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Rent an apartment in Stuttgart: House, apartment & investment – Real estate agent interview

Rent or buy in Stuttgart. Beautiful period buildings, detached houses and villas. Stuttgart offers you everything! Real estate agent Michael Maile tells you everything you need to know about Stuttgart in his interview with FIV Magazine. Should you rather buy and rent? How good are the returns in Stuttgart and the surrounding area? And which […]

Rent + buy in Duisburg: house, apartment & apartment – interview with real estate agent

Rent or buy in Duisburg – In the south of Duisburg you have the six-lake plateau, a lot of “green”, the climbing forest and the proximity to the city. The realtor Manuela Ceresa tells everything important about Duisburg in his interview with FIV Magazine. Should you rather buy and rent? How good are the returns […]

Real Estate Broker and Property Developer Ordinance (MaBV): Protection for Real Estate Buyers

Broker and developer regulation – You are not satisfied with the advice of your broker or there are problems with the work of your developer? This situation may be very nerve-wracking and annoying for you. In this article you will learn everything about your rights as a real estate buyer and how the MaBV protects […]

Buying your first condominium – criteria, purchase price & capital investment – 11 point checklist

Buying your first condo – The property for first-timers. Want to buy a condo as your first property, but don’t know where to start? Here we’ve created a checklist of 11 items for you to determine the basics and criteria of your property search. Whether determining the maximum purchase price, the question of owner-occupancy or […]

Purchase contract of your first apartment: Documents for the notary appointment – What do I need?

Purchase contract – Your dream property has been found! After a detailed assessment of the situation, a commercial check and a technical check, you can now draw up the draft purchase contract for the notary appointment and to complete your bank documents. But what does such a purchase contract actually consist of? You can learn […]

Brokerage costs: Apartment hunting made easy! – How much does a real estate agent cost?

Brokerage costs – You want to buy your first property, such as a condominium, and want to hire a broker? Good idea, but before you should know that a broker costs quite a bit of money, whereby a distinction is made between private and commercial sales. How much that is, as a percentage of the […]

Valuation by year of construction of a property: Does age matter?

Valuation by year of construction – A property valuation is especially important when buying your first apartment. This includes the valuation by year of construction of your house or the building in which your condo is located. So what is the age limit of a building? You can find the answer in this article on […]

Real estate transfer tax: cost of the first apartment – calculation

Real estate transfer tax – You have found your dream apartment at a dream price? Well, nevertheless, the purchase price is accompanied by ancillary costs, which include, among other things, the land transfer tax. But how high is the land transfer tax, which I must pay additionally, once with the purchase of the first own […]

Buy + rent in Brunswick: Melverode, Stöckheim – Broker interview

Real Estate Agent Interview Braunschweig – You want to buy or rent a house or an apartment in Braunschweig? But you are still missing the right how know? Exactly for this reason we spoke with a real estate agent from Braunschweig, who gives you first tips to avoid typical mistakes. Basically, it is first important […]

Incidental purchase costs for real estate: What costs will I incur? – Calculation

Calculating the purchase price – Buying a property is not always cheap. But so that you don’t rush blindly into financing, the final purchase price can be calculated quite easily. You can find out how here! Important factors here are the incidental purchase costs, which include the land transfer tax and the broker’s commission. Here […]

Buy a house in Bochum: Rent & Live – Interview with real estate agents

Real estate agent interview Bochum – You want to fulfill the dream of buying a house? Or you are looking for your dream apartment? Then you should learn how to avoid typical mistakes. We talked to the experienced real estate company Urban about typical mistakes, the best districts in Bochum and rental prices. A determined […]

Real estate market in Frankfurt: Bockenheim, Gallus & Sachsenhausen-Nord – Real estate agent interview

Rent or buy in Frankfurt – Whether in Hausen or Bockenheim. In Frankfurt you are sure to find the right property for your ideas. The real estate agent Rainer Ballwanz tells you everything important about Frankfurt in his interview with us. Should you rather buy and rent? How good are the returns in Frankfurt and […]

Operating costs in the house: saving on utility costs – list of key points.

Operating costs – You want to buy an apartment, but the operating costs are too high for you? There is a solution! The operating costs of a property, such as a condominium, can be apportioned to the tenant. But which of these operating costs can be apportioned and what do you have to pay yourself […]

Cologne Kreuzfeld: A new district “WoodHood” is being created! Apartments incl. climate protection

Kreuzfeld Cologne – In the north of Cologne, in the district of Chorweiler, a new district is to be created. For those who want to buy your first apartment, perhaps a consideration! Because, when ensteht already times a completely new district? Cologne Kreuzfeld, also called WoodHood is the winner of an urban development project of […]

Rent, buy, live in Wuppertal: condominium or family home – Broker interview

Live beautifully in Wuppertal in the “Briller Viertel, which has the largest contiguous villa district in Germany”, or enjoy the young life in Ölberg, also called “Kreuzberg of Wuppertal”. The real estate agent Daniel von Baum tells everything important about Wuppertal in his interview with FIV Magazine. Should you rather buy and rent? How good […]

Renting & selling in Freiburg: house, apartment or apartments – interview with real estate agents

Do you like city life, but are still close to nature? Then Freiburg is a good choice as a place to live. “Every Freiburg neighborhood is special and unique” says realtor Pierre Bruns in his interview with us. Should you rather buy and rent? How good is the return on investment in Freiburg and the […]