into the worlds of Back to the Future and countless other Hollywood productions. In addition, you can dive into the world of your favorite movie stars on many roller coaster rides. A visit is worthwhile, both for children and adults.

Embark on a virtual tour of world-renowned film studios:

Beverley Hills tour: hotspot of the rich and famous

Here live prominent film stars, models and everything that has rank and name. The surrounding villas and gardens are correspondingly luxurious. The walls and hedges are usually so high that you can not catch the real estate of the celebrities with the naked eye. Therefore, bus tours are offered that let you look at the residences of the stars with some distance.

Known from the movie “Pretty Woman”: The famous shopping street Rodeo Drive. This is adorned with famous luxury boutiques such as Dior, Prada and Armani. One or the other celebrity can be seen here regularly. So keep your eyes open on your next shopping tour!

Get in and be driven around the luxurious Beverly Hills:

Modeling in Los Angeles

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Life in the city of stars

One vacation is not enough for you and you want to spend a long time in the Californian sun? We present you the most popular districts, so you can get an impression of the mentality of the people in the respective districts. Read more here:


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