Real estate transfer tax: cost of the first apartment – calculation

Real estate transfer tax – You have found your dream apartment at a dream price? Well, nevertheless, the purchase price is accompanied by ancillary costs, which include, among other things, the land transfer tax. But how high is the land transfer tax, which I must pay additionally, once with the purchase of the first own dwelling? Depending on the state in which you buy, the land transfer tax has a different percentage. How you can easily calculate this, you can find out here!

Why do I have to pay land transfer tax?

Everyone who buys a property has to pay the real estate transfer tax. The good thing about it – it only has to be paid once at the time of purchase, and not annually like property tax. Since the real estate transfer tax is more or less depending on the federal state, one should inform oneself about the percentages before blindly buying an apartment for emotional reasons, because the price always plays a role. Generally, the land transfer tax is set between 3.5% and 6.5%.

Calculation of the real estate transfer tax

The real estate transfer tax can be calculated quite simply:

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Purchase price x tax rate by federal state = real estate transfer tax

Overview: Property tax rate of the federal states

Here is a brief overview with the 16 federal states and the individual real estate transfer tax rate:

Baden-Württemberg 5,00%
Bavaria 3,50%
Berlin 6,00%
Brandenburg 6,50%
Bremen 5,00%
Hamburg 4,50%
Hesse 6,00%
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 6,00%
Lower Saxony 5,00%
North Rhine-Westphalia 6,50%
Rhineland-Palatinate 5,00%
Saarland 6,50%
Saxony 3,50%
Saxony-Anhalt 5,00%
Schleswig-Holstein 6,50%
Thuringia 6,50%

The next step: brokerage costs in the search for housing

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