FIV Issue #28 with Zoe Wees, Stefanie Giesinger x Viva con Agua

FIV Issue #28 is out now! The highlight: Zoe Wees, Stefanie Giesinger x Viva con Agua. Doing good is so easy, you can start at the supermarket and think about buying Viva con Aqua products, they are also more and more common in cafes and restaurants! With Issue #28, we also wanted to raise a little awareness because it’s about a necessary and pressing issue: clean drinking water. Learn more about Vica con Aqua here!

How important is support from stars like Zoe & Stefanie?

It is very important for well-known singers and social media stars to advocate for projects like Viva con Agua, as they have a wide reach and a strong presence on social media, enabling them to reach a wide audience and draw attention to important issues.

By using their platform to promote social and humanitarian projects, celebrities like Zoe Wees and Stefanie Giesinger can help raise awareness and donations for specific issues. They can also help to positively influence the image of an organization, highlighting the importance and urgency of its work.

Access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities

In terms of Viva con Agua, it’s especially important because it revolves around a necessary and pressing issue: access to clean drinking water and sanitation, especially in developing countries. Celebrities can help draw attention to these issues and show that everyone can make a contribution to help.

Celebrity involvement can also help attract interest from sponsors and supporters and secure funding for projects. It can also help reach a wider audience and increase the impact of the work.

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Zoe Wees “Water is a human RIGHT”

Zoe Wees started her music career in 2020 with her debut album “Control”. She shared her music on YouTube and Instagram and quickly built a loyal fanbase. Her first big hit was “Control,” which charted in Germany and internationally. Her sound is inspired by pop and R&B and her lyrics are often about personal experiences and emotions.

She also has a strong presence on social media and has shown in her music videos and live performances that she is a strong and confident singer. She has also won several awards and was named “Newcomer of the Year” at the Echo Awards 2020.

Technically, Zoe Wees has a strong and powerful voice that makes her able to sing both soft and powerful tones. She has also shown that she is able to sing different genres, from pop and R&B to soul and blues. She has also shown that she has a good sense of melodies and harmonies and that she is able to express her thoughts and emotions through her music.

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Stefanie Giesinger “Water is a human RIGHT”

Stefanie Giesinger is a German model and reality TV star. She became famous when she participated in the ninth season of Germany’s Next Topmodel in 2014 and came in second place. Since then she has worked as a model and has appeared in various advertising campaigns and fashion shows around the world.

She has also appeared in various reality TV shows like “Let’s Dance” and “Promi Big Brother”. She also has her own fashion line called “Stefanie Giesinger x mister*lady” and has launched her own cosmetics brand “Giesinger Beauty”.

Stefanie Giesinger also has a strong presence on social media and has over 4 million followers on Instagram. She uses her platform to write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and also shares personal experiences and adventures. She has also participated in various charity projects and has worked for Viva con Aqua, among others.

Viva con Agua: The Mission

Viva con Agua is a non-profit organization focused on providing clean drinking water and sanitation in developing countries. It was founded in 2007 by a group of friends and has since implemented projects in over 20 countries.

The organization has established a partnership with the music and cultural industries, working with musicians, artists and event organizers to raise awareness and funds for the need for clean drinking water. It has also organized a number of music festivals and events to raise money for its projects.

Viva con Agua is also known for its creative and innovative campaigns aimed at raising public awareness and funds for the issue of clean drinking water. It also has a strong presence on social media and works closely with other NGOs and governments to achieve its goals.

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