Becoming a self-employed designer in the high fashion sector

Do you want to become an independent designer in the high fashion sector or even start your own high fashion label? Then there’s a lot to consider. I have been able to accompany many fashion labels in recent years and today I have my 3 most important tips for you. From experience, there are 3 […]

Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag: LV x Pharrell Williams – design, price, invest?

Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag – This bag went around the world today! The Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag is undoubtedly a revolutionary masterpiece in the world of fashion. This unique bag, part of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, is a tribute to Virgil Abloh (find out more about him after the bag) and represents the new luxury. […]

Real estate as an investment: 5 tips from experts

5 tips from experts for successfully investing in real estate as a capital investment – Real estate has always been considered a stable and profitable form of capital investment. If you’re thinking about investing in real estate, there are some important considerations and strategies that can help you succeed. In this article, you can benefit […]

TikTok Shop: Now in Germany! Interview with a TikTok expert – what you need to know!

Everyone is talking about TikTok. Everyone uses TikTok. Now something new is coming that you need to know about: TikTok Shops! We met directly with our social media expert Sina, who brings insights from her marketing agency on the new shopping function: What’s changing? What can you do? How can you earn money with a […]

Real Estate Podcast: The 9 best podcasts on Apple, Spotify & Co. – prices, management, investment

The 9 best real estate podcasts in Germany – Want to expand your real estate knowledge and learn about investing, property management and terminology? To go along with the best real estate apps, here’s a selection of the best real estate podcasts that will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips. From investment strategies […]

Fix & Flip in Germany: Earn money as a private person! Experience, Taxes, Interview

Fix & Flip in Germany – If you discuss with your friends or in a group about investments or making money, the word real estate will always come up at some point. Investing in real estate sounds simple and the principle is also quickly understood. You put money into a property and it increases in […]

Establish a family foundation: Legally reduce taxes to 15%! Foundation, advantages, interview

Establish a family foundation in Germany – Attention entrepreneurs! Are you an entrepreneur or already a medium-sized business owner and would like to build up your assets in a structured and secure way? Then you should consider setting up a family foundation – an often underestimated instrument that offers you numerous advantages. With a family […]

For whom are personal loans suitable and where are the stumbling blocks

Personal loans – It has never been easier to get one. Thanks to digitalization and internationalization, there are more and more providers offering a wide variety of loans. But for whom is a personal loan suitable and where are the potential problems and pitfalls? We’ve taken a closer look at this topic so that you […]

NFT: Digital crypto art… what is it?! NFT Exchanges, Examples & Co – Interview

NFT or “Digital Crypto Art” – More and more people are talking about it. But what does this term mean and what is behind it? Today we met with Stephan Czaja, as an entrepreneur he writes more often about financial topics, whether cryptocurrency, real estate as an investment or currency trading. On the side, he […]

Dog insurance: insure dogs cheaply and well? Dog health insurance

Dog insurance – Your dog gets sick? Your dog has an accident? Your dog is bitten by another or breaks something in your own home or in someone else’s house? At the latest now you need a dog insurance. All first questions, costs, providers you will find here! Whether you have a mixed breed dog, […]

Reduce your tax burden: What you should know about business expenses as a self-employed person

Reducing the tax burden – The idea is tempting: spending money and saving taxes at the same time. However, the legislator does not make it quite so easy for the solo self-employed. Because although as your own boss you enjoy some tax freedoms that, for example, a salaried employee doesn’t have, you can’t claim all […]

Become a Speaker: Earn money with knowledge, checklist and tips from the expert – Interview

Become a Speaker – What does a Speaker do? How much does a speaker earn? How do you become a speaker, do you need training? After our speaker agency interview, we got some feedback on the topic of being a speaker and becoming a speaker. So today we had a quick catch up with the […]

Tax consultant: What does a tax consultant do? Tasks, accounting, tax return, save taxes

Tax consultant tasks – Do I have to hire a tax consultant? What tasks does a tax consultant perform? How much does a tax consultant cost? Here you will find the answers to your questions and much more information about tax advisors in your area, finding a tax advisor, costs, tasks, financial accounting, annual financial […]

Hiring a tax advisor: 3 mistakes! Too much tax, too much advice and costs

Hiring a tax accountant / Mistake – You want to find a good tax accountant near you! Because, you want to avoid risks and dangers, after all, it will cost you cash if you hire the wrong firm for your accounting. Costs for additional processing, advice and service, and of course losses, for example, if […]

Taxes in Germany: Income tax, trade tax, sales tax & Co. explained

Taxes in Germany – Whether income tax, wage tax, real estate transfer tax or trade tax: There are many taxes in Germany. You can ask your tax advisor or build up knowledge yourself! So it’s understandable that many people find it difficult to keep track of them all. Here we present you the German tax […]