Move Cologne! Popular districts: Belgian Quarter, Deutz, Lindenthal & Co.

Moving Cologne – Besides its excessive carnival, Cologne is also known for its great residential areas. In most neighborhoods there is an internal and well-developed structure with schools, gastronomic facilities and much more in which everyone can find something. Connections to long-distance and local transport are also particularly good in the city, but the housing market can often seem a little overwhelming for those looking for a new home in Cologne. Here we show you exactly where you can live best and which neighborhoods you might not have had on your radar yet.

Lindenthal: University, students & luxury apartments

Lindenthal is located in the west of Cologne and is characterised above all by the large green spaces that are spread through and around the district. Dürener Straße and Lindenthal Gürtel are perfect for shopping. Especially on Dürener Straße you will find many upscale shops. In addition to the good shopping opportunities in the district, there are also many gastronomic establishments in the district. Also in the quarter: the University of Cologne, which attracts many students to and near the quarter despite the high rents.

Villas in exclusive area

The neighborhood is not only known for its upscale shopping street, but also for the expensive and ostentatious mansion neighborhoods that follow. If your budget allows it, this well-kept district is where you could find your big house for the future. The city forest for recreation is also not far away and you can also quickly reach the city centre by bike thanks to the central location.

Key figures:

  • Population: 30,602
  • Area: 7.73km²
  • Population density: 3,959/km²

Altstadt-Nord: Central location & shopping

Altstadt-Nord forms the center of Cologne. There is not only the cathedral, but also the two largest shopping streets of Cologne, the main station, the opera the ballet, some of the most important museums in Cologne and the Hohenzollern Bridge. So Altstadt-Nord is the landmark of Cologne and for inhabitants probably the most important and significant part of the city. Also the carnival is celebrated there at the Alter Markt on 11.11 at 11:11 o’clock every year. The district may therefore not be for everyone, because despite the interesting sights that can be found there all in one place, it is also a very busy district, which is not for everyone.

Living in the city centre & central location

Living in the centre is not always easy. The nightlife and the many tourist facilities ensure that a certain noise level is a constant companion of everyday life, which you can only escape with a trip to the outskirts that are a little quieter. But if that’s what you’re looking for, Altstadt-Nord is the district for you. Thanks to the location, the connection to the neighbouring districts is also great and the long-distance transport with the station in your neighbourhood makes travelling just as easy.

Key figures:

  • Population: 18,270
  • Area: 2,456 km²
  • Population density: 7,439/km²

Ehrenfeld: Family quarter

Ehrenfeld is a colourful neighbourhood. There are residents of all ages and backgrounds in one place, which gives the district its charm that many love so much. In Ehrenfeld is the Central Mosque, the largest mosque in Germany and underlines once again what a great multicultural neighborhood Ehrenfeld is. In Ehrenfeld is also the big shopping street called Venloer Straße, a famous shopping mile that is guaranteed to make your shopping heart beat faster.

Art & Culture for interested people

Ehrenfeld is also known for its distinctive art and cultural scene. The residents of Ehrenfeld are of diverse origins and all live peacefully together. The shops are also leaned on the most diverse cuisines, for example Italian or Turkish, which distinguishes the district. But also the galleries and street art, which you can find numerous in the neighborhood make it the young and hip neighborhood, what it is.

Key figures:

  • Population: 37,856
  • Area: 3,721 km²
  • Population density: 10,172/km²

Deutz: The trade fair district on the rise

Located on the right side of the Rhine, Deutz is the largest quarter of its district. Deutz makes Cologne a cosmopolitan city thanks to the trade fairs that attract up to 3 million visitors there every year. The RTL media group is also located directly in the district. The largest arena in Germany is also located in Deutz, directly between the trade fair and RTL and can receive up to 20,0000 people at once.

Great views in the Upcoming quarter

Due to its location on the right side of the Rhine, the quarter offers a great view of Cologne’s old town. You can see the cathedral perfectly and the numerous gastronomic establishments directly on the banks of the Rhine, the Rhine promenade, offer a great spot to relax in the city center. The Hohenzollern Bridge, which is very popular with couples because of the love locks, is very easy to reach and runs directly into the district.

Key figures:

  • Population: 15,744
  • Area: 5,243 km²
  • Population density: 3,003/km²

Belgian Quarter: Paradise for students and young people

The Belgian quarter is one of the most popular places to live in Cologne and probably one of the most expensive. It is very artistic and alternative in terms of the people who live there and attracts mainly the younger generation. It is very centrally located and consists almost entirely of old building apartments lined up next to each other, such as on Aachener Straße. There are many small cafés and bistros, upscale snack bars and unusual bars where many young people like to meet. Even small theaters are hidden behind the modernized facades of the cleanly kept old buildings.

Student district

The district is characterized mainly by the large amount of small boutiques and galleries that can be found in the neighborhood. Everyone there has their own vision and especially creative minds are drawn to the trendy and trendy district. Musicians, authors, models and young students, especially of the arts, can give free rein to all their creativity.

Key figures:

  • Population: 38,380
  • Area: 2.82 km²
  • Population density: 13,578 inhabitants/km²

Rodenkirchen: Living directly on the Rhine

If nature is important to you, Rodenkirchen is exactly the right place. With direct proximity to the Rhine and the scattered small boat houses, the district could only be made interesting for nature lovers by numerous parks and green areas. Finkens Garten is perfect for the smaller inhabitants of Rodenkirchen and the Friedenspark as well as the Forstbotanischer Garten attract all kinds of visitors and nature lovers with exotic plants. In the small restaurants you can go eat great and in the housing estates characterized by single-family houses you can otherwise also retire comfortably in the evening alone.

Living in the countryside

The many opportunities to spend time in the nature of the district give the whole neighborhood a green touch that makes it so unique. In no other district can you live as green and close to nature as in Rodenkirchen. Especially for families, this quiet and somewhat outlying district is a perfect place to play and grow up.

Key figures:

  • Population: 17,632
  • Area: 7,829 km²
  • Population density: 2,252/km²