Xenia Adonts – The successful Influencerin

On Instagram there are now many successful influencers. Each individual makes something special and on the basis of this special feature an interested community develops, which loves and pursues its favourite Influencer exactly for it. Xenia Adonts also has a very special personality, so she can count a community of 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account.

Xenia Overdose: Ambitious, Empathetic and Successful

Xenia Van der Woodsen is a 26 year old blogger who was born on 27.01.1992 in Hamburg. Xenia is a very ambitious person who has also achieved much before her career as a blogger. In this article you will learn all about her past, her family, her goals and her attitude to life.

Her way to Success and Tips

Xenia has always been a very ambitious person. She finished school with a very good Abitur, then completed an apprenticeship and then a Bachelor in Business Administration. Good grades were already recommended to her by her parents as a child. She also brought this ambition into her work as an influencer. This profession seems to be easier for many than it actually is.  The influencer must always pay attention to his image in the social media, he must take care of co-operations and, among other things, edit pictures and cut videos. Furthermore, it is especially important that there is a certain regularity in what postings on Youtube or Instagram are about. If they don’t exist, it can lead to a loss of the community. Influencers are therefore also under a certain “pressure”.

The Jobs of Influencerin

As a young girl Xenia Overdose had to struggle especially with teasing. Often she was not taken seriously and had the feeling that she had to adapt. So she had long blond hair, 10kg less and a lot of make-up on her face. These days, some people would give a lot to get in touch with her. She has evolved enormously since then and presents her own personality on her Instagram profile. Xenia also reflects her individuality in her jobs. As an influencer, you are often involved in co-operations with brands, so Xenia has already worked for a wide variety of brands. Nevertheless, she pays a lot of attention to which co-operations she enters into and to what extent she would influence other people with them. Xenia has already worked for Hunkemöller and Intimissimi.

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Her Community

Communites usually pursue their idols because they convey a particularly positive attitude to life and they can identify with them. Xenia convinces her fans with her love for herself and a positive charisma. She pays attention to her health and takes her fans on Youtube and Instagram through her varied life. Xenia especially often gets compliments for her well-trained body. But how does the 26 year old manage this? We tell you how Xenia gets to this body and how she manages to hold it. When Xenia wants to build muscle mass, she always focuses on training with her own weight, such as squats. To lose weight, she does not diet, but relies entirely on the signals her body gives her. So she eats what she wants right now and it works. It’s not that alone, though. Every day Xenia jogs in the morning, or she does interval training on the treadmill. Part of her healthy diet is that she tries to do without industrially processed products and too much sugar.

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Family and Boyfriend – Manager & Photographer

Especially often at Xenias side – her friend Jürgen Mathies. Since 11.11.2011 the two are a couple. Her friend, with whom she travels around the world, mostly photographs her for her Instagram contributions. By now he knows exactly what a photo should be like and what to look for. Very important: the right pose, the right expression and the right scenery. Her boyfriend is not only responsible for her photos, he is also her manager. In the beginning this circumstance had caused problems in their relationship, but now the two are a well-rehearsed team. For the 26-year-old, her parents are also a driving force. They raised her to be an ambitious girl and she wants to make her parents proud.

Her Dreams and Goals

Xenia currently lives in Paris. It’s a dream she’s always had and fulfilled. Xenia, however, is particularly concerned with her Instagram page not only conveying superficiality. As she loves to read, she would like to recommend books in the future. In addition it is their goal to influence people with their posts in a positive way. It stands for humanity and authenticity. Xenias dream is to improve education in third world countries. She wants to set up a charity for this purpose.

The Xenia Adonts community knows what they have in it: Honesty, naturalness and joie de vivre!