Christmas Markets 2018 – Top 10 in Cologne

Hot mulled wine, delicious crêpes and love apples! The Christmas fans are already eagerly waiting for the time of the Christmas markets to start again! From November 22nd it will start in Cologne. We have compiled a list for you with information about all Christmas markets in Cologne.

Christmas Markets in Cologne 2018

1. Christmas Market in the Stadtgarten – 22.11. – 23.12.

The Christmas market in the Stadtgarten is the first to open its doors in Cologne this year and thus initiate the Christmas season. A Christmas market in the middle of the city! In Cologne’s oldest park, surrounded by trees, this always very popular Christmas market takes place. Here you will find everything your heart desires, from delicious delicacies to unique craftsmanship! There is a cultural program with more than 30 different events, which provides varied entertainment. And the children don’t miss out either! Stories and fairy tales are regularly read out on stage. An ideal meeting place for families.

Opening hours & Address

Mon – Fri – 4 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Sa. & Sun. 12 o’clock – 21:30 o’clock

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Venloer Straße 40, 50672 Cologne, Germany

2. Harbour Christmas Market – 23.11. – 23.12.

What could be nicer? A Christmas market right by the water! The Christmas market at the Chocolate Museum is also one of the large Christmas markets in Cologne. The decoration and the design of the market are in line with the motto port and water. There is a varied cultural programme for adults and children. For the children there is a play tent and a play boat and the adults are thrilled with singing and entertainment. But also those who like to eat at the Christmas market get their money’s worth here. There are all kinds of food and drinks.

Opening hours & Address

Sun. – Thu. 11 o’clock- 21:00 o’clock

Fri. & Sat. 11 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Am Schokoladenmuseum, 50678 Cologne, Germany

3. Christmas Market at Cologne Cathedral – 26.11- 23.12.

This Christmas market is probably the most visited from all over Cologne. There are 150 stalls selling food and drinks such as mulled wine, almonds and sausages, as well as stalls selling quality handicrafts. The Christmas market looks particularly impressive because it is covered by a huge starlit tent. There is a varied stage programme with approx. 100 events, which inspire the visitors.

Opening hours & Address

Sun. – Wedn. 11 o’clock – 21 o’clock

Thu. – Fri. 11 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Sat. 10 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Roncalliplatz 1, 50667 Cologne, Germany

4. Christmas Market in the Old Town 26.11. – 23.12.

The Christmas market “Heinzels Wintermärchen” is the biggest in Cologne. There are several alleys, which are subdivided by topics. The atmosphere here is magical! For example, there is a Handwerkgasse, a Naschgasse, a Goldgasse and also a Spielzeuggasse.  As far as the delicacies are concerned, it couldn’t be more varied. Here you will find specialities such as potato noodles, baked goods fresh from the oven and smoked salmon. And also delicious sweets like baked apples, hot chestnuts and Belgian waffles.  Everyone gets their money’s worth! The highlight? There’s a 110-meter skating rink. Visitors can do their rounds here and have a lot of fun! Great experiences and a lot of fun are pre-programmed here. This year even another highlight will be added. There is an apple house directly at the Heumarkt where fried apple specialities, apple pancakes and apple punch are sold. Also a children’s carousel and a small Ferris wheel make children’s hearts beat faster.

Opening hours & Address

Mo. – Sun. 11 o’clock- 22 o’clock

Heumarkt 50, 50667 Cologne, Germany

5. Market of Angels at Neumarkt 26.11. – 23.12.

The Market of Angels, which is centrally located on Neumarkt, has the advantage that it is in the immediate vicinity of various, diverse shopping opportunities. So you can practically combine a stressful Christmas shopping trip with a leisurely stroll through the Christmas market. This Christmas market is also known for its particularly cosy atmosphere. Also the children don’t miss out on this Christmas market, there are many great attractions! Santa Claus comes to the Christmas market and raffles presents, children can get make-up for free, the winter queen with eagle owl comes to visit, a Christmas angel, the accordion plays enchants the visitors and there is also a great Kasperle theatre on Mondays!

Opening hours & Address

So. – Thu. 11 o’clock – 21 o’clock

Fri. & Sat. 11 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Neumarkt, 50667 Cologne, Germany

6. St. Nicholas village on Rudolfplatz – 26.11. – 23.12.

As the name Nikolausdorf suggests, it is a cosy little village with a homely atmosphere. In the middle of the village there is the so-called Nikolaushaus. Creativity is lived out together here. They paint, do handicrafts, draw and listen. In the Nikolausdorf handicraft articles can be acquired and it can be partly before even still watch with the production of the works of art. Also the delicacies, which one is used to from a Christmas market, are not missing here. There’s everything from delicious mushrooms to delicious potato pancakes.

Opening hours & Address

So. – Thu. 11 o’clock – 21 o’clock

Fri. 11 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Sat. 10 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Rudolfplatz, 50674 Cologne, Germany

7. Heavenue at Rudolfplatz 26.11. – 23.12.

As a replacement for the gay and lesbian Christmas market “Christmas Avenue” there is this year at the same place the Christmas market “Heavenue”.  The new organizer reveals on its Facebook page that behind the new Christmas market there is also a completely new concept. Nevertheless there is everything that belongs to an ordinary Christmas market, such as mulled wine and bratwurst. Come by and also enjoy a unique stage program.

Opening hours & Address

Mo. – Sun. 12 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Mauritiuswall, 50676 Cologne, Germany

8. Veedelsadvent at Chlodwigplatz – 26.11. – 23.12.

There are about 25 stalls offering classic dishes such as sausages and mulled wine, as well as vegan dishes. There is also a huge selection of hot drinks, a singing choir and even a children’s carousel for the little visitors. The Christmas market is described by the makers as the most kölscheste of the city. Especially for tourists this could be an interesting place to go!

Opening hours & Address

Mo. – Sun. 12 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Chlodwigplatz, 50678 Cologne, Germany

9. Mini – Christmas Market in Cologne South 26.11. – 23.12.

The smallest Christmas market in the city consists of about 10 stands that change weekly. There is also a small stage where Cologne bands and artists perform for a good cause. The proceeds from the Christmas market are donated to a good cause. Visitors can leave their money in good conscience in this place. Due to the weekly changing food and artist stands, it is definitely worth several visits!

Opening hours & Address

Mo. – Sat. 16 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Sun. 14 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Martin-Luther-Platz 2-4, 50677 Cologne, Germany

10. Christmas Bazaar Körnerstraße – 09.12.

In a single day, a street full of Christmas stalls. There are homemade delicacies and drinks and you experience a familiar atmosphere. Every year, the money collected is donated to charitable causes. In the year 2016 the donations went to Jugend rettet e.V. We are curious to see what this year will be donated for!

Opening hours & Address

13 o’clock – 00 o’clock


FIV wishes you a Merry Christmas with many great experiences!