Found a company: Sole proprietor, UG, OHG, KG, GmbH, AG?! – List

Founding a company – You want to found your own company? Then you can choose from many different types of companies. These include, for example, the sole proprietor with full liability. But there are also forms with limited liability such as the UG (entrepreneurial company) and GmbH (limited liability company). In addition, there are types such as OHG (general partnership), KG (limited partnership) and the AG (public limited company). Which is the right one? Where are the differences? Here is a list of business forms that you can set up. In addition, you will find a link to further information in each case: Process, foundation, up to the topic of taxes, which will be very important for you as an entrepreneur. Good luck with learning & founding!

Start a company: But which one? List

Shall we list all possible business forms in Germany? There are sole proprietorships, civil law partnerships (GbR), registered traders (e.K.), general partnerships (OHG), limited partnerships (KG), entrepreneurial companies (UG), limited liability companies (GmbH) and public limited companies (AG). In addition, there are sometimes even more special forms, such as the GmbH, the GmbH & Co KG and GmbH & Co OHG, and even family foundations. Which type of company is right for you, your requirements and your goals?

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Company: List

  1. Sole trader / sole proprietor
  2. Civil law partnership (GbR)
  3. Registered businessman (e.K.)
  4. General partnership (OHG)
  5. Limited partnership (KG)
  6. Entrepreneurial company (UG)
  7. Limited liability company (GmbH)
  8. Stock corporation (AG)

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Find a business idea: Idea to business plan

From the idea to the finished business plan, before you decide on a type of company, you need a valid (profitable) business idea. But how do you come up with a good business idea, with as much demand and as little competition as possible? Here’s a little free guide for you and your business idea:

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