Dog insurance: insure dogs cheaply and well? Dog health insurance

Dog insurance – Your dog gets sick? Your dog has an accident? Your dog is bitten by another or breaks something in your own home or in someone else’s house? At the latest now you need a dog insurance. All first questions, costs, providers you will find here! Whether you have a mixed breed dog, Labrador or Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Yorkshire and Jack Russell Terrier or even a Miniature Spitz and Australian Shepard – there are two types of insurance: The dog health insurance and the dog liability insurance.

Health insurance and liability insurance

You’ve bought your first dog, but you don’t know which insurance to choose?

Important question:

How to insure a dog?

The 2 types of insurance for dogs

As already described in the introduction, there are basically two insurances for dogs:

  1. Health insurance – insurance against costs incurred due to illness
  2. Liability insurance (optional) – insurance protects against the financial burden of damage claims

Just as with us humans, one thing is important: basic protection. This includes health insurance, should there be unplanned, higher costs, such as an operation.

The bigger your dog, the more you should think about liability insurance. This is not even about your dog biting someone, but also about general small damages that can occur at any time. For example, when playing in your own home or in other people’s homes.

Dog insurance: My + Alternative

I looked through all the comparison portals, all the calculators and finally decided on Agila, because it was also recommended to me by other dog owners. Here you have everything so far, including the cost coverage for medically necessary operations.


A good alternative is also Petplan.

Also when playing with kids.

Is dog insurance compulsory?

None of the insurances are obligatory. So you are free to decide whether you want to take out health insurance or liability insurance for your dog, you are not obliged to do so.

  • Compulsory? No

What should insurance offer you?

If something happens, then especially the processing of damage reports should go quickly. Free choice of veterinarian is important, so you can choose freely, for a good veterinarian in your area, more tips on this later!

This is what a good dog insurance should be able to do:

  • Fast processing of damage reports
  • Free choice of vet for you
  • Suitable and comprehensive insurance cover
  • Precaution included
  • Discounts for two or more pets

Cost of insurance: month and year

Now for one of the most important questions:

What is the cost of insurance for a dog?

Of course, all services, providers and conditions are different. Here is a first overview.

How much does dog health insurance cost?

For a typical dog insurance you pay, of course, depending on the provider, between 5 euros and 18 euros per month. The respective premium amount depends primarily on which benefits you want to claim for your dog. A second important factor is the deductible. Do you want the costs to be covered completely or do you want to pay a part yourself? Depending on this, the prices are therefore between 5 euros and 18 euros.

  • Health insurance starts at 5 euros / month
  • Most expensive insurance at about 18 euros / month

So in a year, as a dog owner, you can expect to pay a triple-digit amount for insurance.

  • As a rule: 3-digit amount / year
  • Cheap (less power) from 60 euros / year
  • Expensive (more power) up to 216 euros / year

How much does dog liability insurance cost?

The premium amount of the dog liability insurance depends mainly on your desired sum insured. With 10 million euros of damage, you pay about 4 to 5 euros per month.

  • Liability insurance about 5 euros / month

Annually thus round about 50 euro – 60 euro, depending upon offerer of the dog adhesion insurance.

  • Liability insurance 60 Euro / year

Also for fighting dogs. As described, it depends on the amount of insurance.

Do I need health insurance for my dog?

Insurance is there to cover costs that, in case of doubt, exceed one’s own budget. An operation with follow-up costs, is in the four-digit range. Small matters at the vet cost 50 euros to 200 euros. If you can easily pay such amounts, it theoretically works without dog insurance. The small monthly amount protects you from larger costs.

The dog insurance is comparable with an own health insurance. Of course, you try to stay healthy, for years nothing happens and then suddenly comes the moment when you may have to rely on health insurance. Hospitalization, the operation, medications,…. If you can afford to pay 20,000 or 30,000 euros out of your own pocket, in theory you don’t need insurance. In practice, however, it saves you from a big cost shock with a small monthly amount.

My mistake: locked too late!

My mistake was that I took out the insurance too late. So I still had to pay for the first treatments myself.

When should I buy insurance?

You should take out dog insurance at the same time as you buy your dog. If you want to buy a puppy, for example, many insurance companies already cover the first vaccinations and deworming.

For example, I made the mistake of first paying for everything myself and then 3 months later I registered the dog insurance. Of course, this way I had to pay for the first vaccinations and deworming, with a visit to the vet, myself. In total, the cost for my puppy was about 240 euros for all appointments. Money, which I could have saved directly!

You can easily buy the insurance online, you also need only a few data from your dog, for example, the color of the coat, the breed and the weight.

Animal and veterinarian

Who can be insured?

What breeds of dogs are insured?

All dog breeds can be insured, whether German shepherd, dachshund, rough-haired dachshund, Labrador and golden retriever, dwarf spitz or even poodle and boxer. So it doesn’t matter which dog you buy, because every breed can be insured.

The most popular dog breeds are mainly:

  1. Mixed breed dogs
  2. Labrador Retriever
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. German shepherd dog
  5. Yorkshire Terrier
  6. Jack Russell Terrier
  7. Beagle
  8. Chihuahua
  9. Australian Shepard
  10. German boxer

What animals can be insured?

Of course, not only dogs can be insured. If you also have a cat or a rabbit, you can insure them as well. Tip, if you register a second pet with an insurance company, you often even get a discount. The most common pets that are registered with a pet insurance company include:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbit

How do I find a good veterinarian?

My tip for finding a good vet nearby: Just ask other dog owners you will meet everywhere on the street.

If you need to find a vet quickly, take a look at Google Maps. Here you will find markers, so you can see directly how far away the vet is, as well as reviews from other users. So if the vet already has 30, 40 reviews and they are over 4.5 stars, it should be a good, reputable vet for your little dog.

Conclusion: Insure your dog!

Now you’ve really learned a lot when it comes to dog insurance! Here are my recommendations again. If your bank account isn’t bulging and 4-figure bills don’t shock you, you may not need insurance. But if you’d rather pay a small monthly amount and be covered, you should opt for insurance for your dog!

Dog insurance: My + Alternative

I looked through all the comparison portals, all the calculators and finally decided on Agila, because it was also recommended to me by other dog owners. Here you have everything so far, including the cost coverage for medically necessary operations.

Petplan is also a good alternative.

Basic equipment dog: checklist

Not only the right insurance for the dog, there is more to the basic equipment.

No matter what breed of dog or what type of mixed breed, there are exactly 6 things you need when buying your first dog or puppy! So to speak, the basic equipment for your puppy and the first days together in the house or apartment. With this checklist, you have everything important! The right food for puppies, two bowls for food and water, a leash with collar and / or harness (safer), toys and very important…