Dog food: wet food, dry food, treats – snack ideas for your dog & puppies

Dog Food – What is the best dog food on the market? What is the best dry / wet dog food? Which snack is the tastiest? I’m on the hunt for tasty snacks for my puppy pretty much every weekend. Since I’ve basically bought out my favorite dog specialty store a few blocks away, I’ve been on the hunt online. Here I am collecting new, interesting brands and snack ideas for you. My puppy is currently 5 months old, so you’ll be discovering more here as time goes on!

Dog food: The big test

I currently feed my puppy three times a day, morning, noon and night. Between the meals there are then of course still small snacks! Especially small dogs are very active in the first months and years! They like to play, they like to bark. We have two puppies at the same time, brother and sister, accordingly they are the whole day at the romp and also hungry, at noon, in the evening and in the morning.

Variety is a must! Nobody wants to eat the same thing every day, not even your dog.

Dog food: regular feeding besides snacks

Before we get to the snacks, here’s a little look at what my little pup likes best!

Dogs love anything from the animal – If you’re going to buy your first puppy, be sure, dogs love pretty much anything with and from animals; no matter what you think. Even if you’re a vegetarian yourself, dogs love dried ears (yes), feet, little wound up skewers, pretty much any scraps left over from the animal.

Wet food or dry food?

I try to feed wet food in the morning and evening and at lunchtime they have a bowl of dry food. But when it comes to wet food they also like small carrots, peas, sbe4 but noodles and of course rice in the meals.

Besides your regular feedings, there are of course little treats.

Snacks and treats: recommendations

I like treats best that my puppy can chew on for a long time, for example chew sticks. Because, now it’s not just about food, it’s also about activity. Trust me:

Dogs love to chew. It calms them down!

On a single chicken foot, my little dog can nibble for up to five, six hours. Sometimes she nibbles for two hours at a stretch without a break.

In general, I make sure that my dog doesn’t get too many snacks, in addition to her regular meals. I don’t want her to get used to having food all the time. Sometimes I give her treats because she did something great or to cheer her up in between meals. But usually I give a maximum of five small snacks (mini-snacks) and maybe two bigger ones (chew sticks) in between. That is easily enough for my little Pomeranian!

How many snacks and treats your dog can tolerate should depend on your dog and his personality. Are you out and about a lot? Is your dog big or small? Have more questions? Read all about it here:

Now let’s get to my big snack test!

Snack test: These treats give my dog

As you’ve read, I’ve bought the pet supply store down my street before. That’s why I sometimes go on the search for new little snack ideas for my dog during my lunch break. I want to share a few treats that she particularly enjoyed with you here.

Organic dog food?! Yarrah ordered & tested

Summer is starting and by now my dog has had his fill of the supplies from the supermarket and pet supply store. So I need some new treats and snacks in my cupboard. This week I took a look at Yarrah. They’ve been producing Organic-Organic since 1992, what’s the advantage of organic products? The manufacturer produces pure organic certified food. That means no chemical fragrances, colors, flavors, pesticides, or GMOs (genetic engineering).

Everyone loves organic, but does my dog? Food for your dog has effects on the coat, but also on digestion, well-being and energy, whether puppy or older dog. Organic is an important topic for many, it’s about farming methods and animal welfare. But it is also about taste and a better feeling when buying. That’s why, for example, I also like to go for organic products at a fair price.

Now the question: Are there also good organic alternatives for dog food and snacks? With this question, I came to Yarrah. Yarrah is the largest supplier of organic dog food. Summer is starting and by now my dog has had enough of the supplies from the supermarket and pet supply store. So I need some new treats and snacks for my dog, in my pantry. This week I ordered from Yarrah for the first time, and everything arrived today. What can organic from Yarrah do? Our little taste test!

Buying your first dog: XXL Guide

Great snacks, a fair price and organic production since 1992. The delivery was fast. All in all: 4.7 / 5.0 from our tester! Plus, the good feeling and purely organic certified, so without chemical fragrances, colors, flavors, pesticides and GMOs (genetic engineering). Read more about Yarrah here and find these and new snacks for your dog online:

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