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NFT: Digital crypto art… what is it?! NFT Exchanges, Examples & Co – Interview

NFT or “Digital Crypto Art” – More and more people are talking about it. But what does this term mean and what is behind it? Today we met with Stephan Czaja, as an entrepreneur he writes more often about financial topics, whether cryptocurrency, real estate as an investment or currency trading. On the side, he […]

Real estate market in Frankfurt: Bockenheim, Gallus & Sachsenhausen-Nord – Real estate agent interview

Rent or buy in Frankfurt – Whether in Hausen or Bockenheim. In Frankfurt you are sure to find the right property for your ideas. The real estate agent Rainer Ballwanz tells you everything important about Frankfurt in his interview with us. Should you rather buy and rent? How good are the returns in Frankfurt and […]

Digital Avatars in Advertising: Virtual Reality in Campaigns – Stephan Czaja (Manager) in Interview

Digital avatars in advertising – Worldwide there are only 3 big creators of digital avatars (or virtual influencers, models). But, who actually makes the first virtual avatars, here in Europe? We met with Stephan Czaja, manager of Zoe and Ella, the first VR avatars and currently seen in the Buffalo London campaign. We talk to […]

SEO Text Writing: Search Engine Optimization for Google – Earn Money on the Internet (2/2)

Earn money on the Internet? Google is the largest search engine in the world. In Germany, in the USA, but also in other countries, the majority of search queries go through Google, over 90%. Who wants to buy, looks for information on the Internet. A high positioning in the search results is therefore so important […]

Set up WordPress: Download, Installation, Theme & Co – Earn money on the Internet (1/2)

You want to start your own business and still need the right website or your own online shop? Then WordPress is the solution for your sales and marketing! WordPress is free, please thousands of extensions and themes and is relatively quickly installed and set up. Here we have a collection of videos that you can […]

Model Coaching Backstage + Interview: Model Guru Lutz Marquardt (Tips for GNTM Castings)

We accompanied the model guru Lutz Marquardt during a model coaching for a model agency and asked him questions about “becoming a model”. His coaching is about self-confidence, body control and the right charisma. All this and much more you will learn exclusively with us. In our video you will find answers to the questions […]

Outfits for man & woman – summer trends & expert advice online

Everyone knows it – the days are getting longer, the temperature is rising. Like every year, summer is surprisingly just around the corner and the question of all questions is: What do I wear? What is in? What suits me? We can take all these questions, thoughts and worries away from you now. With this […]

Divorce settlement: Divorce with child and house – tips from our expert

Divorce settlement agreement – In the event of a separation or divorce, it makes sense to settle important points among themselves in advance in order to avoid disputes and to make the divorce simple. The so-called divorce settlement agreement can help with this problem. What should be regulated in it, what is required by law […]

Investment funds: Time-linked index purchase + ETF

Funds as an investment are particularly suitable for investors who do not want to deal with the news on a daily basis. The success of individual shares depends heavily on day-to-day business. So-called funds combine various securities into a bundled investment portfolio. Shares are generally regarded as risky and speculative. But there are also differences […]

The Content Book: Writing Good SEO Texts – Book Recommendation

Search engine optimization, so-called SEOs, are very important nowadays. While in the past, marketing still learned the classic advertising methods around direct sales or the distribution of flyers, today search engine optimization is one of the central tools. Especially when it comes to marketing products. For all self-employed people who own a small company, but […]

The Social Book: Social Media Management and Marketing – Book Recommendation

The Social Book (2nd edition) was published last week in bookstores. Stephan M. Czaja writes for the second time about Social Media Management and Marketing. Our book recommendation this week for self-employed, start-ups and those who want to become social media managers through studies or vocational training. The job is becoming more and more important […]

Model Casting – Become a Model Special #2

In the last episode on the subject of becoming a model, we dealt with the question of how best to effect in a model agency. This time it is generally about the casting situation! Like in Germany Next Topmodels you often see yourself as a model in black outfit in front of a jury of […]

Back to the roots: Johannes Bockemühl-Simon from JOBO in an interview about analog photography

Johannes Bockemühl-Simon in an interview- “No “Virtual Reality” – no “Augmented Reality” – but real photography”, this is how Johannes Bockemühl-Siomon describes analog photography. In our interview, the CEO of JOBO, who once developed NASA’s first lunar images for their authenticity, tells us what fascinates him so much about analog photography. Jobo’s products can be […]