Taxes & capital gains video tips: Capital gains tax, tax return & Co.

Capital gains – Some people may have heard the term before. However, there may also be people who can not yet do so much with the term. What it is exactly and what it has to do with taxes, you will learn here. Capital gains tax, tax return, dividends and interest in relation to taxes are also addressed. You will also get tips for tax returns and for more net income. If you are interested in the topic of taxes and capital gains, then perhaps the topic of videos taxes and real estate is also relevant for you.

Investment Income & Taxes

What are capital gains actually? And how do they relate to taxes? How much tax do I actually have to pay on my capital? In these videos, the term capital gains is defined for you. You will also receive useful information on topics such as capital gains tax or the taxation of interest. With tips and tricks from experts, you too can learn with the help of these videos how to save taxes and keep as much of your capital as possible.

Tip! Overview Taxes XXL

Taxes are often a vexing topic, especially in Germany. Wage tax, value added tax, real estate transfer tax and much more: it is not easy to keep track of everything. But if you’re not interested in employing a tax consultant, who can be quite expensive, you need to get to grips with the subject of taxes. We want to help you with that! Here you will find an overview of guides as well as book and video tips on the subject of taxes. Whether we introduce you to individual types of German taxes or you watch a video on the subject of tax returns, all your questions about German taxes will be answered here.

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Find a tax consultant: near you

Are you still looking for the right tax advisor in your area? Then take a look at our lists: We have compiled the best-rated tax consultants for you for almost every city in Germany, where you should always receive good advice. You can find more information about tax advisors in your area here.

Capital gains: Definition, Explanation & Tips

Before you get to know and understand the capital gains tax, you should know what exactly capital gains actually are. In these videos, both technical terms will be explained to you comprehensively, so that you soon have the overview and no longer pay unnecessary taxes. Good luck and have fun learning!

Capital gains – what is meant?

In this video, an expert explains to you what capital gains actually are. With the help of this know-how, it will be easier for you to understand taxes and to have a better overview of your tax return in the future.

Capital gains tax

You can find valuable information on the subject of capital gains tax in the following video. It also talks about the final withholding tax.

A for equity gains & Z for interest – taxes

You can learn more about these topics and also about dividends in the following video.

Tips: Net & Tax Return

Also some tips are described here. So who is interested, just scroll down further.

Net: tips on how to get more of it

In the video below, you’ll find tips on the topic including social security contributions and taxes. Stay tuned for tips on how to save.

Tax return tips

Filing taxes is a costly affair for many people. However, there are also some tips to get money back. If you want to learn them, just watch the following video.

Further information on the subject of taxes

Want to know more about taxes, capital gains and finance? Then check out our other book and video recommendations on the topic of taxes. How do you file a tax return and what should you keep in mind? You can find out this and much more here!

Tax basics

Doing your taxes: Do you know how? What are taxes and what are they used for? Here you can find out everything about taxes – from the basics to the different types of taxes and how to file a tax return. If you want to know even more, then we have a great article on the tax basics: income, sales & Co.

Tax tips & tax tricks

Tax tips and tax tricks – Almost everyone knows it, it comes the time in the year there it is called: The tax return is due. For many, this is still a vexing topic, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right tax return and the appropriate tips, you can often get a lot of money back. We have compiled the most important and exciting tips and tricks for you, so that you can also save money and look forward to the next tax assessment in the future!

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Here you can return to the overview of book and video recommendations on the subject of taxes in Germany. Tax forms, tax rates, tax returns and much more will be explained to you by experts and made understandable. In this XXL guide you will find information and articles on the most diverse questions on the subject of taxes.

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