Feeling like a Superstar – The styles of the stars and starlets to copy

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – On all these platforms it is possible to follow the stars and starlets. You can follow and observe every step of high society. So you learn early what fashion trend will be worn in the coming season? Many followers want to copy the styles of the celebrities. What you should pay attention to, you will learn in the following:

What model?

The most important deciding factor is the role model. Stars and starlets are not necessarily fashion gods. Rather, there are also always embarrassing faux pas, which then end up in the category “badly dressed”. Therefore, you should first pay attention to how the fashion know-how of the star was in previous years. IT Girls like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian or Ariane Sommer often pave the way for new catwalk trends. If you want to emulate such a style, you should also pay attention to when it is worn. Not every look is suitable for everyday wear.

Find a competent partner

In addition, you should purchase the clothes from a competent partner. Make sure that the products are of high quality. Only then will your look be a real eye-catcher. Krüger is the right partner for this. With a wealth of experience of over 75 years, you can rely on the specialist for exclusive brand fashion. Within this time, the Krüger company has built up a loyal, satisfied customer base. In no time at all, you’ll find men’s and women’s fashions at great prices that still match the best brands. Style the outfits of the stars with products from trendy designers like BRAX, RABE, Bauer, BARONIA and G. WEBER. For the perfect outdoor look, renowned brands like Wellensteyn, J. Wolfskin, Schöffel Lodenfrey and Schneiders come into play.

Details are the key to the perfect look

However, a perfect look is not only characterized by the basic components of an outfit. In addition to pants, shoes, tops and jackets, it also requires accessories. These round off the outfit and make it a wonderful overall picture. For this you will find belts in different materials, patterns and shapes. For the neck, stylish scarves or shawls are recommended, which play charmingly around your décolleté. Through the variety of products you will be able to find accessories that fit perfectly to the styled look. In no time at all you will be mistaken for a real superstar walking Hollywood’s red carpet.

Unfold yourself

If you’ve styled many of the stars’ looks, it’s your turn. Develop a look yourself that is suitable for the start. Of course, you can take your cue from numerous role models. Filter out which trend is currently in full swing. By combining similar items, you can follow the fashionable path of the stars and still find your very own self.