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Karld Lagefeld apartment in Paris sold: The 10 million dollar apartment

Karl Lagerfeld’s apartment has now fetched 10 million US dollars at a Sotheby’s auction. Hard to believe! The auction in Paris started with 5.3 million US dollars. The apartment, the auction, you can find it all here! Karl Who? the cult of Karl Lagerfeld’s living space Anyone who hears “Karl” and immediately thinks of black […]

Buying your first condominium – criteria, purchase price & capital investment – 11 point checklist

Buying your first condo – The property for first-timers. Want to buy a condo as your first property, but don’t know where to start? Here we’ve created a checklist of 11 items for you to determine the basics and criteria of your property search. Whether determining the maximum purchase price, the question of owner-occupancy or […]

Investing in style: Rolex Daytona luxury watch 🆚 Property in Berlin

Investing with elegance: An analysis of real estate and the Rolex Daytona as forms of investment – Investing in luxury goods and real estate is not only a sign of good taste, but can also be economically smart. In this article, we examine the performance of real estate in Berlin and the Rolex Daytona to […]

Airbnb launch: Is subletting legal? Advantages, risks and how to start

Airbnb Guide – Great! You’re about to enter the exciting Airbnb business and boost your income. You have a unique opportunity to monetize with your property or rental home while providing an unforgettable experience to travelers from all over the world. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully get started […]

Real Estate Podcast: The 9 best podcasts on Apple, Spotify & Co. – prices, management, investment

The 9 best real estate podcasts in Germany – Want to expand your real estate knowledge and learn about investing, property management and terminology? To go along with the best real estate apps, here’s a selection of the best real estate podcasts that will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips. From investment strategies […]

Establish a family foundation: Legally reduce taxes to 15%! Foundation, advantages, interview

Establish a family foundation in Germany – Attention entrepreneurs! Are you an entrepreneur or already a medium-sized business owner and would like to build up your assets in a structured and secure way? Then you should consider setting up a family foundation – an often underestimated instrument that offers you numerous advantages. With a family […]

Metaverse: What’s next? Visualization and Construction – Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

metaverse, real estate & AI – Today our real estate expert introduces us to the concept of the metaverse, a virtual world that can facilitate collaboration and communication between project stakeholders. It is already possible to buy and own real estate in the metaverse, and it is expected that virtual real estate trading will continue […]

For whom are personal loans suitable and where are the stumbling blocks

Personal loans – It has never been easier to get one. Thanks to digitalization and internationalization, there are more and more providers offering a wide variety of loans. But for whom is a personal loan suitable and where are the potential problems and pitfalls? We’ve taken a closer look at this topic so that you […]

Condominium owners’ association at a glance: Organization, rights & duties of the WEG

Condominium owners’ association – If you own a condominium or are thinking about buying one, sooner or later you will come into contact with the concept of a condominium owners’ association. But what exactly is behind it and what rights and obligations do you have as an owner? In this article, we will give you […]

Fix & Flip Method: Wealth increase through real estate trading

Fix & Flip – You’ve already heard about Fix & Flip, but you’re still missing the necessary depth of information? Fix & Flip is all about buying cheap and profitable properties, upgrading them efficiently and then selling them. You can learn everything you need to know about the three steps in the following article. What […]

Real estate financing with building savings contract: functionality, advantages, disadvantages and recommendation

Building savings contract – A building savings contract is a widespread and popular variant of real estate financing. However, this type of financing requires some advance time – first you save money for several years before you can take out the building savings loan. Here you can learn how exactly this works, for whom a […]

3 Real Estate Mistakes: Self Occupy, Negotiating Room & Viewing – Tips from the Expert

3 Real Estate Mistakes – In times of high inflation and rising costs, many people see real estate as a way to protect their assets and become financially independent. Bader wants to help educate potential buyers in the best way possible and reveals three investment mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. Today, we […]

Real Estate Agents Germany: Top 100! The best real estate agents – recommendation

Purchase contract of your first apartment: Documents for the notary appointment – What do I need?

Purchase contract – Your dream property has been found! After a detailed assessment of the situation, a commercial check and a technical check, you can now draw up the draft purchase contract for the notary appointment and to complete your bank documents. But what does such a purchase contract actually consist of? You can learn […]

Documents for the bank: financing your first property

Documents for the bank – You have found the perfect apartment? Great, now it’s down to the nitty-gritty – the financing, with the self-disclosure and all documents for the bank. Here, the completeness, neatness and seriousness is particularly important. What else you need for your financing and what you should pay attention to, you can […]

Online editor*in furnishing & real estate! Full-time / part-time + internship (career entry) – Job

Online Editor*in Furnishings & Real Estate – You like furnishings and beautiful real estate? You like media and marketing? Then apply for a job in our magazine! We are always looking for new talents, at the moment especially in the area of furnishing and real estate. Become an online editor in our magazine for the […]