Caro Daur: New boyfriend?! Parents, friends and news of @carodaur

Blogger, Instagrammer, Influencer, Model, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman and Business Student? And all that at the age of 23. How Caro Dauer has achieved all this, what is the secret of her success and what can be said about her love life, you can read in the following article.

Data about the young fashion queen

Interesting facts about the pretty blonde await you in the following video.

“Small but fine” – a perfect description of the only 1.68 meter large instagrammer and blogger Caro Duration.  Caro was born on 12 March 1995 in Hamburg and grew up with her older sister and parents in Seevetal. She clearly sees her parents as her great role models. Your father’s a lawyer, your mother’s a manager. According to Caro, her mother’s enthusiasm for fashion began at a young age.

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Caro about her instagram

While studying business administration, Caro 2014 began designing his own blog, which was regularly filled with interesting articles from the world of high fashion and lifestyle. She quickly noticed that her community was growing and invested a lot of time and effort in her Instagram profile in addition to her blog. Meanwhile, she has 1.6 million fans on Instagram and her blog has nearly 300,000 readers per month. She has already received numerous awards for her blog entries, including the New Faces Award of the weekly magazine Bunte in 2015.

Model with 1.68m?

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old instagrammer and blogger is also known as a model and for some as the so-called “influencer”, although Caro herself is not a fan of this term. Her unexpected career led Caro to focus on her social media business and postpone her bachelor’s degree in business administration indefinitely.

Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Valentino & Co: These designers love Caro

She has worked with numerous well-known companies and brands, such as

  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Fendi
  • Dior
  • Valentino
  • MAC
  • APM
  • White broken
  • Adidas
  • Roger Viver
  • Cartier
  • Levis

Behind the scenes with Jeremy Scott

As you know, Caro works with MAC, among others. Here you can take a look behind the scenes of Jeremy Scott.

Instagrammer, model and star of television?

In addition to cooperations with the world’s most coveted fashion brands, several television appearances such as Exklusiv, Taff and Sat. 1 Frühstücksfernsehen as well as articles in Vogue, InStyle, Jolie, Grazia and Harper’s Bazaar adorn your career.

The motivation of Caro and the secret of your success

The blogger writes “fun” in capital letters. Because she has fun with her passion and wants to be authentic where fun must come first. Your messages should express your style and personality. Caro loves to create haute couture looks that can also be worn in everyday life. She is also distinguished by her versatility, as she is inspired by various aspects. The result is an individual and varied collection. Of course the most different personalities feel impressed by it and like to be inspired by Caro in Dau(e)r. Caro’s great desire is to help her followers pursue their big dreams and goals and let nothing and no one stop them – and who better than Caro Daur to serve as a role model? Caro does not work with a manager, agent or assistant, she is her own boss, which of course causes a lot of stress and work, but this work is all worth it.

Who’s behind the social media star?

Here are the three most frequently asked questions about the influential and successful Caro Daur.

Who was Caro Daur before?

Caro has always been a brilliant man. Sit still? Take a break? No, that was never her thing. On the contrary, the young entrepreneur becomes very nervous, and that from an early age, when she is not stressed out.

What should you know about her parents?

For the instagramerin her parents have a very special value. According to the cliché, Caro’s parents are her absolute role models.  From no one could she learn more than from them.

Do you have a boyfriend Caro?

No, Caro doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. By the way, she hopes to meet her future partner in real life and not through social media.

Fashion trends autumn/winter 2018

Once again, the young entrepreneur sets the pace and combines the fashion trends for autumn and winter 2018.

You shouldn’t miss this this year. Use the pattern in any way you can. Whether eye-catching or discreetly combined. Anyone can definitely wear this high fashion trend!

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last summer days ✨ in my hometown! ? anzeige

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Neon, neon, neon! Don’t be afraid of bright shadows. Just make sure you don’t combine your neon accessories too wildly, otherwise you’ll look more fancy dressed than stylish.

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sundays w/ @felixkrueger ?⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Stefanie Giesinger – First GNTM now world star

Allow me to introduce: Caro’s girlfriend and winner of the ninth season of Germanys Next Topmodel, Stefanie Giesinger. Logically the beauty with the brown hair is a German model. After winning the GNTM, the 22-year-old expanded her Instagram account and is now considered an international fashion star with 3.3 million fans at Instagram.

Farina Opoku aka Nova Lana Love

Cologne-based star blogger Farina Opoku, better known as “Nova Lana Love”, is just as enthusiastic about fashion as Caro Daur. At many events you can even meet the two bloggers together. However, the two beauties are very different. Get your own picture of Farina’s blog or her instagram page. Let some variety in your life and let yourself be inspired by Farina’s look.

Caroline Vreeland – The Vogue Hereditary

Model and singer Caroline Vreeland has only 326,000 Instagram subscribers, but has a lot to tell. Caroline is the granddaughter of Diana Vreeland. She was a popular editor, worked for Harper’s Bazaar and was editor-in-chief of Vogue. Diana Vreeland was also admitted to the Hall of Fame of the International Best Dresses List in 1964. A look at her granddaughter quickly confirms that she has inherited her exceptional talent for fashion.