Scarves as a fashionable accessory

In the winter months as a warming accessory, the neckerchief also belongs to the modern outfit of the woman in summer. Whether as a colourful accent or coordinated with the clothing, scarves are a popular extra at any time of the year. The small scarves have a great effect and are also very functional.

Small, practical, functional

Scarves and shawls are part of the outfit for the modern woman. In winter, a scarf offers excellent protection from the cold and in the summer months, it is the perfect way to enhance any style. With a scarf around the neck every lady feels shiny. The scarves and shawls can also be easily removed and stored in the handbag if necessary. But the special thing about this accessory is its versatility itself. Scarves are available in many different variations, made of countless types of fabric, in an endless range of colours.

One cloth – many materials

The material is mainly responsible for the wearing comfort. Only a pleasantly soft material feels good on the skin. Cuddly materials such as wool or cashmere also keep you nice and warm, while lighter materials such as silk or cotton are best suited for the warm season. They decorate the neck without adding too much warmth. Scarves made of viscose or synthetic fibres also offer a high degree of wearing comfort and are also available in numerous colours, patterns and designs.

Stily combined for a unique look

Each scarf and shawl can be worn in different ways. Especially the neckerchief is very versatile regarding the way it can be worn. For a serious look the scarf is tied around the neck in a stylish loop look. This also fits perfectly to a business outfit. Well wrapped it goes off into the spare time. The scarf simply wrapped loosely around the neck looks very casual. So-called loop scarves are ring-shaped scarves which are considered to be very practical accessories. Doubled around the neck the scarf looks a bit messy, but this is exactly the way to emphasize casual outfits.

Colours and patterns for stylish combinations

Nowadays, scarves and shawls are available in almost every imaginable colour and colour combination. With patterns or attractive designs they give the wearer that certain something, her individuality. Plain-coloured scarves can be optimally combined with colourful outfits. With a patterned scarf, on the other hand, possibly in a very strong colour or colour combination, fashion-conscious ladies set colourful accents with rather plain outfits. This makes the scarf a focal point. Scarves and shawls with graphic prints are very individual. Witty or elegant, serious or funny, the prints speak for themselves and help to give the outfit more expressiveness.

Easy to care and clean

Often it is perfectly sufficient to air the scarf well after wearing it. For this purpose, it is simply hung outside for a short time. This way unpleasant odours disappear from the fabric and the scarf can be worn again. If there are stains on the scarf, these must of course be removed. Many materials, such as cotton or synthetic fibre mixtures, can be washed in the washing machine without any problems and often tolerate washing temperatures of up to 40° C. Sensitive materials such as silk or cashmere, however, should only be cleaned by hand. It is also advisable to avoid using strong detergents to avoid damaging the material.


With a neckerchief every woman can visually enhance her appearance. Any clothing, no matter how casual, becomes a noble outfit. Materials such as cotton, silk, viscose, cashmere or wool have their very special characteristics, which make the scarf a woman’s faithful companion for summer and winter. The different wearing styles make it possible to use one scarf for different occasions, sometimes sporty, sometimes elegant, sometimes business-like. The ease of cleaning and care is demonstrated by the fact that it is often sufficient to air the wipes in the fresh air to get rid of unpleasant odours.