Moving Las Vegas: Most Popular Places to Live, Housing Options & Recreational Activities

Moving Las Vegas – Las Vegas is mainly known for its numerous casinos and replicas of famous city symbols such as the Eiffel Tower or the Egyptian pyramid. As a popular tourist destination, the city that never sleeps is visited by international tourists all year round. Lively life, many party options and expensive restaurants can be found in this city. As the largest city in the US state of Nevada, Las Vegas is located in the middle of the desert. Water systems keep the city alive and tall office buildings line the streets. I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s even possible to live in Las Vegas long-term? The answer is yes! Especially in the gigantic apartment buildings or off the beaten track, it’s easy to live in this young and colorful city. We present the most popular neighborhoods of the city, house and apartment prices and the many imaginable recreational opportunities.

Pioneer Park: Living in the middle of green Las Vegas

The Pioneer Park residential area is located in the west of the city. The area consists of several blocks where you can find apartments, houses and villas. Small parks and a peaceful and quiet atmosphere are what Pioneer Park is known for. Want to live away from the action, but still be downtown in no time? Then the Pioneer Park neighborhood is just right for you. Here, you can either buy your house or condo, or rent it for a certain period of time. Living in this quiet area of Las Vegas as a family has nothing but advantages.

Recreational facilities & residential buildings

Sports fields, picnic opportunities and many paths for jogging and walking: Pioneer Park offers you all the recreational activities you can imagine. You can be at the park from your doorstep in no time and enjoy the good weather or the peaceful atmosphere. If you’re more in the mood for action and city life, you can be in downtown Las Vegas in no time and spend your evening at a casino or exclusive club.

Key figures

  • Population: 14,970
  • Area: 6.21 km2
  • Population density: 2,410 inhabitants/km2

Meadows Village: Reasonable rental prices & close to the city centre

The Meadows Village in Las Vegas is located in the center of the city. There are six schools in the neighbouring districts and numerous bars and nightlife options directly in Meadows Village. Whether funky cafes, international restaurants or American fast food chains: There is something for everyone here. However, the crime rate in this area is considerably higher than the rest of average Las Vegas. Half of the residents in Meadows Village own a family, and the average age is 50.

Housing prices & housing options

Although Meadows Village is very centrally located, the prices for apartments and houses are below the average Las Vegas housing price. Many homes in the area have a Mediterranean style. In addition to apartments, you will also find more luxurious villas in this part of town.

Key figures

  • Population: 3,097
  • Area: 2,41 km²
  • Population density: 1,285 inhabitants/km²

The Lakes: Living in Paradise

The Lakes is a residential area in the western part of Las Vegas. A landscaped lake separates the different residential districts and puts residents in a vacation atmosphere. A beautiful view, palm trees next to the houses and a private boat in front of each apartment made this residential area special. The housing prices for this area in Las Vegas are well above average, thanks to its ideal location. If you’re looking for a lake view apartment or home, this Las Vegas neighborhood is the place for you to live!

Sun, water & holiday feelings

The Lakes is one of the most popular but also more expensive residential areas in Las Vegas. Next to the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon, this recreational area offers the perfect location. If you want to get away from it all, this is the place to be. Bright sun, crystal clear water and spacious homes offer the perfect vacation flair. In this district you will find villas and apartments for rent and living. There is space for a total of 4,000 homes in The Lakes.

Key figures

  • Population: approx. 10,145
  • Area: 5.2 km2
  • Population density: 1,950 inhabitants/km²

Sunrise Manor: Residence for families & young people

This large suburb in East Las Vegas has around 160,000 residents and is especially known for its temples and churches. Here you will find many colleges, schools and academies, which is why many young people and families live in Sunrise Manor. The average age in this part of town is around 30. In Sunrise Manor, tourists get excited about gigantic casinos, chic shopping streets and luxurious bars and restaurants, among other things. In this residential area, it is similar to other las Vegas: Here you get cheaper, as well as more expensive accommodations. Simple, small apartments as well as impressive villas are not uncommon in Sunrise Manor.

Location, living conditions & leisure activities

Sunrise Manor is considered a safe and family friendly city. Many residents own pets such as dogs or cats. Parking is good in this area, but it is necessary to have a car, otherwise you may have trouble getting to places and other cities. Although there are a lot of people living in this part of the city, there are plenty of opportunities to go for long walks or to pursue leisure activities.

Key figures

  • Population: 189,372
  • Area: 86,4 km²
  • Population density: 2,192 inhabitants/km²

The Strip: Casinos, Luxury Hotel & Attractions

This section of Las Vegas Boulevard is famous for its numerous casinos and luxury hotels. At night, this part of the city impresses with its glowing neon lights, it is the indoor epitome of ”Las Vegas”. Besides the imposing buildings typical of Las Vegas, there are restaurants of all kinds, performance stages as well as other comedy actions. Ferris wheels or water games: This area has everything you imagine Las Vegas to be. The Strip has the most famous street in the city, Fremont Street. Here you will find the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Palm-lined streets, skyscrapers and full of life: that’s The Strip in Las Vegas.

Living in the heart of Las Vegas

Where the heart of the metropolis lies, many wish to live. An apartment right next to one of the famous casinos or with a view of the replica Eiffel Tower leaves nothing to be desired. This part of the Las Vegas Boulevard is bursting with life and action. This is especially good for young people or those who are looking for a break from everyday life. Downtown Las Vegas is the first port of call for anyone visiting the famous city, or even planning a longer stay.

Key figures

  • Inhabitants (district): 12,912
  • Length: 6.8 km