Apartment: charming small apartments for singles, students and seniors

Apartment – Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne: Apartments are extremely popular in cities with millions of inhabitants and large cities. Many singles, students, trainees or seniors fall back on this small but fine housing option, whether you only want to rent or also buy an apartment. One-room apartments offer enough space for single people and score points especially because of the low prices. Compared to apartment types such as loft, old building apartment or maisonette, here you will find everything you need to live on a manageable living space. We inform you about everything you need to know about the apartments and help you find the right type of apartment for your next or even first own apartment.

Apartment: Features and What is actually an apartment?

Looking for your first own apartment? How about an apartment? But what exactly is defined as an apartment? An apartment is a small flat with only one or at most one and a half rooms. The modern small apartment usually has high-quality furnishings. The word apartment is also used as a synonym for a holiday home.

Apartments are also available as fully furnished apartments. This type of apartment is mostly used for properties that are advertised for interim rent. An ideal solution for people who only need an apartment for a fixed period of time. Furniture and equipment can be taken over by the owner or landlord for a fixed price in the rent.

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Room layout: bedroom and living room in one

Typically, the apartment apartment consists of 1-1.5 rooms. Most often, the apartment has a maximum living space of 50 square meters. However, more luxurious, expensive properties can also have a living area of up to 100 square meters.

There are different sub-types of apartments. The single apartment, for example, is a traditional one-bedroom apartment where the living room and bedroom are in the same room. Whether in a separate room or as a built-in kitchenette in the bedroom or living area, you can also set up a great kitchen for cooking in a small apartment. The bathroom is located in a separate room.

Similar to the Single Apartment is the Studio Apartment. Sleeping and living area are also located in one room. The kitchen can be installed in the form of a compact kitchenette in the living room. In many studio apartments, however, a kitchen is used by several residents as a common kitchen. You will also find a bathtub or shower in a separate room.

Source: Apartment (Lukinski.de)

Pros and cons: Is an apartment right for you?

Apartments offer both advantages and disadvantages to their users and owners. We show you the positive and negative aspects of this type of apartment. Find out what you need to consider in an apartment and whether an apartment would be the right choice for you.

Advantages: Low costs and furnished apartment for temporary living

The biggest advantage are the low housing costs, the service charges are in a manageable range. You are only looking for a temporary apartment? In big cities furnished apartments are often offered, the ideal solution for students who need to spend a few months in another city. Few square meters don’t have to be a disadvantage! Even smaller rooms can be furnished nicely and stylishly, but you don’t have to buy so much furniture to make your apartment look complete.

  • Favourable rental or purchase price
  • Manageable costs
  • Temporary accommodation (if necessary also furnished)
  • Only one room needs to be furnished
  • Lends itself well to the intermediate rent

Disadvantages: Only suitable for those living alone & no private garden

The most obvious disadvantage of an apartment is the size. The small apartment offers only enough space for one person and is therefore not suitable for couples or families. Despite the small size, apartments are very popular, which is why there is a high demand. This may mean that you have to look for a long time before you can get an appointment and finally find an apartment for you. For many young people, an apartment is their first home. A particular challenge here is taking responsibility for your own apartment and your new independent life. Since most apartments do not have a garden, balcony or terrace, this is probably a minus point for all those who like to have their own little spot in the fresh air.

  • Little space
  • Only suitable for one person
  • High demand
  • No balcony, garden or terrace

Who is an apartment suitable for: Apartment for singles, students & seniors

Due to their small size, apartments are especially suitable for people without a partner. A small apartment is also perfect for low-income earners such as pensioners or students who would like to have accommodation in the big city. A type of apartment that is suitable from young to old.

Singles: (first) own four walls – a small home away from home

In big cities, one-room apartments are significantly larger than 2-room or multi-room apartments. For young singles who are working or studying and therefore hardly spend any time at home, a one-bedroom apartment would therefore be ideal. The money saved can be used for leisure activities, or saved for a more expensive property in the future.

Students: Perfect alternative to WG room & student dormitory

Especially for students, who usually only receive income through a part-time job, through support from parents or through Bafög, it is particularly important to find a cheap place to live. If you don’t want to move into a shared room with others and can’t find a place in a student hall of residence, a small apartment is just the thing for you. An apartment of your own offers young students, but also trainees, a greater degree of privacy. However, you have to bear much more responsibility and act much more independently.

Seniors: Back to the big city – small apartment in the heart of the city

Many seniors who previously lived in the suburbs are moving back to the big city at an advanced age. In most cases, the reason for this is the better infrastructure. Having shops, specialists and pharmacies close to one’s own apartment is a real criterion for many. However, it must be ensured that the apartment is barrier-free. In the best case, an apartment on the ground floor is chosen. For seniors without a partner, a one-room apartment is ideal.

Apartments are particularly often found in apartment buildings. The size can vary greatly, from three or four to 50 residential units. A good example of this is a project in Berlin designed by the renowned Berlin architectural firm Graft, the Charlie Living Quarter.

Buy or rent? Your options with an apartment

You have decided to buy an apartment, but you don’t know yet if you should buy or rent it? Most of the residents of an apartment rent it only because they use it as a temporary solution. Students and trainees, for example, rent the apartment only to move close to the university or training center and return home after these years. Another point for young professionals is that they later want to buy an apartment together with their partner or start a family.

Mostly only modernised apartments with luxurious furnishings are purchased. These are predominantly located in popular city districts and are among the more expensive properties. However, these are a good investment, as the rental yield is often higher than for condominiums, which are larger in area.

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Furnishing: Bright furniture, functional equipment & Co.

Even small apartments can be made beautiful and inviting with the right furniture and decorations. Light-coloured furniture and walls make your living space look bigger. But it’s best to draw a plan of the limited space beforehand and go for functional furniture such as sofa beds or height-adjustable tables. For interiors of all styles, check out our Interior Brands Guide. Luxurious furniture brands such as Bretz or the home collection of popular fashion houses such as Tiffany & Co. Home are presented here.

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