Becoming a self-employed designer in the high fashion sector

Do you want to become an independent designer in the high fashion sector or even start your own high fashion label? Then there’s a lot to consider. I have been able to accompany many fashion labels in recent years and today I have my 3 most important tips for you. From experience, there are 3 […]

Model: Requirements, application, model agency & tips! 33 questions to Stephan Czaja

Becoming a model – Stephan Czaja, owner of CM Models gives us answers to all important questions today! The new season of Germany’s next Topmodel is on and hundreds of thousands of young girls are following Heidi Klum’s show. Stephan takes us behind the scenes of haute couture, advertising and casting today. What do you […]

TikTok Shop: Now in Germany! Interview with a TikTok expert – what you need to know!

Everyone is talking about TikTok. Everyone uses TikTok. Now something new is coming that you need to know about: TikTok Shops! We met directly with our social media expert Sina, who brings insights from her marketing agency on the new shopping function: What’s changing? What can you do? How can you earn money with a […]

Real Estate Podcast: The 9 best podcasts on Apple, Spotify & Co. – prices, management, investment

The 9 best real estate podcasts in Germany – Want to expand your real estate knowledge and learn about investing, property management and terminology? To go along with the best real estate apps, here’s a selection of the best real estate podcasts that will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips. From investment strategies […]

Become a Speaker: Earn money with knowledge, checklist and tips from the expert – Interview

Become a Speaker – What does a Speaker do? How much does a speaker earn? How do you become a speaker, do you need training? After our speaker agency interview, we got some feedback on the topic of being a speaker and becoming a speaker. So today we had a quick catch up with the […]

SEO Text Writing: Search Engine Optimization for Google – Earn Money on the Internet (2/2)

Earn money on the Internet? Google is the largest search engine in the world. In Germany, in the USA, but also in other countries, the majority of search queries go through Google, over 90%. Who wants to buy, looks for information on the Internet. A high positioning in the search results is therefore so important […]

Set up WordPress: Download, Installation, Theme & Co – Earn money on the Internet (1/2)

You want to start your own business and still need the right website or your own online shop? Then WordPress is the solution for your sales and marketing! WordPress is free, please thousands of extensions and themes and is relatively quickly installed and set up. Here we have a collection of videos that you can […]

Found a company: Sole proprietor, UG, OHG, KG, GmbH, AG?! – List

Founding a company – You want to found your own company? Then you can choose from many different types of companies. These include, for example, the sole proprietor with full liability. But there are also forms with limited liability such as the UG (entrepreneurial company) and GmbH (limited liability company). In addition, there are types […]

Top 5 job exchange: job offers + tips for jobs, application & job search

Job board – Here are our tips for your application and job search! Looking for and finding jobs is an extremely individual process. It depends on what stage of life you are in. But it is also important how much experience you have gained, regardless of your age. What is your family situation, how much […]

Models of the last decades

The world of modeling has changed a lot in the last few years. The stars of the 90s are still indispensable and have shaped the industry. So the prospective models are welcome to take a slice of the 90s stars! Today the focus is on different things than back then. Instagram and Co. plays a […]

Fashion magazine internship: editorial office & learn content marketing – apply now!

Internship in a fashion magazine? That doesn’t just sound interesting, it’s a creative way to enter the fashion and media world. You have just finished school and want to gain experience in the professional world or do you need a compulsory internship at university? Then you’ve come to the right place in the online editorial […]

Internship at a model agency?! Experience with CM Models

What is actually behind the Vogue cover and the fashion magazines? How are the models found and how do they get their jobs? How do you know which one is the perfect model and who is behind it all? I was allowed to take a look behind the scenes and got an insight into what […]

Learn to photograph XXL: Accessories and technology for your camera

Photography is more than just a camera. If you want to take good photos, you need the right accessories. As a photographer you have to think of many extras. You need a good lens and you need to be able to capture all your subjects the way you want them. In the studio, you need […]

Learn to photograph XXL: Basics, which camera, portrait, landscape & Co. for beginners

Learning to photograph takes time. Most of them start with portraits, then photograph not only at home, but more and more outside and discover more and more motives in the studio as well as outside. But how do you photograph landscapes perfectly? What do you have to pay attention to when you photograph animals in […]

Stocks, funds, gold or real estate?! Financial trends in the Corona crisis – Analysis

Every crisis has its very own winners. In our big investment guide, we have talked about the various forms of safe investments. These include the very safe models, e.g. savings accounts, time deposits or overnight money as well as speculative investment objects and shares. By the serious Corona Pandemie the courses of the large stock […]

Money, beliefs and financial patterns: Professional & financial success

Financial patterns and money – Why do you think successful people are successful? Especially those who managed to become a millionaire with 0 Euro equity? Selfmade millionaire is the magic word. Many are looking for it: Happiness, success, freedom. Those who have read the book “Richer than the Geissens” know that success is above all […]