Personalized Consulting – Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Personalized advice through AI-based solutions can be used not only in construction but also in other industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail. AI can help make data-based decisions by analyzing and processing information from various sources. Through personalization, customers can receive customized recommendations based on their specific needs and preferences. This can not only increase customer satisfaction, but also lead to greater efficiency and profitability for businesses. However, it is important to emphasize that AI-based solutions still need to be monitored and verified by humans to ensure the accuracy and fairness of decisions.

Personalized advice

In the interview Real Estate & AI with Lukinski, we talked about the future with AI. We had a few follow-up questions about the exciting topics and what we can expect in 4, 5 years. Among others, it was about:

Personalized consulting and AI

Personalized advice in construction is one way to use AI-based software solutions to provide customized recommendations and decision support to builders and architects.

This can be done using data from a variety of sources, such as the builder himself (e.g., design preferences and budget), satellite imagery (e.g., to analyze the surrounding area), or databases (e.g., to identify building materials and construction techniques).

The AI-based software solution uses this data and algorithms to generate personalized recommendations. For example, the software can suggest which building materials and techniques are best suited for a particular building based on factors such as location, climate, and building codes.

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Personalized consulting can also help speed up and simplify the decision-making process by helping builders and architects make the best choices. For example, the software can present different design options based on the builder’s preferences, helping them make a decision.

Personalized consulting can also help optimize costs and resources by helping builders and architects choose the best materials and construction techniques that are within the project’s budget.

Overall, personalized consulting through AI-based software solutions can help speed up the planning process, improve the quality of planning, and increase efficiency in the construction process.

Fancy more future?

Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence) – The Interview

Today and the future – How is a villa created and how would it be created if artificial intelligence were in play. This interview with Stephan Czaja of Lukinski provides an overview of the steps involved in planning and visualizing villas and their timeline. Architects usually create 3D visualizations to give their clients a better idea of their design.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can improve the process of 3D visualization in the future through automation, personalization, simulations, increased efficiency and real-time updates. Other possible developments include automation of planning, control of construction machinery by AI, creation of 4D visualizations, and personalized advice through AI-based tools. A look into today and the future with AI!