Self-disclosure for the bank: buying a house & apartment – Sparkasse, Volksbank & Co.

Self-disclosure – You want to buy your first apartment or your first house and the bank wants a self-disclosure from you? Learn here what a self-disclosure is, what it says and download a free template as a PDF with which you can convince your bank! Self-disclosure for banks: Real Estate Financing Whether Deutsche Bank, Volksbank […]

The most expensive streets in Germany: Luxury, Best Location & Addresses – Top 40+1

Most expensive streets in Germany – Berlin, Munich, Sylt & Co: Germany’s metropolises are home to some of the most luxurious properties. Inselstraße in Berlin, Königinstraße in Munich and Südliche Seestraße on Lake Starnberg – Only those who can afford it live here! You want to buy a property here? Find out everything about Germany’s […]

The Crown: Luxury properties Hamburg HafenCity – Condominiums with a view of the Elbphilharmonie! New construction

Pure luxury: this is what the new residential tower “The Crown” in Hamburg’s HafenCity promises. Anyone who likes luxury real estate is definitely at the right address with this property. Imagine standing on your balcony, some 50 metres above the Elbe, looking down on the wave-shaped building of the Elbphilharmonie and enjoying the sun reflected […]

Real estate agent interview Hamburg: Thorben Andrich about buying real estate, costs and popular districts in Hamburg

Real Estate Agent Interview Hamburg – Thorben Andrich is the founder and managing director of Redhome Immobilien GmbH, which focuses on investment and residential real estate in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and northern Lower Saxony. After his initial training as a landscape gardener, an accident forced him to restructure his life. His training as a wholesale specialist […]

Broker Interview Cologne: J. Westermann about renting, buying and the housing market in Cologne

Real estate agent interview Cologne – Jaap Westermann pursues as an agent and founder of the company Rheingold real est ates in Cologne above all the requirement to belong by outstanding service to the best real estate agents of the city. Since 2007 he leads the company with success. Before becoming a real estate agent, […]

Ebay Classifieds: Fashion, Insider Tips, Buy & Sell

On eBay Classifieds you can find cool fashion trends as well as technology, cars, books and much more. How the app actually works and how you buy items, what dangers you should watch out for, and why eBay Classifieds is a real insider tip for clothes, you will learn in this article. The app is […]

Villa: City, Country, Hill? Everything about buying or building your dream villa with pool

Villa – In the past, a villa, especially an urban villa, was often used as a second or country home to be close to the city. This applied exclusively to the more affluent urban population. Nowadays, that has changed. Since popular second residences tend to be properties such as a vacation home, beach house or […]

House types: Detached house, prefabricated house, holiday home and villa – Houses from A-Z

House types from A to Z – You just need a little more space? You want to buy a house? The house types presented by us offer a good orientation. Find out here which type of construction best suits your needs. All common house types from bungalow to detached house to villa are explained for […]

Terraced house: Purchase price, neighbours & Co. – advantages & disadvantages for buying, building or renting

Townhouse – Looking for a low cost property near the city as you are looking to buy a house? Then how about a terraced house instead of a costly villa or a large country house? A terraced house is the perfect alternative between a city apartment and a house in the countryside. Low purchase price, […]

Beach house: features, renting, buying or building and advantages & disadvantages of an investment

Beach house – Summer, sun and beach are in all your dreams? Tired of the hustle and bustle of big city life, crowds and stressed out shopping malls? Crowded parks aren’t enough nature in your life? How about a beach house? Best to buy a house as an investment. What many people only associate with […]

Holiday home: buy or build a dream home by the sea or lake? Advantages, disadvantages & tips

Holiday home – Who does not know it? You have simply fallen in love with a place and would love to spend every free minute there. But workplace and life focus are simply too much anchored in the actual home. In such a situation the option of a holiday home opens up. Whether at the […]

Prefabricated house: advantages & disadvantages at a glance, as well as costs and house types in comparison

Prefabricated house – The desire for a first own house is very big, especially as a young adult, and it is a big step: buy a house. Many feel the need to start a family and then live in the property of their dreams. If you’re planning to do this, you should start by asking […]

Solid house: materials, costs, duration & advantages of building your dream house

Massive house – You want to finally invest money in your first home and buy a house? Then you’ve come to the right place! Solid or prefabricated house, semi-detached house or a terraced house? Numerous factors such as costs, duration of construction or the materials play a role here and make the advantages and disadvantages […]

Passive house: sustainable and energy-efficient living? New construction, definition, costs and more

Passive House – Electricity and heating energy are driving factors for greenhouse gas emissions of a country. If you personally want to counter this problem, it is a good idea to invest some thought into sustainable living. Especially if you want to buy or build a house, you should inform yourself about sustainability, future prospects […]

Country house: Build, buy, furnish – your romantic-rustic cottage with garden

Country house – You want to buy a house and dream of an idyllic house in the country? When you think of a country house, the romantic, rustic style immediately comes to mind. Secluded, in the middle of nature with a very individual touch. The English cottage might be particularly romantic and dreamy here. Are […]

Single-family home: build, buy or rent? Modern ideas for your own home

Single-family home – The traditional single-family home has not been so traditional for a long time. Quite the opposite. The single-family house is rightly the most popular type of house in Germany and is becoming increasingly modern, although it continues to compete with other types of house such as the villa, the solid house or […]