FIV Issue #13 : Buy property in Germany

FIV Issue #13 – The latest issue of our FIV Magazine is a collaboration between FIV Magazine and Lukinski. In the magazine you will learn everything about buying real estate: Where is the best place to buy real estate, what do I need to consider, and what about taxes? After reading our magazine you are guaranteed to be a real estate expert. So have fun browsing through it!

New issue#13: Buying property in Germany

Here you will find a small overview of the topics printed in the new issue:

  • Buying real estate in Germany: Overview of major cities
  • Everything about buying real estate: tips & explanations
  • Taxes: Everything about taxes!

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Buying real estate: wealth accumulation, investment & inflation

The inflation of money is omnipresent. If you invest money today, it will only be worth half in 30 years. This article compares the classic investment of money in the bank with a capital investment in the form of real estate. Real estate creates “real value. Find out what that means here!

Taxes: Basics, Real Estate, Books, Videos, Tips & Tricks – Guidebook

Taxes are often a tiresome topic, especially in Germany. A tax advisor can help or you can learn how taxes work. It is not that difficult! Wage tax, value added tax, real estate transfer tax (read more here: Taxes in Germany) and much more: it’s not easy to keep track of everything. But if you are not interested in hiring an expensive tax consultant (read more about tax consultant costs), you have to deal with the topic of taxes intensively. We want to help you with that! Here you will find an overview of guides as well as book and video tips on the subject of taxes. Whether we introduce you to individual types of German taxes or you watch a video on the subject of tax returns, all your questions about German taxes will be answered here.