Apartment types: All apartment types at a glance – Apartments from A-Z

Types of apartments – There are apartments in different sizes, designs and colors. But they all have one thing in common, they offer space for your own home. Here you will find a list of the different types of apartments, from old buildings to lofts and penthouses. With our comprehensive articles we would like to introduce you to individual apartment types. If you want to buy, rent or build an apartment, but you don’t know which type of apartment you want to buy, rent or build, you’ve come to the right place! Avoid mistakes and get to know the characteristics of each type of apartment before an appointment to view it. Get to know all types of apartments and find definitions, characteristics and advantages and disadvantages.

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Apart from the substantial factors of a real estate, what counts for the living comfort above all:

  1. Living
  2. Bathroom, Cooking
  3. Sleeping, storeroom
  4. Stairs, Elevator

Old building apartment: stucco, high ceilings and floorboards

In Germany, apartments in old buildings are among the most sought-after properties. And rightly so: the era of old buildings ended an estimated 70 years ago, when the use of concrete walls and insulating glass windows became increasingly common. These buildings are thus filled with stories from the so-called Wilhelminian period around 1900, which is also noticeable in the architecture and the rooms, which are in the style of the Renaissance. Due to the predominant proximity to city centres, Altbau apartments are highly sought after on the market.

High ceilings, bay windows and box-type windows are characteristic features of this architecture and promise a feel-good factor. Whether renting or buying, here you will find useful tips, advantages and disadvantages around this special building type.

Apartment: Small apartment, space miracle and often very modern

Apartment: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne? Apartments are extremely popular in cities with millions of inhabitants and large cities. Many singles, students, trainees or seniors resort to this small but fine housing option. One-room apartments offer enough space for single people and score especially with lower prices. An apartment is a small flat with only one or at most one and a half rooms. The modern small apartment usually has high-quality furnishings.

Apartments are also available as fully furnished apartments. This type of apartment is mostly used for properties that are advertised for interim rent. An ideal solution for people who only need an apartment for a fixed period of time. Furniture and equipment can be taken over by the owner or landlord for a fixed price in the rent.

Top floor apartment: search, air conditioning and living with a view

A home under the roof can be super cozy if furnished correctly. But before you decide on a loft apartment, there are a few things you should consider that could complicate your move-in. Any apartment directly under the roof can be considered a loft apartment in and of itself. Penthouse apartments and lofts can also be attic apartments.

In the following article, however, we will focus on the general understanding of attic and mansard apartments as rooms that have special circumstances due to sloping roofs. We will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of attic apartments, and also give you a little insight into how you can make your life in this type of apartment a little more pleasant.

Granny flat: definition, features and advantages for landlords

As the name implies, granny flats are apartments that are “tucked in” to a house, i.e. a separate apartment in a house.

Granny flats are particularly popular for multi-generational homes: young adults or seniors can live here with their family, but still have privacy. However, a granny flat is not only attractive for members of a family. Due to the low rental and purchase prices, this form of housing is also popular with working singles, students or even au pairs. Whether in the attic or in the basement – granny flats can have just as much charm as normal apartments.

Apartment: Lots of living space, several rooms & perfect flat share

Apartment is understood as all the apartments, which extend above the ground floor and below the top floor over an entire floor. This creates a lot of living space. Mostly, the apartments are found in apartment buildings, because smaller buildings often offer it to expand an entire floor to an apartment. Especially annoying stair climbing in your own home is omitted here. In addition, a flat on one floor is perfect for a shared flat. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of this type of apartment for you in the following article.

Loft: space for free development, luxury and modern equipment

During the 1940s, lofts first appeared in large cities such as New York. Old warehouses and factories were converted into living space in order to live inexpensively. This definition has nothing to do with today’s meaning of a loft. Nowadays lofts are highly sought after, exclusive and very expensive. Old industrial wastelands are still used as floor plans, but these have now been extensively modernised to meet luxury standards. Most of the residents are young, successful adults, also called yuppies. In addition, nowadays new buildings are also being built in loft style. If you want to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages or tips about this type of architecture, then you are exactly right here.

Maisonette: Living on 2 floors, with gallery or spiral staircase

In Germany, a maisonette apartment is an apartment that is arranged contiguously on at least two floors of a building. It can be located both on the lower and upper floors of a house. In most cases, however, a maisonette apartment comprises the attic and the floor below. The second floor of a maisonette apartment can also be designed as an open gallery, as well as a comprehensive floor. Charming features of this type of housing are staircases, which often extend into the living space, and high ceilings. If you want to learn more about maisonettes, check out our article.

Penthouse: Enjoy luxury & living comfort with plenty of space

When the word penthouse is mentioned, it is often clear: this is something particularly exclusive. Penthouse apartments promise special luxury and an excellent living experience. Mostly you know the apartment form especially from media such as film, television and video games. A penthouse stands for space, luxury and living comfort. Quality and a lot of living space are often decisive features of a penthouse.

This type of apartment has become big in the U.S.A. and is still the most widely represented there. But also here in German-speaking countries you can find one or the other penthouse. If you are looking for a luxurious living solution, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at this type of apartment. After all, a penthouse has its very own charm and stands for luxurious living.

Basement apartment: cool and close to the ground

Basement apartments are underground living options which can be found in the basement or cellar. In addition, they are usually located in the middle of downtown but because of the location in the house, many potential buyers are initially deterred. Whether renting or buying. We did the research for you and found out all about the advantages, disadvantages, possible mold and the rental prices. Maybe your first impression was wrong and you like this kind of apartment.

Basement apartments are one thing above all. Cheap and practical. Usually located in the middle of the city center, these properties are rather unpopular due to various aspects and scare people away. However, you should not be fooled by this, because this type of apartment also offers some advantages that you do not include at first.

Terrace apartment: Living with a view

Ground floor apartment with terrace: the residential dream of many, especially in big cities. To escape the turbulent and hectic life in metropolises, terrace apartments are perfect. Cafés, crowds and hustle and bustle outside the four walls, peace, comfort and a piece of nature in your own four walls. If you’re lucky, your terrace will lead on to a small garden. As you can see, a dream of many apartment renters. But this is not where the definition of a terrace apartment ends. Especially in cities, the “rooftop terrace” trend is constantly gaining popularity. Modern architecture is reinterpreting the terrace apartment! See for yourself what advantages and disadvantages a terrace apartment has to offer, who it is suitable for and what other information is hidden behind this gem of an apartment!