Vacation in Czech Republic: Top 3 Cities, Spas & Festivals

Holidays in the Czech Republic – known for its historic towns, relaxing spas, mountainous tantra and of course wafers. The Czech Republic is a great holiday destination if you fancy wellness, shopping, nature walks and castle sightseeing. As a centrally located country, you also have a short driving time, so you can quickly take a weekend trip from Germany or Austria.

Whether with the whole family or with your partner, you can experience a lot in the Czech Republic. Besides medieval flair you can enjoy local beer and goulash in cities like Prague and Krumlov and the spas in the west of the country invite you to relax. Read more about the small country in the middle of Europe in this article, which enchants everyone who has been there!

Czech Republic: Nature, good food and recreation

Centrally located in Central Europe, rich in castles and chateaux and local beers, the Czech Republic is a country with much to discover. In addition to skiing and winter sports areas, you can discover towns and villages with medieval and baroque charm. The capital Prague invites you to shop and stroll and gives you an insight into the history of the country through the many historic buildings. To start with, here is a short overview of what you should know before your next holiday in the Czech Republic!

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Czech Republic: location on the map

Here you get an overview of the location of the Czech Republic. The country borders Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

Getting there: What you should know before your vacation

Before you start your next trip to the Czech Republic, you should learn a few things about the country. We have summarized the most important things for you here. First of all, the Czech Republic has kept the Czech crown as currency, the small change is called Heller. Even though you can pay with debit or credit card almost everywhere nowadays, you should get some change before you start your trip – just in case.

Here are 4 first facts you should know:

  1. A speed limit of 130 km/h applies on Czech motorways
  2. Alcohol may only be purchased from the age of 18
  3. Life in the Czech Republic is relatively cheap

Climate: Warm summers & cold winters

The weather in the Czech Republic is mostly temperate, which is what you are used to in Germany. Depending on your preference, the country is designed for holidays around the year. Are you spontaneous and want to make a city trip through the Czech Republic? The months of May to September are best for this, as it can get very cold and gloomy in the winter. However, if you are a fan of winter sports, the cold months are perfect for you!

Here again in brief the best times for your trip:

  • December till March: Winter sports
  • May to September: City breaks
  • June to August: Mountaineering and Outdoor
  • September: All activities possible

Here you can find a current overview of the weather in Czechs:

Prague: City trip in the heart of the Czech Republic

Want to experience the perfect city break for the weekend? Then Prague is the perfect place to go. The so-called city of a hundred towers is known for combining the diversity of Europe. Medieval, Baroque and Gothic – in Prague you’ll find something from every period of history.

In addition to monuments, you can go shopping in the city centre, stroll along the Vltava River and in the evening try culinary specialties and local beer in one of the many restaurants. Check out our favourite route to discover the whole city here!

Map: Explore Prague in one day

Prague has a lot to offer. Besides shopping and restaurants, you can experience culture at its best in Prague. So that you can start your trip relaxed and do not forget any sights, we have put together an itinerary that takes you through the city. Our route includes a great mix of culture, shopping, culinary delights and more and brings you closer to Prague in just one day. See Prague’s landmarks like the Prague Castle and enjoy the view over the whole city from the Petřín lookout tower. After a successful day, you can end the evening in Prague’s Old Town.

City tour: Sightseeing and shopping

Here you find again briefly the intermediate stops of the route:

  • Start: St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Prague Castle
  • PetÅín lookout tower
  • Charles Bridge
  • Prague City Hall Clock
  • End: Old Town Square with shopping mall

Check out our route through the city on this map!

Insider tip: Signal Festival

Every year in October the Signal Festival takes place in Prague, where the whole city is bathed in light, installed and presented by artists and technologists. The video gives you some impressions of the beautiful festival!

Tour: View of the shopping mile in Prague

Shopping is your thing and you like to go shopping in the big city? In Prague you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Here you will find luxury boutiques like Gucci, Prada and Hermés as well as fast fashion offers like H&M for the smaller purse. Here you will find an insight into the beautiful shopping mile, which invites you to stroll and wander.

Luxury brands are right up your street? Then find out about your favourite brand and learn all about the latest brands in our XXL brand guide.

Krumlov: Holiday resort in the south of the Czech Republic

Krumlov – or locally Český Krumlov – on the Vltava River is located directly on the largest river in the Czech Republic. As a real travel highlight, you simply must have seen this UNESCO – World Heritage City! The core of the city is the beautiful, historic old town, with numerous medieval buildings.

Between beautiful colorful houses you can wander through the narrow streets and let the historical flair affect you. For real foodies is also provided, because Krumlov has numerous cafes and real specialties to offer.

Our insider tip: Every year in December, the traditional Christmas market takes place on the main square in Krumau, which invites you to stroll, feast and shop with its glittering lights.

Map: Tour of the city

Our tour starts in the huge castle complex that towers over Krumlov on a mountain. Just a five-minute walk from the old town, it’s also super central and the perfect starting point for your sightseeing. The best part? The entire castle grounds are free to walk around, with only some exhibitions and tours of the buildings requiring an entrance fee. So you can enjoy the first hours in Krumau relaxed with a walk through the castle gardens and courtyards and then start the further way down to the old town.

Here again briefly the best sights of the sightseeing:

  • Cesky Krumlov Castle
  • Mantle Bridge
  • Budweiser Gate
  • Krumlov castle tower
  • Old Town

Insights about Krumlov: city centre and castle

This short video will bring you closer to the city before your trip. Get an impression of the beautiful buildings! Maybe we have awakened your travel longing?


West Bohemian Spa Triangle: Pure Romanticism

The West Bohemian Triangle includes three of the most romantic towns in the Czech Republic – Franzensbad, Marienbad and Karlsbad. The Czech Republic has a long history of spas and health resorts and has built a reputation as one of the best spa countries in the world. Many famous people have visited the spas for relaxation and recreation, including Mark Twain, Goethe and the Russian Tsar Peter the Great.

Map: The spa triangle in the west of the Czech Republic

On this map you can see the route how to explore all three cities in one day. You start in either Mariánské Lázn? or Karlovy Vary, as the cities are really arranged like a triangle on the map. Franzensbad is right in between and forms the center of the route.

Marienbad: Idyllic spa town in the Czech Republic

You finally need a bit of relaxation from the stress of everyday life and want to really relax again? Then Mariánské Lázn? is the perfect place for you to do something good for your body. The spa resorts in the Czech Republic are relaxation for body and mind, the tranquility there works wonders.

For people with health problems Mariánské Lázn? is a wonderful place, because more than 40 mineral springs contribute to the improvement of various diseases. In addition to the numerous wellness offers, you can take trips and walks in the nature and discover beautiful lakes and forests.

This map shows you the route you can walk through the city to discover the most popular six springs. Each of the springs has a different effect on the body, which you should know about beforehand. The good thing is that each of the springs is freely accessible to everyone.

Here again the sources at a glance:

  • Forest spring (Lesni pramen)
  • Cross spring (Pavilon KÅížového pramen)
  • Ambrose Spring (Ambrožův pramen)
  • Caroline Spring
  • Ferdinand Source
  • Rudolf Spring

Here you can see the Caroline Spring, which rises in a beautiful temple-like building!

City centre: Historical centre as in Goethe’s time

The cityscape of Mariánské Lázn? is characterized by green spaces, mineral springs and mountain ranges. Anyone who has been there knows how difficult it is to distinguish the actual city from a park. Beautiful hotels in historic buildings line the streets and the fresh air is good for the soul. Here you will first get a glimpse of the beautiful historic city centre of Marienbad.

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